Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Night and Day

Someone commented that I seem to be eating a lot from the postings of my blog. Well, we eat everyday and since I do have a love affair with food, when I eat, it's one of the highlights of my day. So, if I didn't post about some food that I ate, it would have meant that I had probably stayed in and ate instant noodles or something boring. Speaking of food, Ikea is now serving Chilli Con Carne Hot Dogs for RM3. With a generous serving of chilli with mince chicken topping, it sure beats A&W's Coney Dog hands down! Kick it up a notch higher with extra cut onions from the self serve counter. It's a must try!

It was another busy day for me, running errands and seeing clients. Even with the self dictated hours, I find the day passing really fast and at the end of it, one wonders where did time go. In a way, I do empathise the frustrations of those who work 9 to 5 as they have less time to themselves after devoting those hours to their work (and some continue working at home too!) Well, at least the employees in the banking sector have something to rejoice about since they no longer work on Saturdays. Travelling on the road during peak hours is no fun either and made worse on days like today when the sky decided to unleash its wrath! I wish it would only rain when most people get ready to turn in for the night as rain during the day causes disruption to our daily routine. However, it's funny how the disruptive rain can become so different at night, bringing a sense of calmness and peace to most. Note : Add this to the list of differences between night and day!

I'm gonna be moving around a lot till end of the month, new fund launch plus the usual rush to get errands done before I go off to Tokyo. I have been faithfully blogging everyday since I started this blog on Feb 22. So, the only time there won't be an entry is probably that week when I'm away in Japan. I'm kinda excited about the impending trip as I've not been to Japan before. And of course to the land of my heart throb Yutaka Takenouchi! Short of thinking of him night and day, I feel like a teenager (hey! come to think of it, I've always felt like a teenager!) and harbour hopes of catching a glimpse of him. A candlelight dinner with him would be good too! Ha Ha... I figure, upon failing to spot him in Japan, reality will hit me. When I get back, I'll go into seclusion for a week and watch my vcds of "With Love" again and again, with tears streaming down my face! Ha ha ha...Okay, I'm off to dream about him! O ya sumi nasai!

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. ~ William Dement


mrs. pitt said...

You just made my heart skipped a beat or two by mentioning Yutaka. Gosh ... simply gorgeous!!! If only our dreams are indeed our reality!

JC said...

You & your Yutaka :) They sell laminated pictures of him at souvenir shops near Asakusa Temple (must visit in Tokyo or else not considered visited Tokyo). Japan not easy to see celebrities, not like HK.

Must try their green tea soft ice cream. And when you're in Osaka, must try the Octopus ball (the one they sell at Jusco foodstall). Japanese food there are nicer than Japanese food here. Oishii! I want to go too...........