Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Indulgence, Tous

Had a meeting today and later met up with CC and Lyn for lunch in 1Utama. CC suggested a new place, Tai Tai, located at Ground Floor, new wing. I told them that I was the "maid" and they were the Tai Tais...LOL

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Tai tai is a term used in Chinese circles, which translates in its strictest sense as 'supreme wife' where a man is wealthy enough (Tai-pan) to have several wives. The term implies respect but it is no longer strictly interpreted. It now applies to the wife of a wealthy man who does not need to work for money. A Tai tai is a privileged lady of means. To qualify as a Tai tai, one must have lots of leisure time, lots of money and lots of gossip to exchange.

It's one of those boutiques that has food and couture. I must say I enjoyed the ambience. The food was okay, with set lunches (main meal and unlimited tea) available for RM9.90. I had the Hakka Stew Pork with Black Fungus Rice, CC had the Cantonese Fried Noodles and Lyn had the Sweet and Sour Pork Rice. We ordered a side dish of steam egg (Sam Wong Tan) which consists of century, salted and the normal egg. Service was quite okay except that we had to wait a while for the steam egg. The waiter did apologize when he served us the dish. Maybe real Tai-Tais eat at a pace that is really slow since they have lots of time and gossip to exchange and therefore food is cooked at a leisurely pace? Ha ha .... Nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves and said we wouldn't mind eating there again. So, the overall experience was a good one.

After that, I decided to visit Tous in Parkson. I have been wanting to get myself a Tous pendant since Meg told me about them when we were in Parkson a few months back. I haven't bought anything nice for myself for awhile now and decided to indulge by getting myself not one, but two Tous pendants.

When I reached home, I didn't open the bag immediately as the little bag was just too cute. I sat down and carefully took out the aluminium coated bubble foil and removed the ribbon. So, Meg, you asked for pics of the pendants, here they are! Ah, I'm so happy with the pendants. They are soooooo cute, I'm contemplating starting a collection of them now. But before that I have to start a collection of money first! Ha ha ha.....

Looks too nice to be unwrapped!

That's a 50 sen coin in the middle, can't see it due to the flash reflection.

The Tous bear's engraved non-painted back, you can wear it on both sides.

Lyn and CC made a remark that it looks like I wasn't the "maid" after all since I'm the one who bought the Tous pendants! Well, one's gotta do what one's gotta do. And if that means spending some moolah in the process, just do it! Just don't get yourself into debt doing it! Life is short!

Happiness is .... getting not only what you want but double the dosage! - wmw

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