Monday, July 17, 2017

Travel Post - Thanh Cao Lầu Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 14

I shall not give up! Here I am back again with another post ...still on Hoi An.  Yes, I'm still not done with it yet.  As mentioned before when I first started blogging on Hoi An, it is one of my fave places that I have visited (apart from Spain and of course...San Francisco).  Yes, so much so, that I just wanted to start blogging again just so that I can upload the travel pics taken (it would be such a waste to keep them only on a hard disk!).

Okay...after more than 6 months, I'm back with a quick post of the national noodles of Hoi An; Cao Lau! Having been not too impressed with the bowl we had earlier, TT did some internet research and we made it a point to have Cao Lau at  Thanh Cao Lầu.  Thank goodness for TT's impeccable sense of direction, we walked and found the place (we actually walked to wherever during our stay in Hoi An).  It is a rather inconspicuous looking place, we actually walked passed it and doubled back and finally saw the signage (which is an old looking one and isn't lit.. Look at the pic!). The place seems more like either a house or an auto workshop and had several tables placed on the front porch. The stall takes up a small area for food preparation.

Thanh Cao Lầu
We gave our order, with hand signals for two bowls and promptly sat down. The place had a steady stream of customers; mostly locals, coming in for dinner and this made us hopeful.  Sure enough, when our noodles arrived, it definitely looks more enticing that our first encounter with Cao Lầu earlier.  Having said that, not all will appreciate this noodles as in the case of different strokes for different folks.

Thanh Cao Lầu
The texture of the noodles was better - it was al dente and the soya pork broth sauce was more flavourful .  Each bite was a tasty crunch of vegetables and noodles in harmony.  The slices of pork was also tastier as they had drizzled fried shallot oil over it.