Monday, March 20, 2006

Conversation Over Dinner

Went to Lily Cenario cafe for dinner and I remembered to bring my camera this time. JC and I ended up eating the vegetarian vermicelli again (with the lovely sambal on the side) while Coreen tried the kimchi seafood noodles. Since there were three of us, we ordered the Golden Peace flower tea. We loved the glass bowls and the tealight candle that was heating the tea added a nice touch to it.

Having dinner and tea there tonight brought a sense of calmness to me as I have been having a hectic week. I still have thoughts about life drifting in and out of my mind. Yes, I am still thinking of Jen, feeling sad at times and at other times, feeling a sense of gladness that she has started her new life.

Our conversation over dinner was about life naturally. I told them that I would like to start making my list of things to do when I start my new life. Things like what I should wear (orange would be the colour), what photo to use (the last thing I want is for my family to put up an ugly mugshot of me!), people to contact and I would list cremation instead of the usual six feet under. I told them that whosoever wishes to take some of my ashes can do so, the remainder would be taken by my family. My family in Malaysia should scatter them into the sea while Mrs Pitt should take some of me back and scatter them over the Golden Gate Bridge! Oh, I also told her that she should take some and scatter them in some of my favourite eating places, hopefully she doesn't get caught! Hmm, but that would mean that I'll probably be swept up and dumped into the bin! I'll have to revise that request. Ha ha....Oh, I would want some karaoke equipment set up for my guests to sing for me! Hee hee....I just don't want it to be a sad occassion. Of course, if my body is still of any use before cremation, I would like to donate myself. I think it would be great in some ways to continue "living" in others ;o)

For now, let's all of us celebrate life!

We should give meaning to life, not wait for life to give us meaning.
~ Unknown

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