Thursday, March 23, 2006

All Things Good!

Backtracking to last Saturday, I went to SK's house for a Sarawak laksa party. Her mom, Betty, is in town and SK decided to have a gathering where we could try out her mom's cooking. I call her mom by her name and not Auntie. I first met Betty about 10 years ago in Cameron. I told her that she looked too modern for me to be calling her Auntie. What do I mean by modern? Well, she wears stillettos with her t-shirt and shorts! So, I've been calling her Betty since then. I had the good fortune of visiting her twice in Kuching while I was there, eating her dishes and cakes. She and Uncle George would even bring me around for my fave kolok mee and other good stuff! The last time I was there was in July 2005 for the Rainforest World Music Festival. I look forward to another Kuching trip soon especially when Air Asia has made it so cheap for us to travel!

The Alam Flora crew. Spot the singletons!

We had a feast that night and really enjoyed the food. Betty cooked Sarawak Laksa, Fried Bee Hoon, Lo-Bak and we had Tub Tim Grob and cheesecake (or did SK make the cheesecake?) for dessert. SK had a funny conversation with SL's husband about the noodles used for the Sarawak Laksa. This is what I can remember from that conversation minus a word or two.

SK : We use the birthday noodles in Kuching, the really long ones but these has been cut up.
SL's hubby: Ours is really long
SK : Really? Yours really long?
SL's hubby: Yes, really loooong......
SK: Yah, the longer the better.

I can't remember what was said next as I almost choked on my laksa! Ha ha ..... After eating, I caught up with Mildred whom I have not seen for a long time and also had a nice chat with Yat, SK's sis-in-law.

Anyway, after all that, it was time to go. As you can see, I was indeed sad to go and leave all that food behind, they had to drag me away from the gate. LOL..... Nah, I was just kidding around. Actually, I was still in the house (note the wall on my left). I was still hanging around SK's place with TOL while others left. So I was bidding them farewell and pretending to be sad! Sob! Sob! Hee hee... It was a nice gathering. Friends should be treasured and times like these will always be remembered. I think TOL and I were also thankful that we are still single, looking at the rest of the group, I think domestic life doesn't agree with me! Ha Ha... That night, the gathering was another celebration of life in a way. Family, good friends and good food, what more could one ask more?

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink ... ~ Epicurus


Rafleesia said...

Mmmmmmm i lurve Sarawak Laksa and golok mee!!! See you at the Rainforest Music Festival in July...

wmw said...

Oh! You going this year? I went last year, haven't made plans about this year.