Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today's Sepecial!

I came across this food catering leaflet while visiting my friend in Cheras. It was one confusing leaflet. Reading the first sentence, I would have thought it meant free rice is supplied for dinner but then it later says dinner with rice will be charged! Oh, and the Sepecial must be real special indeed.

Then it goes on to say that they give calorie desserts (though free)! I don't want to be reminded that I'm eating calorie laden desserts! I want to be in a state of denial that a minute's pleasure on the lips is NOT going to be a lifetime burden on the hips! What's wrong with these people??? Their love for "s"es also never fails to amuse me. However, it comes back to bite me in the behind at times as I find myself saying the "s"es where there isn't any! Mo mo ca ca sounds weird too.

Click on the next pic for a larger image. Their love affair for "s"es continues and I think to really rope in the revenue, they tell us that they are giving us FREE PORK! Such ingenious marketing and timely indeed when we are now hit with bird flu! Later, they even try to throw in a Malay word, but I'm sure the FREE PORK offer would not be pulling in any Malay customers. Reading the leaflet was all in all, an exasperating experience!

Relating an incident about bad "Engrish" when a consultant was trying to motivate us, she said this....

"If you think you can, you CAN!"
"If you think you are a can't, you ARE a CAN'T"

With the additional "a" and the way Malaysians pronounce CAN'T (unlike the Americans), that motivational line took on a whole new perspective! JC and I looked at each other and controlled ourselves till she walked out of the room. Only then did the two of us burst out laughing till we had tears streaming down our faces!!!! I tell you sometimes we speaks without thinking and that's when we goes wrongs! Ha ha ha ... Just love the English Language!

Our language is funny - a fat chance and slim chance are the same thing.
~ J. Gustav White


Edwin Sumun said...

the never-ending saga of the english language in our country...

how can like that if want to make all better understand the tall england? ;)

mrs. pitt said...

I have had such a tough and long days at work. After reading your "Today Sepecial", i just want to scream bloody murder and tears out my hairs!!!!!

i doubts they will have much business.

just loving my "s"
mrs. pitt

wmw said...

Sorry, it was never my intention to do that to you!

Dr ve Thru said...

wmw, are you a perfectionist? :)
I better not use my Manglish here.
Have you read 'Eat, Shoots and Leaves'?

wmw said...

Dr ve Thru : I'm not a perfectionist! If I was I'll never be happy! Eats, Shoots and Leaves, never finished it but yeah it's funny how much difference from something such as a comma, punctuation etc etc can make. Wait till I post up this leaflet I picked up the other day! I also use Manglish...Just that I find all these leaflets so entertaining.