Sunday, May 14, 2006

The End That Brings A New Beginning!

When Jen left us and started her new life, the group of us (Sweet, Ju, Penny and I) told ourselves that we should value our friendship and should meet up more often. I told some of my other friends that the last thing I want is for us to meet up when it's my funeral. A lot of people out there don't value friendship and take it for granted at times. A friendship that took years to build can be destroyed overnight or forgotten with time. Some friends fall out either over the silliest things or over major issues. Some of those whom we may regard as friends, may regard us as acquaintances. To this I say - Have no expectations from your friends (or anyone for that matter) and you will never be disappointed.

With that promise we made and spurred by the memory of Jen, we gathered on Sat (KCC included) and had a belated celebration of Ju's birthday. We went to Galaxy for karaoke lunch and I was surprised by their package. On weekends, Redbox charges RM11-13++ for a set lunch (a main meal with a drink) and of course free room usage from 11am-2pm. However, over here in Galaxy, it's RM9.90++. For RM9.90++, we get a set lunch (a main meal- which tastes better than RB's, with a drink), free room usage from 11am-2pm PLUS a mini buffet spread! The buffet spread serves sandwiches, fried wanton, spring rolls, crabmeat balls, steamed dim sum, otak-otak, seaweed soup, currypuff, fishcake and more. What an incredible deal! I didn't eat much, not finishing my main meal and had a plate of the buffet spread. Plus the karaoke videoclips were of Caucasians with a story line rather than the usual Asians walking around doing nothing but staring at the sky or ground. Ha ha ha....

Here's to you Ju and to everyone else, here's to our 20 over years of friendship!
We had loads of fun singing songs of the 80s and felt that we were transported back in time when we were in our early teenage years (minus the pinafore)! LOL! After our 3 hours of pure madness, we followed Ju home and visited her mom. Her mom greeted us just like I recall the way she did when I was still a kid visiting Ju at her house. We all sat round and talked about old times while Ju's kids, Mellaney and Ethan(the only two reminder that we were indeed women and no longer some giggly young teens!), played around us.

We then left, promising to meet up again. I don't know about the rest, but that outing gave me a warmth, a warmth that made me happy. I have always been one to try and stay in touch with most of my friends. This outing reminds me why I should still stay in touch as the reward of experiencing that happiness makes it all worthwhile.
It felt great going out together and to know that even after all these years, we kept in touch and will continue to do so. So, see you all again soon! The next outing? Ladies Night!

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked. ~ Author Unknown


Sweet said...

God, thank you for the gift of MayWan, Ju and Penny. May we always be young and ....slightly loony !!

wmw said...

Sweet! longer a silent reader! Hee Hee....