Saturday, May 13, 2006


My love affair with the Japanese and Koreans continues yet for another day. I went to a Korean Restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner. The last time I had a proper Korean meal was in Korea itself back in 1999 and a smaller scale one in the States 2 years back. The little small meals of my glass noodles and kim chi in Ampang Point were tiny treats.

K and I were chatting on MSN about our usual Korean and Japanese dramas when we suddenly got onto the topic of Korean food. K mentioned that there's this good place for Korean food and since Friday was a holiday, we decided to have a Korean dinner on Friday night. We had already planned to order bulgogi
while we were chatting online! Bulgogi is a popular dish in Korea (usually first timers order this, I was told). It's thin strips of marinated beef cooked with glass noodles, spring onions and onions. So, tonight, we made our way there and ordered the bulgogi. As usual, appetizers are brought to the table while we wait for our beef to cook, there were about 10 tiny bowls in all (unlimited servings).
The appetizers surrounding the cooker was a meal itself!
You take a lettuce leaf, put some bulgogi on it, add a slice garlic and a dash of chilli paste.
You can take a bite of the green chilli if you want to kick it up a notch!

The cooked bulgogi ready to be eaten! The sweet gravy is delicious!
I can take it as a beverage! LOL!

K had also ordered her favourite kimchi chigae which is kimchi soup. This is poured onto the rice and eaten just like that. It's really thick and spicy but I found it just okay whereas K likes it a lot.
Steaming hot kimchi chigae (and spicy too!)
I felt good walking when we left the restaurant. I could use the extra exercise since I was feeling so full. It was an enjoyable meal and I wouldn't mind going back another time. Thanks for introducing me this place K!

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage.
Lettuce pray. ~ Author Unknown


Korean Princess said...

Glad to know that you enjoyed the dinner last night. It's not easy to find 'fans' of Korean food. Somehow, most ppl still prefer Jap food. Let's try something else the next time ya? BTW, the photos of the food turned out really nice..Yummy!

Yum Char Partner said...

Oohh I love Korean food too! I eat it quite often when I'm in Auckland. Well, flying there tomorrow so I'll definitely go for my favourite which is a tofu soup thingy (can't remember what it's called), but the bulgogi over there is not like what you guys had. Anyway, will try to take some pics of it when I do go . Love their seaweed side dish as well!

chih said...

i miss korean food. reminds me of home. a bit odd since i'm not korean...but i've grown up around koreans!

chih said...

i miss korean food. reminds me of home. a bit odd since i'm not korean...but i've grown up around koreans!

JC said...

So far I haven't tasted REALLY nice Korean food in Malaysia. Same for Japanese food. Eaten Bulgogi Burger at Burger King in Incheon Airport. Nice.

wmw said...

I wanna eat Bulgogi again!