Friday, March 03, 2006


Another night of meeting. Aside from the heavy topics, there was one about improving our mental attitude. I found out why monkeys are a happy lot, it seems that eating bananas can make one happy apart from providing us with many other benefits. To start us off, the speaker brought a few bunches of bananas for us to eat after the meeting ended! I couldn't tell whether it worked on me cos I feel upbeat most of the time. I offered one to Soo and she said "It's okay, I'm happy enough". Standing arms akimbo, I asked her how can anyone have enough of happiness. If there is something that we can never have enough of, happiness would be it. Soo then ate the banana ;0)
Maybe the real reason why monkeys are happy is because they hear, see and speak no evil!

The three of us then headed for a late dinner in Bayou. I enjoy times like these as it allows us to get to know each other better. Usually, people would just turn up for meetings and off they go when it ends. So, it's more of a Hello and Goodbye session most of the time. Oh, we also get a chance to grow closer during our incentive trips. We'll be in planes, trains and automobiles, having meals, sightseeing together for almost a week. During times like these, we grow to like certain people and at the same time find out that we should avoid certain people too! Ha Ha... On trips like these, I usually dread one thing, I'm usually asked to walk up the aisle of the tour bus and belt out a tune to entertain the "troops". This year I will be ready with my iPod in hand as I have stored lyrics in it. Ahhh...The wonders of technology.

We sat in Bayou till they told us that we have to leave (we weren't the only ones there), not because we were being a nuisance but they were closing, just in case some of you were wondering why! I rushed home as I wanted to catch the repeat of American Idol. My fave is Elliott Yamin, he doesn't look like THE American Idol but he really has a good voice. So, I'm rooting for him. Looks aren't everything but of course Mr Simon Cowell begs to differ. Oh well, here's to us simple folks! Hear! Hear!

Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad. ~ Norm Papernick


mrs.pitt said...

let us not forget about the other secret recipe to happiness .... LOVE MAKING!!!!!! It has been found that our not so distant cousins, the bonobo monkeys, are in eternal bliss .. why is that so? Through observations, scientists have discovered that all tension, conflict, animosity .. basically all potentially distructive feelings and energy are diffused by love making... the bonobos make love all the time. It is a "one for all and all for one" love fest. If only we can resolve our daily conflicts in such a peaceful and passionate way .. not to mention all the calories we will burn while getting on to the road of happiness!!

wmw said...

Err, thanks for that insight. Mmmm....I suspect that somewhere within our community (humans, not monkeys)that this is being carried out by certain cults!!! Ha ha ha...