Saturday, March 25, 2006

Premier Club 2006 - Espana

Took a pic with Alan Boy (management) here but decided to crop myself out of the shot for the fact that I could look better. Ha Ha.... Then I went round taking shots of some of the colorful people I came across. I was told that the costumes for this theme were all rented out and no longer available in the Klang Valley for tonight and some had actually tailor made them! Wow!

You see, the theme will usually be what ever country that has been chosen for our Premier Club trips. Premier Club 2005 theme was Japan, and there were lots of "Japanese" strutting around the ballroom last year.

Management Matadors & Zorro!

These are not management staff, these are hired dancers entertaining us while we wait to enter the ballroom.

A few of the consultants in their outstanding costumes

These two here are buddies and they even dress quite alike

The "not-so-in-theme" gang but lovely company nevertheless!

CC's first time award! Yay!

Fiona, our Lucy Liu look alike, looking good!

And what or who am I suppose to be? I of course, am a Chinese Spanish! Ha ha.... Yay! I'm going off to Tokyo in about a week's time! I wonder where will we be going in 2008? I sure hope to make it for 2007's trip to Spain!

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking. ~ Earl Wilson

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