Sunday, March 12, 2006

Procrastinate Now!

KCC smsed me Jen's sister's contact no. Through her own contacts she managed to get it when I told her about us forgetting to yesterday. Forwarded it to Ju and she called, smsing me later to let me know that Jen's still not up to receiving visitors but she has some vision now, as to what extent, we don't know. Not much changes apart from that. We continue to pray for her.

Well, I took mom downtown today to pay the maintenance fees for Blue Boy Mansion, no, this is an old flat located at Tong Shin Road, nothing to do with the Blue Boy located in Sultan Ismail (known for its "happy" crowd). I was surprised to know that Blue Boy (not the mansion) had existed. I can't remember when I was told by whom and when, mmm....could have been 10 years ago. However, I'm sure that there must be some "happy" people staying in Blue Boy Mansion. Hee hee... The office was closed and I realised that they must have declared a 5 day week too since banks are not working on Saturdays anymore. Not wanting to waste the trip down, we headed for our favourite pork noodle stall for brunch. I've been eating from this stall since I was in my junior secondary!!! I don't even have to tell the lady my order anymore, I walk up to her, show my face and take a seat! Ha Ha....Of course the trip would not be complete if we didn't pack some of the famous Tong Shin Char Siew a few shops away from the coffeeshop where we ate.

Fast forward, drove back up to PJ and we shopped in 1Utama. Mom was happy as she got what she was looking for, 3 value for HER money t-shirts which I paid for with MY money, not that she asked me to but I wanted to get them for her. Hee hee... So, mom must be very happy indeed. I was actually feeling so tired that I couldn't wait to go back for a nap. I did, from 4 till 6 plus pm, and before you know it, it was time for dinner. We ended up in Sakae Sushi, The Curve and proceeded to go to Ikano for Popular's Book Fair at the concourse. Wow, one after another, first it was MPH, then Time, now Popular, told myself not to go crazy, got to save money for petrol nowadays. Got myself another book, Quick and Easy Crafts Greeting Cards for just RM24, real cheap! Gees, I really have to sit down one day and start making something out of the books I have. But for now, I have gotta do my, not now, later. As TD said "Procrastinate NOW!" A cute oxymoron that he coined (or did that come from somebody else???) LOL....I really got to stop taking so much time off to "smell the flowers". Mrs. Pitt must surely be rolling her eyes reading this! Reminder : Stick to my resolutions!

photo © Michael Lane for CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

If it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done.
~ Author Unknown

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mrs.pitt said...

Yes, i rolled my eyes ... in fact i am still rolling my eyes ...

but, i still love you!!