Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fairer Sex Sells?

Just came across this article dated Feb 8 in the net that Kiera Knightley and Scarlett Johansson posed nude with a fully clothed Tom Ford on the latest cover of Vanity Fair. Why is it always the girls huh? When will I get to see butt shots of Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves on the cover of such magazines? Sigh, if they say sex sells, why should it only be sex of the fairer kind? I figure in this day of age, women have come a long way since being the usual plain domestic housewife of yesteryears. They probably had the term housewife cos the husband had another wife someplace else! ;op Now, we have a lot more power, a lot more wealth, a lot more of errr....everything! Why isn't the print media of today, meeting the needs of the new age women? It's really no longer a men's world but a fair playing field for both sides. Of course, beautiful women on covers are always welcomed but there should be more photoshots like these of the male celebrities. When I told my friend Ryan, he suggested that I should get a copy of Playgirl! Hello???? I want photoshots that are tastefully done and of well known celebs, okay?

Even family orientated rental stores like this one (not in Malaysia, no such luck you guys!) have to join in the game. What an oxymoron!

Say whatever you want, some powerful and important men's downfall (whether directly or indirectly), have been caused by women. Think Bill Clinton and Monica, Samson and Delilah, Archilles and Briseis (or was that just in "Troy" the movie?). We are definitely a lot smarter than "they" think! Whoever coined the term "weaker sex"? In CrimeLibrary.com, there is a category on its own for Women Who Kill. Why? You mean it's something unnatural? Men who kill are more acceptable? Gees.....What does that mean? Whatever that is, I just want 1) women to be taken more seriously by men or 2) Keanu's or Brad's butt shot on the cover of Vanity Fair! Ha ha ha......

When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 a minute. ~ Author Unknown

Monday, February 27, 2006


Caught a quick dinner at Chilli's with JC in BSC and met up with C later for Actorlympics. Sunday night was its last show. Here's my review on our very own Malaysian version of Drew Carey's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".

Taken from http://afdlinshauki.blogspot.com/2006/02/actorlympics-latest-sightings-22nd.html

The show was funny but fell short of my expectations (since I'm a short person by stature, that is not too tall an order!). Edwin Sumun (my fave!) , Rashid Salleh, Fish, Na'a, Reza and "late by one hour" Douglas Lim were on tonight. A shame that Afdlin Shauki wasn't there. It started off with the gang (minus Douglas) dressing up as geisha "guys", suddenly stripping off their kimonos, revealing them in sarongs. They then launched into a spoof of PGL with Edwin at the helm. I laughed as some had difficulty trying to keep their sarongs from dropping, I think Na'a was dancing with his sarong at half mast at one point but pulled it up in time. I was wondering (not hoping!) whether they had gone commando or not or surely we would have something else to laugh about. Ha ha.....

Next came the freeze skit. It was okay as a warm-up. The "question" conversation was entertaining enough but the players had a difficult time coming up with something creative. There were two skits on self dubbing, The Lost Empire (scene featuring Bai Ling, Russell Wong and Thomas Gibson) and In The Bedroom (scene featuring Marisa Tomei and Nick Stahl) which made me laugh a little louder. Mmm.....wonder who chose those two movies anyway, not really mainstream ones. The Malaysian made karaoke video clip fared best when volunteers from the audience directed Edwin and Rashid. It was a riot! Edwin was so good at wriggling his butt and going through the motions! Anyway, I laughed the hardest whenever Edwin unleashed his diva routine, and that retort from him to "straight" John, one of the volunteers, was hilarious!

Earlier, the Malaysian censorship skit was a bit laughless as they were too many scenes that were "censored" by the players (where they would have to give the reason for censorship), thus disrupting the flow of it. The same can also be said for the "ting" skit, where there were just too many "tings" in a row (Rashid got carried away I "ting"...) where even a talented Edwin just couldn't do much to get us laughing. Well, how "ting" works is that when the players hear the "ting" sound, they will have to rephrase their lines during the sketch. So, if there are too many "tings", then it only means that the same player will be rephrasing their lines over and over again.

The show ended with a song with Douglas on the guitar about Malaysian Astronauts (topic suggested by the audience) where the gang took turns to sing a few lines on that topic. The funniest was from Na'a...

Malaysian Astronauts.....they've trouble going to bed,
Malaysian Astronauts.....they've trouble going to bed,
With all that zero gravity,
Their sarongs go up over their heads!

Anyway, it was still a good show. Am looking forward to the next run to see what the players and the audience can come up with!!! Must support our local performing arts of course, check out The Actors Studio. You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Live Life Now!

Woke up late, no brekkie and lunch. Decided to take up bro's offer to fetch me for dinner at Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya. My! I wish I had my dreams fulfilled like that. As they say, everyone has a story to tell. Must say there are a lot more stalls here as compared to Ming Tien in Taman Megah. I hope when I'm older, I would have a similar success story to tell too. From my 3 storey bungalow (on top of a 100 acre piece of land), with 2 Dobermann guard dogs by my side (ever ready to go for the jugular of whoever that attacks me!), sitting in my zen garden, I would tell my story alright! ;o) As I speak, I could see my herd of horses being put through their daily exercise routine from afar. My other two dogs, Golden Labradors are nearby the lake, basking in the sun. Errr, sorry, got carried away!

L just made a remark that I have way too much time on my hands. I'm either going to Ikea, on the internet or doing some other "time wasting" activity. It's not that bad, I really do like life and want to enjoy it as much as possible. Friend, working is not one of the ways! I do work of course, it helps to pay the bills and a little bit for other little luxuries in life. That's it. I'm basically stress free, worry free and even if other people/situations make me feel down, I'm up and about in QuickTime! I'm not gonna waste my life away by being miserable and having all that negative feeling! People say, you should work hard while you are young and enjoy later. I work hard and on that day I tell myself to finally enjoy myself, that same day also happens to my last day on earth? What then? I rather work and play (must say that I play more though!).
"Explain to me again why enjoying life when i retire.
is more important than enjoying life now."

I figure life is too short and we should not only make the most but also the best of it. Yes, I will enjoy my life now rather than later, thank you. Carpe diem!

You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now. ~ Joan Baez

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Went lunch karaoke today with TOL, SL and A. SL was pretty worked up but by the end of the session, she said the singing session was therapeutic indeed. Ha ha... I think all office folks should take some time off and have lunch karaoke once in awhile to release stress. But folks like TOL might not be able to get relieve should that be the case cos all she did was listened! She mentioned that she should have brought her kacang from home as they didn't served tidbits for lunch. Hee hee....She's a kacang addict!!!!

Anyway, after that I headed for the MPH Warehouse Sales. On my way in, I saw most of the people in there were using boxes to hold their selection of the goodies they picked up as there were just to many for them to carry just like that. I was telling myself "Wah, these folks can really shop!' Fast forward 1 hour later, I was holding a box of the stuff I picked up too. Mustn't speak too fast next time! Anyway, I picked up this 2006 Forget-Me-Not calendar. I had fallen in love with it the first time I saw it late last year but told myself that I would not want to waste RM60 on it. To my surprise, since it's past 2006, MPH was selling it at RM20. That Some Publishing company have some pretty novel and nifty calendars, click on the other calendars and see the item description. Some people are really so creative! Also picked up some Origami books, elementary level cos 1) I love Origami 2) the books were so cheap, RM4.00 each (complete with Origami paper) and 3) they were the last few ones there!

This reminds me of a discovery sometime last year when I was browsing in Popular bookstore, I was tickled to have stumbled upon this book, "adult origami" as I did not know that some people would be interested/publishing such a book and that we can get such a book here! I must admit that I did look through and was laughing most of the time. In case you are wondering, NO, I didn't buy it nor did I go back time and time again to memorize the steps! Apparently, such origami exists and there are lots of it "out there". And here I am buying elementary Origami books. I am THAT innocent! Hah! Yup! Seems the TRUTH is really out there!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Guinness Stout

Today at the meeting, we were taught about AHA - Attitude, Humour and Action. After going through the session, I realised that I was just an AH, missing the last A. I guess I do have to put some Action in my life. I just told JC the other day that I couldn't believe that I've been "bumming" around for 9 years. Well, I did start in the industry because I wanted an improved quality of life, one that allowed me to spend time with my parents, to have a business of my own but yet enabling me to take time off for travel whenever I want. Life is good. However, it looks like I have to stop bumming around to reach my full potential. The thing is, I have never been one that is driven by money but by the smaller things in life. Eg. I love the fact that I get to bring my mom out to the malls on weekdays (which means lots of available parking!), having lunches with no time constraints. So, maybe I will just work a wee bit harder! He he.....

I just took Mom to Chynna in KL Hilton this Monday for dinner and she really enjoyed the outing. I was happy that she was happy. That look on her face and feeling, priceless. Err...I'm not talking about Mastercard's priceless but really, you know what I mean. Want to try Chynna's dim sum next. Loved the food, loved the ambience, loved the price (I got 50% discount as I am a member of both PJ and KL Hilton). Let me know if any of you want to join, I'll get the staff to contact you. Candy, the staff, told me that she'll buy me a meal! Ha ha.....

I've come a long way since then and the only thing that I'm sad about as far as this 9 year journey is concerned is that Dad isn't around to see exactly how far I've gone. I still remember his favourite two words to me when he asked me to do certain things which I wasn't keen on, things like doing homework, taking medicine etc. etc. !!! He would just say "Guinness Stout!" and that would make me smile without fail. That's because one of Guinness Stout's taglines is "Good For You". He was quite a joker and I guess that's where I got my humour from. Thanks Dad! Dad, I wish you are around now so that I can take you and mom out to eat. Afterall, you were the one who started me off with this long and undying love affair that I have with food now! I wish you are around now so that we can go karaoke and belt out all those favourite tunes of yours. Dad, I just wish that you are still around. Period.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rubbing our eyes

Some friends have asked me what's with the url name, ugwug. Well, it's simply the abbreviation of U Get What U Give.....hahaha.....So, now you know. Thought that I didn't have to explain. Well, though I slept at 4 plus am, had to wake up at 8.30 as I had to attend a training to train...Hope you can figure out what that means. Thank goodness it was just till 1. The bunch of us happily drove to Ikea for lunch, TD was suppose to leave with us but he had to tend to a client. Smsed him and was about to drive off from that area when he called. He was saying why we left, he purposely came to the office to do lunch with us and that he wanted to do lunch nearby. Well, I told him that he should have said it earlier as we were just expecting him to be able to drive to Ikea to meet us. Really that simple mah! Told him to hop into my car but he was still going on about us leaving him behind. I drove right up to him as he was standing by the road while still talking to him on the phone and told him to simply GET IN! Both Lyn and I were asking him when he's become so "lui yan"/woman. He said it must have been due to his wife! Eh, talk about being the more dominant partner! Can this really happen? Then Lyn agreed with me when I said that at that point we are more "manly" than him! hahaha...... testerone alert!!!!! Just hope that we don't start scratching our crotch area in public like what the guys normally do!!!! Eeeeewwww.........Which reminds me of this joke I once heard.

Why do women rub their eyes when they get up in the morning?
Cos they don't have balls to scratch!

Ahem....later on, I visited the girls at Skillspoint. It's been awhile since I last dropped by the office. Saw Alice go through some moves during her hip hop class. I showed her a move that she taught earlier. Found out it's called the Ripple....Told her that I used to be able to dance better but my back is acting up. Gees, guess that's the only thing about me that puts me in the category of "old folks". Now, where's my pack of Salonpas when I need it the most??????

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inspired by Boredom and Sadness

Ha ha....strange indeed. Signed on for a blog of my own after staying in the whole day. Was kept in by the rain. Damn, was gonna drive all the way to Cheras for late dinner for my wonderful chee cheong fun but KCC said she got my sms late, has eaten and "retired" for the nite! Bah! That's the problem, here I am, a 37 year old, single by choice woman, who is really young at heart actually. But, HELP! My friends who are in their 30s act their age! Gosh, that leaves me to play with my younger friends.

See? How "young at heart" I am? I'm playing
with my niece's Tamagotchi!

Seriously, I have friends of all ages. But those young friends of mine have left me in some sort of a limbo cos they are overseas doing their studies. Sigh.....I still have another batch of friends whom I meet up with quite often, I'm a decade older than them! How then? Friends my age can't keep up with me where as I wouldn't want to end up always being the "auntie" in the younger friends category. Such a dilemma! Mmm....I even played "mommy" for a day when I took my friend's 4 kids out on Sunday. Their parents will only be back tomorrow, went to Stockholm. I pitied the kids that they had no activities for a week, though Big Brother, who's 17, is perfectly capable of looking after the rest but he doesn't have a driving license yet. It was a fun outing but on the other hand, I can't deny the fact that when I reached home after sending them back, I was tired and relieved that I was back in my own sanctuary!

Anyway, I have always wanted to start on a blog but never got round to it, till Jen directed me to hers. That made me think and finally, today this blog exists. That's when I felt sad. I pray daily for her, to God, to give her the strength to pull through and if that's not what God has planned for her, to give her the peace that she so needs. It was good meeting up for lunch with her together with Sweet, Ju and Euro, friends since secondary school, B.B.G.S! Well, Jen couldn't really eat much. Me being a nocturnal creature, dragged myself out of bed at 7 am and drove to Sec. 17 market and bought chee cheong fun and yong tow foo. Yup, ccf again....I just love ccfun (and thousands of other food! Ha ha...) Sweet came with porridge, Ju with red bean tong sui and Euro with Ayamas. We had a great time. Actually we almost didn't meet up cos Jen had been feeling weak but she decided to go ahead. She was feeling good that day but she has lost a lot of weight. We'll meet up again on her birthday, that's coming in Mar.

I was just told to stay away from chicken cos of the bird flu. Sigh, my lifestyle is being stiffled, cos eating is one of my hobbies and now I have all these restrictions! Mind you, I only eat on two occassions, that's night and day!!!! Mmm....I wonder what's in the fridge now......