Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Need Strength & Patience!

Oh, I forgot, I was in Midvalley on Saturday night and found out that Jusco was having a Japanese Fair promotion. They sold all types of Japanese snacks and even had green tea soft serve ice cream for sale at RM4.50 a cone. They imported the green tea ice cream mix all the way from Japan. I was so happy that I got a chance to eat another green tea ice-cream before the fair ended on Sunday. Reminds me of this nice green tea ice cream I had in Japan, bought from a convenience store. It had redbean and coconut milk too, all in a wafer biscuit (and that's my grape sweets! I love grape flavoured stuff!).
Yum! Yum! Gees, I'm getting hungry...
Another day of clearing in between going out. CC came at about 11 and we headed off to HQ before we lunched at Vietnamese Kitchen, 1U. We then went to a new place, TV Cafe for drinks, somewhere quieter to have a chat. We talked about everything under the sun! Lyn later joined us and we then went to do some grocery shopping before I headed back and continued with the clearing!

As soon as the floor becomes more visible (prior to clearing, I had stuff all over the floor), I cleared another corner and transferred the stuff to the floor again while going through the process. Seems to be neverending, Hee hee... God, please grant me strength and patience!

Gonna make this short and sweet tonight, I'm sitting at the PC with things surrounding me. If only I can start a bonfire and just throw everything in without going through the stuff. Alas, that's not to be, I'm a sentimental fool, remember? It may slow down the process but it brings a lot of good memories back as I'm looking through. Even reminders from things that tell me some things have changed and are not around anymore, (that feeling, I love too...) as it makes me cherish even more of the things/people I have now.

It's surprising how much memory is built around things
unnoticed at the time - Barbara Kingsolver

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