Friday, March 17, 2006

Long Night

Wow! What a long day it has been. Woke up at 7am today as I had to drive to JC's house by 8am. 4 of us carpooled to MMU (MultiMedia University). The U looks quite nice, though I didn't really had a good look at the entire area. We were there on a recruitment drive for our company which had rented a booth in the exhibition hall. Being told by management that the earlier agencies managed to get a lot of names to follow up on, we all worked extremely hard. The end result after being there from 9 to 1pm? 120 names, through good teamwork!!!! Previously, the highest was just 66 names. It was exciting but standing throughout the whole stint is no fun! I think I'm gonna sleep like a log when I turn in for the night later as I have been up since early morning till now!

Kain Burok came for meeting today. So, after the meeting ended, we went to Ming Tien and called Jo along too. Only reason why Jo could stay out late with us is cos she took leave for Friday, yup, took leave to sing karaoke!. Not with me, I still have a busy schedule and can't take time off for it. (Woh...did I just type that? Me? The one who loves karaoke? The one who plays more than work?) Well, maybe it's my tired mind "talking"! Ha Ha Ha ... I'm truly not myself right now.

And as if being tired (yet not wanting to miss a day of posting!) is not enough, I got an sms from KCC about Jen, telling me that another friend had just contacted Jen's sis.

wmw : And?
KCC : Nothing can be done and to make preparations....

I flinch each time I receive an sms nowadays. It's a terrible feeling and the fact is that all of us just don't know what to do, what to say or what's going on. Ju and Penny haven't even had a chance to see her yet. Yes, it has been a long day indeed and it's gonna be a long night too.... too long.

photo © Michael Jastremski for CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak. Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. ~ Author Unknown

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