Friday, January 28, 2011

Tangerines & Cream Sundae - Lunar New Year Delight with New Zealand Natural

With Chinese New Year round the corner, most of us look forward to the holidays and for those celebrating; a time for reunions and merry making. As with most festivities, food is always present and we brace ourselves for waistline expansions :o). But of course, no matter what there's always room for desserts - we now have a dessert that is specially created by New Zealand Natural to add to the celebration.

New Zealand Natural

I was invited to the launch of New Zealand Natural's latest creation, Tangerines & Cream Sundae at the recently refurbished outlet and new central location at LG1.70A (Orange Atrium) in Sunway Pyramid.

Photo courtesy of New Zealand Natural

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eating Pundut, Sitiawan

Yes, we're still in Sitiawan! :o) Charles took us around for a drive to give us some time to digest our dinner as he was adamant that we try another round of Kampua noodles; better than the one he took us to eat earlier that day. When asked where, he said "It's in Pundut". When asked what's the name of the stall, he answered "It's Pundut". "It's called Pundut because it's in Pundut", he added! After our earlier experience, why am I not surprised? Hahaha....Well, I just shrugged my shoulders and prepared myself for the great food.

Pundut Noodle Stall

Pundut Noodle Stall
We arrived at this wooden house .... standing right there, I love the feel of the place. This place definitely has character.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Where Exactly is Restaurant Hai Tien Ti in Sitiawan?

My brain keeps thinking that it's the weekend tomorrow. My "personal" calendar needs to be re-calibrated everytime there's a weekday public holiday (especially during mid week!). Just when I think that the weekend is here, my weekend joy gets interrupted...."Maaf, rancangan tergendala"! Ahhhh! But thank goodness it's Friday and the weekend is indeed around the corner. Yay!

Now, it's back to Sitiawan. The thing about eating in Sitiawan is that we just rely on the great hospitality of our friends to bring us around (thank you so much). The places we went to had no name cards, no addresses and look similar ...our Sitiawan friends don't know the addresses too. That's pretty much how things are in Sitiawan and I guess that's the simple charm of Sitiawan :o). Came dinner time in Sitiawan, we found ourselves at Restaurant Hai Tien Ti in Kampung Cina (and that's all we know)....

We left all the ordering to the hosts and soon we had these on our table ...
Toddy! Hic .... hehehe....It grows on you ;o) Toddy by the jug, how sweet ...

Hai Tien Ti
Spacious dining area ...where we await our food

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Charismatic Canada! Lovely Pics! Part Two

It's already Sunday! I'm not sure where my Saturday went ... and here we are, already two weeks into 2011!  I'll be posting up my pics of Canadian (from Ontario) scenes.  As I was looking through the folder, I remember just how much I love Canada (and not because I'm a great fan of "Castle") as there is really so much to love about it!  So enjoy the pics this round, there's more to come!

CN Tower Reflection
CN Tower reflection

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snacking @ Fat Spoon, Damansara Utama, Petaling jaya

Much has been said about Fat Spoon. I must say that the photos of the facade and the interior of Fat Spoon from other blogs attracted me rather than the food. I had read that there were hits and misses and we decided to just opt for snacks instead since we were already eating way past lunch time after a meeting at our HQ. True enough we were delighted by the way they have done up the place when we arrived at Fat Spoon. So much so, there are actually more photos of the place than the food we ate :o)

Fat Spoon
Fat Spoon's charming door, with a wooden fat spoon as a door handle - it looks like the place has been around for decades - well, apart from the way I edited the photo :o)

Inside looking out
Inside looking out ...

Friday, January 07, 2011

Open 24/7 ! Pho Pasteur - Toronto, Canada

And now we head back to Canada ... after resting a while in the hotel, we were feeling hungry and decided to grab an early dinner so that we can head back to the hotel and have an early night since we did so much traveling that day.  Bro-in-law (BIL) had Googled and did all the homework and soon enough we found our lunch venue (thanks to the GPS!).

Pho Pasteur

Vietnamese Food 24/7!
Are my eyes THAT bad? 24/7??? Did I read it right?  Gosh, if Pho Pasteur was back in Klang Valley-I think I would have fainted from all the joy that I felt!  Alas, it's not in Klang Valley but in Canada that one can find Vietnamese food round the clock, 24 hours a day!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Breadvale, Paramount Garden - Added Joy For Year End Celebration


Happy New Year! Now that it's back to work for most of us...I can only recall with much delight over the celebrations I had in the month of December 2010 while lamenting about going back to work! Hahaha.... I had come across Breadvale during one of my trips to Paramount Garden for my usual Hokkien noodles and I'm glad I did. It didn't start out as a bakery as it was initially a cafe but the proprietors decided to change their business model a couple of months down the line. So, Breadvale is officially only about a couple of months old and has now become one of my favourite haunts .

Breadvale, Paramount Garden
Their range of buns and cookies are rather good and reasonably priced at the same time plus the proprietors are friendly folks too! I like the Onion Cheese & Ham Bun, even the simple Chicken Ham Bun is lovely as the bun is pillowy soft :o). Most of all, what I love most from Breadvale is their Bread & Butter Pudding!