Thursday, March 09, 2006

Entertained We Were !

Got back late. Gonna do a short post I guess. Had dinner in Chynna, KL Hilton. This time round, we had Peking Duck, crispy noodles with shredded duck meat, poached spinach (my fave) with salted and century egg. Good dinner, then headed on to Zeta Bar for some after dinner entertainment. The place was just about to get crowded and we got the last table available there. The band Southern Glow came on shortly and sang Hotel California, reggae style. Not knowing any details about them, I guessed they were from South Africa (later found out that I was right). A female singer came on later and sang Another Sad Love Song and Smooth Operator. I really didn't know how to rate them. I guess you could say they were quite good but that might have been a bit bias of me as it has been a while I've heard singers with genuine accents. Ha ha....

The action however wasn't really on the stage but at the seats in front of me. There were two "ancient" men, one sported a long unkempt beard being the simpler dressed while the other looked like a old casanova, well groomed. This old casanova is no debonair but came across as cheesy as molded century aged cheese! And I guess that would make the bearded one, a molded 2 centuries aged cheese! Eeeww.... Not like some cute old folks that I sometimes come across. What they seem to have though was lots of moolah. Bottles and bottles of wine lined the table. And of course, this would be all meaningless without the women. There they were, flanked by 2 young women (then another 2 young women joined them, goodness gracious!). One was busy gyrating her body to the band's music, drinking their wine and smoking even a cigar!!! Throughout, the two blocks of cheese were lapping all the attention up and looking smug. You could see a lot of the people in the place just looking at them with all the action going on. The older block of cheese was even jiving to the beat of the music, I guess he was trying to look cool but then he looked more like a fool because he jived to the same beat, be it fast songs, mid-tempo and even ballads. Then he started pawing at one of the girls' back, and at one point, the girl left the room for awhile. I think she went out to puke, ha ha ha... cos it was truly excruciating for me to even witness it. Or maybe she secretly left but then to the unbelievable luck of the older cheese, she came back for more torture.

"Do you think I'm sexy? Do you want my body? Come on baby, Let me know..."

But I guess, the girls were there for their own reasons to which I can only imagine. And to my readers, if you have to ask me why, that would mean that you are still schooling! Stop asking and hit the books! Ha ha..... We had "entertained" ourselves thoroughly that night and left, feeling a bit queasy, not from the drinks but from what we saw. I hope those young girls won't get food poisoning! And if you have to ask why again, you're too young to be reading this blog! Good nite!

Women prefer men who have something tender about them - especially the legal kind. ~ Kay Ingram

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Thanks for attributing the photo, however I grabbed it off Google from some other site and I no longer even have the photo on my web server anymore. Could you remove the attribution please? I really want to stop traffic to my site related to this photo ... thanks!