Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday or Anyday Is A Great Day @ Coffee Ritual, Section 14 Petaling Jaya

First thing first, I'm sure those who have visited my blog before would noticed the change in the layout and I'm still in the midst of tweaking it. Quite a change from my previous "black" layout, eh? There is an added "Location" feature after "Labels" at the bottom of each post which has a Google Map link. Note the extra tabs on top - Home, More About Me/Contact, Where I Ate and My 3D Food Wall (check out my food pics here!). Thanks Blogger ... finally (but better late than never! ).

After a hectic Saturday and an early start on Sunday morning, I happily joined Ash and Kev at Coffee Ritual as I really needed my coffee and what more at a place where I can chill out. I am no coffee aficionado, but do know that I truly enjoy each of my visits here. Somehow or rather, I never took photos during my earlier visits. I guessed it's cos I just wanted to chill whenever I'm here, hence, no camera with me. This time round, I decided to use my handphone camera function :o). I first visited Coffee Ritual about a year back, enjoyed the experience and have been dropping by now and then for a cuppa and dessert. Now, let me share my ritual with you whenever I'm here in Coffee Ritual - a ritual that is highly recommended by me ...

Order a cup of Single Gourmet Origin Coffee - Brazil Fancy Santos (RM6), brewed using a Vacuum Coffee Maker (Siphon Coffee Maker)

Single Gourmet Origin Coffee - Brazil Fancy Santos @ Coffee Ritual

Crêpe with Berkeley Farms Ice-cream (RM9)

Crêpe with Berkeley Farms Ice-cream @ Coffee Ritual

The creamy ice cream with the aromatic thin crêpe (I do believe there's sweetened creamer in it which I absolutely love!). Having these two together is enough to make one sing ..."O Happy Day...O Happy Day..." :o). It's another one of those weekends that we all should experience more often ... how was yours?

*Photos taken with Sony Ericsson W995

Coffee Ritual (Website with Location Map)
35 Jalan 14/20, Section 14
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 603-7956 1080
(Mon-Sat 10am-11pm)
(Sun & Public Holidays 9am-10pm

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cheapy! Cheapy! Cheap! Cheap! Breakfast @ Hing Lung Restaurant, San Francisco

Now, walking around the area, Hing Lung would have easily gone unnoticed and can even pass off as another simple (read : no frills) Chinese restaurant that one can get here in Malaysia. However one thing that really differs is their cheap breakfast menu. Waking up early and having gone for a walk, mom and I decided to drop by Hing Lung for breakfast as we had enjoyed their breakfast set (namely the varieties of porridge) the last time we dropped by a couple of years ago. However, as Mom was going to cook porridge later for dinner on that day we went to Hing Lung, we decided to try something else....

Hing Lung's Breakfast Menu

Between 8am - 11am every Mon-Fri, Hing Lung dishes out breakfast specials. For USD3.75, one can choose from the range of porridge and noodles from the breakfast menu. We decided to order a bowl of Beef Stew Vermicelli (rice noodle) to share the rather large bowl of noodles ...

Beef Stew Vermicelli
Look at the amount of beef stew and noodles...right to the brim! How's that for USD3.75? Value for money? Well, it would have been good if ALL of the beef stew were tender. A quarter of it was tough to chew on. I do like the texture of the vermicelli and the soup which is clear and sweet. Note : Stick to the porridge for a more satisfying breakfast unless Hing Lung can assure me that the whole serving of beef stew is totally tender!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chinatown Essentials - Petaling Street KL (Part 2) Final


Continuing from Part 1 of Chinatown Essentials....we move on to Madras Lane (opens from 8am to 4pm daily but quite a lot of stalls are closed on Mondays).

Wet market @ Jalan Petaling

I haven't been in here for ages and it seems this place hasn't really change through the years (well, at least not to me). Walking passed the meat stalls was definitely a challenge for me as I'm one that doesn't like handling raw meat and the sight of all these raw meat would definitely affect me.

Walking through the wet market
See the leg sticking out at the bottom left of the pic ? Hahaha....It was an adventure for me indeed but I'm glad I made my way in there as I had forgotten how it was like. And now, I remember... it was this thought of wanting to remember that made me forget the fact that I was surrounded by all these raw meat and I could even stop to take photos! Documenting this place was more important and that made me overcome my fear! Hahaha...I know Mrs Pitt will surely stay outside and can do without the memories :p.

After passing all those stalls, we got to the food stalls and then decided to order some noodles to try...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remembering You....

Wishing you were somehow here again...
Wishing you were somehow near ....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kik Kok, Eat It Hot @ Ikano Power Centre

Sung to the tune of Tik Tok by Kesha

What to eat during tea time, feeling a bit hungry (hey, what's up girl?)
Grab my glasses, I'm out the door
I'm gonna hit this city (lets go)
Before I leave, put my camera in my backpack
Cause when I eat at the mall, I ain't coming back

I'm talking - butter on my toast toast
Eating what I like most
Helppppppp!!! I can't touch my toes toes!
Kik Kok Stall
Making of ...
Then came Kik Kok, now it's on my favourite list
It has given me such bliss
I always look forward to eating this!
Kik Kok
Kik Kok, eat it hot
Spread the butter, don't stop
Yes, you heard me right
Till I say it's alright
Kik Kok's Brown Paperbag

Kik Kok Crispy Crepe
Kik Kok, folded up
It is never enough
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh (x2)

My favourite : Cappucino Butter (RM2.50) Go, go, go ... get it!

Kik Kok (means "crispy")
Small stall near the escalator, facing the newspaper vendor
Lower Ground, Ikano Power Centre
No. 2 Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opens from 10am - 10pm daily

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Bites - Frozen Goodies Galore

I love going to the supermarkets and walking around the frozen food aisles especially. I am amaze with the different and wide variety of frozen food available in the supermarkets here. As food technology improves further, I'm sure the list will get longer. However of late, I no longer have the same excitement as I walk through those same aisles as I've been spoilt rotten by Mrs Pitt during my two months stay in USA. After being blessed with such great treats, it'll be hard to top these goodies found in USA (and sadly not available here and if it is, will probably cost you a finger or two...hahhaa...not an arm & leg extreme!)

So, apart from my earlier post which highlighted some of them, feast your eyes on these frozen goodies & other notable snacks (I'm feasting on them and weeping...Sob! Sob! sigh....LOL!)

Let's start with the appetizers ....

Exotic Veg Chips
Exotic Chips for sure - a mixed bag of Taro, Yuca (Cassava), Sweet Potato, Ruby Root Vegetables (kissed with beet juice), Batata (Cuban Sweet Potato) and Parsnip

Crunchy Lentil & Potato Snack
Yummy Lentil & Potato crunchy curls!

Rice & Bean Chips with Adzuki Beans
Slightly healthier - These Rice & Bean Chips with Adzuki Beans were definitely different from the norm but tasted pretty good.

Onwards, to the real frozen stuff now...still on the lighter stuff

Pastry Pups
Pastry Pups - uncured mini beef franks, wrapped in puff pastry and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Eaten fresh from the oven, these were heavenly!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chinatown Essentials - Petaling Street KL (Part 1)


I was looking through my archives and found that I didn't blog on a momentous trip that a group of us made to Petaling Street for a food crawl. Now, we are talking about way back in late 2007. This is REALLY old news :o). But I guess better "old" than never and thought it would be good to blog about it as this memorable trip would then be recorded in my blog "history". I guess I decided to finally do so as I realised that places like these aren't that many in Klang Valley. Some have disappeared in time and I had wished I was around earlier to have taken photos of them.

I particularly recall my fave ice cream stall located at the coffee-shop opposite the old Rex Cinema. What is that place being used for now? Oh, how I missed being surprised by furry rodents scurrying around our feet as we watched the stars on the silver screen.... LOL! Those were the days. I remember that whenever a blockbuster is shown, the queue for tickets would be extremely long and winding. Right from the inner building and out onto the streets! Hahaha...and there would be touts selling tickets for double the price for those who would like to skip the line. Once in awhile, we would be blessed to see a familiar face right up in front of the line, then we would "tumpang" and get our friend to buy the tickets for us. Ahhhh...perforated tickets with our seat numbers written with red crayon. Where first class at the balcony was RM3.50 and those below would be RM2.50! I miss those days..... :o) What else do you remember about those days? How about the Toong Fong, Foh Hup and Sri Jaya buses and the notorious Mini Bus??? :p Oh well, I seemed to have gotten carried away .... back to the food, I say!

Petaling Street

Hon Kee Porridge - Jalan Hang Lekir

Famous Hon Kee Porridge

If you ever find yourself craving for some porridge for the soul in the early hours of the morning... this place opens at 5 a.m till about 1 p.m. There are several varieties here that one usually expects from a porridge stall.

Bowls of delight
Our bowls of delight ....

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sim"pho" Satisfaction ...

There was an onslaught of all those Yee Sang and dishes after dishes of artery clogging rich food - a grand celebration during the festive period of Chinese New Year. Actually, while being thankful that I am and also in the company of folks who loves to eat and to have such a luxury when compared to the less fortunate, I look forward to something simple most of the time. "Simple" in itself is also rather subjective, depending on different individuals. To me, simple can be just as satisfying at times (putting aside my failed attempts at cake baking or trying out new recipes!!!!) and best explained that a simple meal is one that puts the warmth not only in my tummy but my smile. This was such a meal, another invite .... a home cooked one (yes...just like my earlier "Hearty Meal" post). This time round for ... Vietnamese Beef Noodles!


Vietnamese Beef Noodles (Pho)

Thanks Korean Princess & Queen for the fabulous Phở. I am honoured to be the sole guest in your kingdom and to be able to partake such a meal :o). I would also like to thank my other friends too for all those other occasions where great food were prepared with blood, sweat (the hot weather is a killer!) & tears (from those onion slicing, hehehe...) and most of all, for inviting me into your home . I'm truly blessed indeed!

TGIF .... Here's to the weekend! Have a great one :o)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Modus Operandi @ Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant,The Gardens Mid Valley


Say what you want about this place ... overpriced, portions too little, seating arrangements too cramped, the place too pack etc. etc. I myself find it hard to communicate with the staff and resort to mostly pointing at the photos on the menu. Not because they find it baffling to comprehend me but it seems that most of the staff speaks Mandarin - a language that is not foreign to me but never could I make comprehensive sentences of it even if my life depended on it. This results in most of us similar folks being "stigmatised" as a "banana"...yellow on the outside and white on the inside!

Well, anyway .... where was I? Oh yes, say what you want (oops, I wanna break out into Texas' song) but I do enjoy coming back here time and time again for a particular dish. Whenever I want to dine in Fong Lye, this will be my modus operandi.

The place too pack?
Well, I make it a point to come here on a weekday during off-peak hours...

Fong Lye @ The Gardens Mid Valley

Fong Lye @ The Gardens Mid Valley

Plonked ourselves down on the comfy seats (ladies be careful coming here to dine when it's that time of the month! Hahaha...) and order my favourite Rose Bud Oolong Tea...

Rose Bud Oolong Tea