Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wanton Me is Wanton Fun!

Back from watching Wanton Me! The show is wicked! It's really funny and I highly recommend that it's a must see. But leave your "halo" at the door, as this show covers a lot of "topics". From the moment I stepped into the studio, I saw a chandelier made from strings and strings of red bras, I knew I was in for a fun and wild time! Selena Tan and Hossan Leong gave us an insight of Singaporeans too along with jokes on politics, sex, food, human behaviour and more with some Hokkien words now and then. Before we knew it, the show came to an end. I looked at my watch, 1 1/2 hours has just gone by like that. Time really do fly when one is having fun!

After the show, we (JC1, CC and KA) went for coffee in Coffee Bean and continued chatting. Unfortunately, since I was the only Cantonese there, I was the brunt of the joke when I attempted to speak Hokkien! You see, the three of them are Hokkiens and I had all three laughing at me! However, some words were easy to learn as it was the same in Bahasa Malaysia. E.g. jamban (toilet), tuala (towel), sabun (soap), tolong (help), bangku (stool). I think there is more to that list.

Well, one thing for sure, Penangnites find it very hard to learn any other Chinese dialects. Their Hokkien is so deeply embedded in them that it is so difficult for them to pick up another dialect/language. Anyway, go watch Wanton Me! Tons of fun!
My husband's surname is Pok. So cham leh.
Give birth to daughter, cannot name her Rose, she'll be Rose (Roast) Pok.

Son, cannot name Jack, he'll be Jack Pok( Pot)! - Selena, Wanton Me


photo-effe said...

photo very funny and nice

mrs. pitt said...

wonton mee is no longer the same for me after this!