Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh! What a night!

I had a date with food tonight. This time, we met at Coreen's house. It's was Tasha's birthday. Coreen is still recovering from an acute case of food poisoning. She might be down, but she isn't out. Despite the way she's feeling, she still cooked. The fun thing about eating in her house is that we usually have international food. Not in the way you think. You see, her's husband is a pilot and knowing that his wife loves to cook, he gets her stuff from over all the world. Tonight's menu was simple as compared to times when she's is operating at 110% capacity. We had Bucatini (bought from Rome) pasta. It looks like our local loh mee, "fat mee" except Bucatini is hollow. This was served with a tomato based sauce with Turkey meatballs (bought from New York). On the side, we had beef ribs (from Sydney) and potatoes, we joked, though bought locally but nevertheless imported from Holland. So, now you get the idea of what we mean by "international". Everything tasted good, as usual, I love pasta, I am constantly collecting recipes of all sorts but never really get around to trying them out. I love to cook but when you stay in a small pad of your own, one usually eat out. My friends keep telling me to invite them, then I'll have a reason to cook. Somehow, I never get around to that too!

As much I had just proclaim my love for pasta, I admit that I have been unfaithful, as I also love beef ribs, as much as I also love the apple danish ala mode, made by Coreen too. I am truly ashamed of myself, but temptation was hard to resist, time and time again! When the beef ribs touched my lips, I knew it was so wrong but I told myself, since it tasted so good, I don't want to be right! I knew pasta was upset that I neglected the few strands of it which was left in the serving bowl, it looks dejected and must have felt the same. Ha ha....

The birthday cake appeared on the scene and caught my eye, though it was on a different league altogether, and stood no chance against pasta and beef ribs. It tried to get my attention with its candles burning bright, telling me "Look at me, over here, look at me!". I gave it a bite and left, never looking back. The whole gang then had a short karaoke session where I sang "Kiss and Say Goodbye", my farewell song to the ones I had loved that night. I drove home, recalling the sweet taste of beef ribs and smiled to myself. I probably should send Coreen a card, on it I'll write "Thanks for last night. It was great!" ;p

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~ Jim Davis, "Garfield"

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