Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Things Happen For A Reason

I do like Linkin Park, which in turn linked me to bands like Fort Minor. I love FM's "Believe Me", catchy chorus. Anyway, I went to their concert tonight at Bukit Kiara with Ethan. Talk about still being young!. Well, I had manage to get meet and greet passes at first without the concert tickets and decided to bring Ethan with me. Actually, I got them for Ethan, not so much for myself. I thought it would be cool to catch a glimpse of Mike Shinoda. So, after waiting for about an hour, the time came. Oooo....Mike looks a lot cuter in person. I took this snapshot of him where he actually bothered to pose for me!

Ethan managed to get a Fort Minor poster and his art book signed. Feeling contented, we were making our way out of the indoor stadium when I bumped into a friend. He was surprised that we were leaving and said that he'll try to get tickets for us. Well, he managed to and we got to see the concert for free. This was Ethan's first concert, so I told him, after tonight, he was no longer a concert virgin! Hee hee.... I was dancing along with the young crowd and was surprised to have spotted a man in his late 40s, I think he came with his children though. But of course, I'm a better dancer than him! I thought I was one of the older ones there, so I guess in the end there were a few of "us". Of course, I'm not talking about the beefy security staff, the burger seller, or the guy manning the Red Bull stall, they don't count. We had to leave the concert earlier as tomorrow was a school day. At this point, I'm glad such days are over for me, about 20 years over???? Wow!

Shortly after reaching home, Mrs. Pitt called and was laughing at me. She said that I was indeed the 37 year old that refuses to grow old! She was happy for me when I told her that I took up a job offer, one that allows me to work according to my own time as long as I bring in the results. Basically I'm in charge of business development of Fruity, a bakery and restaurant which is located on the Ground Floor, Tesco, Shah Alam. So, if anyone of you is in that area, do drop by. I love their Chicken Croissant Sandwich, Spaghetti Laksa, Mamon cakes, Apple Strudel. Actually, all the food there is good, take it from someone who loves food! I had already been a regular patron of Fruity but never knew the owners. Anyway, sometime in June last year, I had met up with a prospective client in Fruity, Klang. It was then I found out that I was actually meeting one half of the owners. Based on his encounter with me that day, he offered me the job today. As I always believe, all things happen for a reason!

My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

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