Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Were They Thinking Of?

I can't believe that I come across news of people doing silly things all the time. When it comes to the Internet, it makes it a whole lot easier to stumble upon such news. I recall an article which I read about two days ago on MSNBC. It involves A Man, A Woman, A Microwave and A Fake Penis at a convenience store in USA. What were they thinking of? Can't they do that at home? No, there's nothing kinky about it and yes, the article is rated G (by my standards! Hah!) Eh, I hope the microwave at convenience stores here are regularly cleaned and sanitized cos this makes me more cautious the next time I heat up some food on site! Ha ha.....
Microwave : "I'm not THAT innocent!"

I stayed in after my lunch appointment got rescheduled to Thursday. LK called me up later in the afternoon and we went off for some tea, well, late lunch for me. I brought her to a place near my condo, Lily Cenario Cafe, located at the corner shoplot at the back of New Paris Restaurant. We both had the tong sui of the day, which was Ma Tai, shuit yee with Tong Yuen (translated - water chestnut with white fungus and glutinous rice flour balls) and I ordered the Fried Vegetarian Vermicelli. I must remember to take my camera there the next time. It came in the cafe's self designed bluish glass bowls with matching small bowls for the wonderful home made chilli paste! Yum Yum! LK was commenting that it's so nice that she would like to buy some bowls off them! Anyway, the vermicelli was good, I enjoyed it. It had adequate teem chuk, shredded carrot, cabbage, mushrooms. We occupied the whole restaurant, understandably as this cafe is relatively new and it was about close to 4pm.

The cafe is dominantly white with hues of light green and with some nice deco items hanging from the top floor, flowing right down to the restaurant on the 1st level. Susan, one half owner of the place had mentioned earlier that there are plans for a gallery on the 2nd floor later on. This is becoming one of my favourite places to eat of late. As much as we would have liked to stay a bit longer, the dark clouds and the loud thunders sent us rushing home. The bill came to about RM16 plus, reasonable. Lyn was suppose to join us but felt a bit lazy to drive out. I think I'll be heading to this cafe pretty soon again with her. ;o)

Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity? ~ Steve Polyak

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