Monday, November 26, 2012

Lip Smacking Goodness from Mokie Home-Baked Pastry, Bentong, Pahang

Once in awhile, we all experience something that stays etched in our mind and hearts.  Though not thought of at times in our ever busy daily lives ... it is, however, never forgotten. It's not so much about what we had seen, touched, smelt, heard or tasted but how we felt that make us remember what we remember; having been enriched by some experiences (sadly, this also applies when it comes to painful encounters).  However for today, I shall focus on all that's good...What I saw, touched, smelt, heard, tasted AND felt.

Continuing from my earlier blog post about my memorable lunch during my trip to Bentong, we made a pit stop in Kampong Kemansur.  Now, Mokie Home-Baked Pastry snacks are a must to pick up when one makes a trip to Bentong. Thanks to our distinguished guide (he never fails to drop by Mr Mok's place and pick up a whole lot of puff pastries!) who brought us into the home of The Moks; a family who exudes such warmth and extended such hospitality by welcoming us into their home and allowing us a peek into their lives.

When we arrived, we were introduced to The Moks and ushered straight into the kitchen area where we plonked ourselves, smacked in the middle of all the baking action.  The aroma of fresh baked pastries filled the air and set off another set of senses, I was absolutely thrilled.  While Mrs Mok and their son spoke to us now and then as they went about their work, Mr Mok made sure we were tended to.  He poured us tea, chatted with us and asked us to help ourselves to the pastries that were on the table.  Fresh from the oven and still on the baking tray...resistance was futile!


Puffs2-022 As we helped ourselves to the goodies...we were filled in with a brief history as to how Mokie Home-Baked Pastry came about...more than 2 decades ago, Mr Mok and his family moved back to their hometown Bentong to care for his mom.  During her free time in the little village, Mrs Mok started making the puff pastries laden with her home made kaya too (oooo...I'm missing the puff pastries so much as I write this post) and orders kept pouring in till a point where she couldn't cope.  Mr Mok who had been unemployed due to the recession in the mid 80s then decided to join forces with his wife; working together to increase production of these marvelous puff pastries.  Twenty plus years down the line...Mokie Home-Baked Pastry is still standing strong.  Everything about the puff pastries is kept simple; there are two varieties...pineapple jam and kaya filling.  Still baked and packed by hand into a simple bag. That's what make The Moks and their puff pastries special and I hope they keep it that way.





While I have always been a fan of pineapple tarts/puffs generally, it was the kaya variety that totally awed and won me over, the pineapple puffs were good but I LOVED the kaya puffs!  The kaya was rich and with a sweetness that is just spot on.  The thin crisp flakey pastry and the kaya filling enveloped my palate with such flavours and texture that it was just unforgettable on first bite! And bite after bite after that... the puff pastries are such a delight to sink your teeth into.


The puffs are sold at shops and markets around Bentong and to directly get some pastry love from Mokie Home-Baked Pastry, seek The Moks at

No. 5, Lorong Aman 1,
Kampong Kemansur
28700 Bentong,

Tel : +609 222 4825

Such an enriching experience, I need to go back to Bentong...not just for the food but for the way I felt when I was there.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ahhh ... Desserts @ 32°f, Waterpark

Walking around Waterpark at Desa ParkCity is usually a fun filled outing for me as that would usually mean that I'm not just going for a walk but walking with my friends who has brought along their dogs too.  The park is pet friendly and there are lots of furry friends running around.  I always look forward to making a trip here as not only I get some exercise and get to watch dogs on "parade" but what comes after the exercise :o).  I would usually head over to 32°f for some desserts to cool down. They have an assorted range of flavoured shaved ice and drinks that would surely appeal to one who loves desserts (as much as the dogs in the park!).

Yogurt Shaved Ice with Fresh Strawberries
Here's Milk with Fresh Strawberries! They have other flavours like Passion Fruit (this one I like too!), Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea and more to choose from.

Since I love milk, I also love ordering their Malt drink ... a milky based drink with scoops of  cereals that reminds me of Nestum, something that I use to love eating with condensed milk when I was a kid.