Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mom's Happy!

I am attempting to sleep earlier nowadays. So rather than blogging past midnight on Saturday, I cheated and made a draft and told myself that I'll blog in something later during the day. However, I was out of the house the whole day. Now, I'm blogging Saturday's post using Saturday's date but it's actually past midnight on Sunday!

Anyway, I went out with mom today. It's been awhile since I took mom out on Saturdays, somehow or rather I've been busy. Knowing that I'll be unavailable next Saturday, I told myself that I should take her out today. Took her to 1Utama and came across the booth set up by the company and some familiar faces. Introduced mom to them and one of them said that my mom looks so young that she can pass off as my sis. Well, if she's sincere then there's nothing to her remark but if not, maybe she's telling me that I'm old! Ha ha ha

1Utama was having a fashion event called Fashion Elevation held by V Mag. I wished that I had taken my camera there. Note to self:Bring camera along, no matter where I go (that means to the toilet too! LOL). We reached there just in time to catch a fashion show by Body Glove and I excitedly told mom "Hey, Body Glove has underwears too, there might be guys parading in underwears. Let's go watch". Mom gamely went with me to find a good spot about 10 minutes before the show started. When it did, we were both disappointed as the male models were not hunks. I think they hired dancers instead of real models because the whole fashion show was a dance presentation with the "models" dancing around t-shirts, shorts and capris. No underwear in sight. Sigh, mom was saying, "Where got underwear show?" Ha ha ha, sorry for the false information but I guess we were better off not seeing such a segment if those dancers were going to be the same guys parading in Body Glove's underwear range! Phew!

Later, we did our fair share of shopping and came out in time to catch another round of fashion show, this time Guy Laroche. Lucky thing too, there were plenty of eye candy! There were 8 male models (6 Caucasians, 2 locals) and 4 female models (3 Caucasians and 1 local) and they paraded the conventional way, shashaying down the runway.

Mom : Oh, at least these are Mat Sallehs!
Me : Mmm, so much better looking than the earlier ones!
Mom : I like that one, the one with the "five o'clock shadow", he's cute"
Me : Nah, I like the other one, the one with the softer hairstyle.
Mom : Oh look, there's a Chinese.
Me: Mmm, nah, not good looking lah.
Mom : He reminds me of the Hong Kong actor, Chan Ho. You know who right?
Me : Oh yeah, he does look like him. Wah! You're so terror.
Me: Eh, notice there are no blonde guys?
Mom : Ya lah, how come ?
(Few minutes later....)
Mom : Oh, they are all walking out, show finish already.

(Clap, clap, clap, and we make our way to the carpark)

Oh well, mom was happy today. We went out, had lunch, shopped and oogled at good looking men together. What more could one ask for! I'm happy too (though there was no Daniel on the runway... if only!!!!)
I would be truly happy if I saw this on the runway today! *swoons*

It's not what you wear - it's how you take it off. ~Author Unknown

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mrs.pitt said...

every time i see Daniel on your blog, my heart beats faster lah!!! so true, it is not what you wear but how you take it off and may i also add, you look after!