Saturday, March 11, 2006


Went with Sweet to UMSC today. Jen was not really up to receiving visitors. They have given her morphine and she has been taking it every 5 minutes or so. We didn't talk about what happened but was informed by the other people in the room through their hand signals that she has lost her sight. Sweet spoke to her and Jen, with eyes closed was still able to deliver her classic sarcastic lines. That was good. We just stopped by for awhile and left shortly. We told Euro and Ju that Jen requested that they need not drop by as she needed the rest. We told Jen that we would see her back in the house. When Sweet and I left the room, both of us were fighting back our tears.

As we made our way back to the carpark, we realised that we were so "Duh" as we didn't find out from her sis (who was there) the actual situation or take down her sister's contact number. I suppose we just forgot in the midst of all the thoughts running through our mind. As the both of us chatted on the way there and back,
I felt like we were still in school but of course more matured and capable of driving a car! I have never been out with Sweet, as in just the two of us, it has always been in a group. You know, the group use to meet up once a year during Chinese New Year but I guess after leaving school for 21 years, that is considered a good effort from all of us. I have always made it a point to keep in touch with all my friends. I still exchange the occasional email and sms with my "oldest" friend in Singapore, CW, once in awhile, this friend was my kindergarten partner, we then both went to the same primary and secondary school.

Sweet and I said that we would next meet up for Jen's birthday. In a way it's good that we have been meeting up all along and not just because of Jen's illness. However, the last time we met up in Jen's house in Feb, we made a pact to do so more often and to meet up on our respective birthdays. Friends to me are important, it takes a while to build but I have also found out that some friendships are so easily forgotten overnight. But we all move on, we will always have people coming in and out of our lives and that is something that I have accepted and learnt through tears and pain at times while some just fade away.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~ Elisabeth Foley

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mrs.pitt said...

I am sorry to hear about Jen. She is certainly very strong and you girls will have to be so too. You can help bring her spirits up by cheering her up with your great sense of humour :)

Don't be sad .. such is life. Everyone has a purpose and I am sure Jen has hers and it touched your life.

love you always