Friday, May 26, 2006

Musicals, Musicals!

Ah, finally...I got a chance to sit down long enough to watch Bride & Prejudice. After watching the recent Pride & Prejudice (the one starring Kiera Knightley), this was a refreshing version of it. Well, Bride & Prejudice is a Bollywood musical version, complete with the singing and dancing, rocking and rolling, raining or water fountain scenes, sarees and all (wait, were there coconut trees or did I just missed them?). I was thoroughly amused each time they sang an English song but with a Hindi tune! It's a 2004 movie, so if some of you have watched it you must have enjoyed it like I did. If not, go get it. Mrs Pitt, you can watch it when you are back here. Just don't make me dance with you or use my furniture as make believe movie props! LOL...

It was Lyn who told me to see it and I got my hands on a copy about 2 months back (thanks to KCC) but never got around to seeing it. Did you know that there are about 9 versions of Pride & Prejudice (movies, tv and mini-series - info from ? Mmm...come to think of it, even Bridget Jones' Diary had Mr Darcy too! The first one was screened on TV in 1938! That's 30 years before I popped out from my mom's womb like a fresh loaf of bread from the oven (yes, I associate most things/events with food!).

Well, the lead actor, Martin Henderson, looks like Matthew McConaughey in certain scenes and of course the lead actress Aishwarya Rai (former Miss World for India 1994) looks fabulous though she put on 20lbs for her role. Watching the movie, I think she looks better with the weight gain! Of course, I can't be subjective on such a topic! Ha ha .... I love musical shows (especially the quirky ones), like 8 Femmes, a French movie. Next on my play list is The Producers. Are there any more of such movies?
From - 8 Femmes
Catherine Deneuve (far left), Virginie Ledoyen (left), Ludivine Sagnier (bottom left), Danielle Darrieux (bottom center), Isabelle Huppert (middle center), Firmine Richard (top center), Emmanuelle Béart (right), and Fanny Ardant (far right).
Photo by Jean-Claude Moireau - © 2002 - Focus Features - All rights reserved.

My eyes are searching, My Hips are working.
My lips are waiting, Take me to love - Bride & Prejudice


mrs.pitt said...

yes, so many versions of Pride and Prejudice but my favourite is still the BBC special with Colin Firth. The one with Kiera was just mediocre as compared to the BBC one. No one else can play the role of Mark Darcy except for Colin Firth. Bride and Prejudice was great fun .. please make room in your pad and we can dance along too.

mrs.pitt said...

this has nothing to do with musicals (oh btw, I saw the Producers on Broadway .. it was truly very funny - I am also waiting for the DVD) .. now back to purpose of this . Did you design the Fruity website? The food looks absolutely delicious!! Please bring me there :0

Sandra said...

My friend (an aussie) told me to watch Bride & Prejudice, and I loved it. I have the DVD at home (it was on special $4.95 so I thought why not).

Colin Firth's Darcy is timeless. Love him to bits (Droolsss).

mrs.pitt said...

I borrowed the dvds of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice again .. gonna watch Colin again in that wet white shirt!!!