Friday, March 24, 2006

Nate Berkus & Changes

It has been another hectic day today. Lunch, bank, office, a visit to see a friend and her new born baby girl and meeting. These activities kept me occupied from 1 to 9 pm. Jo, Piper and I then went off to Ming Tien again this week for a late dinner. Now I'm back home and dead tired. Somehow or rather, I told myself that I had to post something, it makes me feel uncomfortable now if I miss one day. Of course, when I'm away in Tokyo, it won't be the case as I don't have access and I'll be enjoying the new sights and sound around me.

The bonus offer has been extended till 24 April! So, I will still have a chance to see some clients to take up the offer. On one hand, that's good but on the other, I had wanted to clean up my place since the earlier offer date ended 21 March and I told myself that I can take some time off from work totally. I look around my place and I want to change the setting. Have a mini house makeover. I want a new look to the house, after 3 years, it can do with a change. I see Nate Berkus on Oprah doing all those house makeover and I told myself that I want one too! Nate is so cute *swoons*, I love to see him on the show. I remember watching the episode when he came on to relate the Tsunami incident which claimed his partner, Fernando, I was so sad for him.

Now I want to do exactly what his book title says. Will try to look for it in the stores and see if the book is any good apart from having Nate on the cover! Ha ha....But that picture doesn't do him justice ... The pic in the link above is nicer, I like to see him with his 5 o'clock shadow. Home makeover and changes. Ah yes, there will be changes in my life, some known, some unknown but all inevitable. It's another day for me to live tomorrow but for now, it's bedtime.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. ~ Leo J. Burke

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