Monday, March 06, 2006

Packed Like Sardines

I was out having dinner with my family at Koon Kee Restaurant in Damansara Jaya. The clay pot chicken rice there is absolutely delicious. Everything is cooked from raw with the pots over charcoal. Busy Corner's clay pot is also not bad but is of a different variant as it has black pepper and tom yam flavour. But its original flavour loses out to Koon Kee's. We had 3 large pots, 3 soups and two veges that came to RM65 for the 6 of us. Good food, I recommend it.

It got me thinking though (not that I don't usually think!) that it might have been more expensive if they use gas instead, given the increase of late. Inflation is scary. It's something that can't be seen but yet evident in the ever increasing prices of stuff. That's why I'm in this line of business, investments, as we all really need to find ways to make our money work harder apart from just sitting in the bank. I can only wished that I was borned 30 years earlier to enjoy the simpler way of life at a lower cost of expenses. Granted, income would probably be less but I feel that we would still better off. Petrol prices have gone up so much since my first car! I heard it through the grapevine that petrol will be RM2.32/litre next year. It's sad to know those hit the hardest would be those that are of below average income. Contrary to what is being said, it would not bother the rich, it's merely an ant's bite or nothing at all!

Read Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's comment in The Star telling us to adapt and change our lifestyle to cope with the increase and this article retorting to his comment (note: this link was directed by Screenshots). Maybe I should sell off my car and buy an electric bicycle. Hey, maybe we could bring these in from China. With another "most likely to happen" price hike of petrol, I'm sure there's a market for these babies. I've seen Tesco selling them but not on a grand scale. Anyone of you interested? Let me know. Back to Datuk's comment, I like this part especially...

Najib said Malaysians should discard the preconception that public transport was for the lower class.
“Some ministers have told me that they use the light rail transit to go for functions,” he said.

Errr....may I ask for names? I somehow get the funny feeling that even IF there are, it would be ministers from the opposition party as they are perceived to have a less "glamourous" lifestyle. What functions? Dinner functions? Yes, I can imagine the ministers packing in with the crowd like sardines during peak hours in their formal wear. Just think of how they will look like when they alight. I have had my fair share of experience with LRTs, Monorail and buses. Ever tried taking a bus during peak hours when it's raining and all the windows are up? Let's just say, alighting from the bus was a definite "breath of fresh air" moment! Sweaty bodies, smelly armpits and body odour is more that one could ever bargain for, not to mention having your toes stepped on! Oh! And how can I forget being one of the many female targets of this "dirty old man" who gets his kicks from thrusting his hips at his victims. His modus operandi would always be during the usual peak hours. The bus would be packed like crazy and we'll have no where to run to. I had noticed him earlier and was suspicious of his strange "movements" but the girls never did or say anything. I wasn't sure till I became his victim, shocked, I kept quiet and simply moved away from him (still innocent at that time and still is now! Ha ha...). However, there was no next time for him with me as I elbowed him in the chest really hard and proceeded to smile at him. If he wants to play games with me, I'll play games with him too. He kinda disappeared after that or maybe he just changed to another bus route! Now that I have my own car, I have other issues to deal with but I must say, more pleasant ones. Well, this is my RM1's worth on this issue (no longer 2 sen because of inflation!). There are a lot of angry people out there over this. God Bless Malaysia!

When angry, count four; when very angry, swear. ~ Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson, 1894


JC said...

Way to go with the "ham sap lo"! The sisters have been enduring this for way too long & we should always fight back!! Or else the society will never change.

Hey I take LRT everyday packed like sardines. Unless when a cute girl standing in front of you where you're taller and can see the cleavage or else it's no fun at all. Especially with the men's odour. Girls are welcomed anytime.

wmw said...

Huh? First you say we should fight back but the next thing you said is to that YOU look at cleavages? Are you the predator or the victim now?????

JC said...

I didn't want to look but it's unavoidable. hey u should see the actual situation.Just look unavoidably no touching.