Monday, March 13, 2006


Had a lethargic day, that time of the month and my nerves are on the fray! Thankfully, I made it through the day. Church message was good - we don't need miracles to believe in God/Just believe in Him! True, true. But get this, Pastor mentioned that we shouldn't get upset if our loved ones forget to buy us presents on our birthday/anniversary/Christmas as long as they are with us. This one isn't so convincing! Ha ha...Now all the guys will be using this as a reason when they forget the day or if they are being cheapskate!

I came across this as I was trying to clear my mail. It's a birthday card from my regular karaoke joint. I took a pic of it, it's a bit blur but you can make out the words. I really enjoy coming across such things as it really makes me laugh. I get attachments like this in the e-mail all the time and I myself have seen many of such signs when I travel overseas but I never did take pictures of them. Since I started blogging, I think I should make it a point to do so and post them here. Laughter should always be shared! Check out for more humour!

Huh? Say What?

KCC dropped by and we went to Asia Cafe for dinner. We had durian and mango pancakes, good stuff! The owner of the stall is Maggie J, cool name. This lady runs the Sweet Heart Dessert stall and sells a lot of other goodies like cempedak pancake, cold beancurd - Strawberry/Kiwi flavour and mochi. Mmm...must try the rest next time. Oh, I finally got to eat the infamous Char Kway Teow. I had people telling me that it's good but each time I'm there, the stall is closed or never opened! Must say, it's quite good, I give it an 8/10.

Well, it's bed time for me, I need to get some sleep. Mrs Pitt says that if I don't catch up on my sleep, I'll be carrying LV luggage bags under my eyes! ... but I'm still feeling so full!

Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy. ~ Author Unknown

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Mrs. Pitt said...

You should take a shot of the tid-bits aisle in Jaya Jusco .. that is a classic. Someone should tell Management for their spelling error!! Or perhaps we should just leave it so that others are entertained while shopping. On second thoughts, we should just leave it!!