Friday, February 25, 2011

Turning Japanese At Senjyu Sushi - e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Senjyu Sushi's outlet at e@Curve first opened its door back in late 2008.  It's actually one of the better sushi places I've been to and one that I still go to now and then.  I like the ambiance, where one can indeed have a nice meal at one's leisure - and not feel the hustle and bustle that makes one just wants to gulp down their food, pay the bill and leave.  With some premium items not available else where (at least not that I know of) and introducing a newer and lower price items sometime back, I was glad as this place serves more variety than just sushi. But I'm sad to see that this nice place seems TOO quiet after these two years plus or so... and when it's too quiet and under patronise, that's not good news! It's not that the food's not good, could it be the location?

Reflections @ Senjyu Sushi e@Curve

Senjyu Sushi e@Curve

Monday, February 21, 2011

All Day Dim Sum - Rol San, Toronto, Canada

It's another new week and I'm still not fully "myself" due to the long Chinese New Year festivity.  Getting to work has been like starting the car engine on a cold morning.  On the other hand, it would have been good if I did have a car to start - had a car accident just before CNY and due to the fact that I am claiming insurance, my car has been off the road for almost 3 weeks now.  But as I was telling a goes on and we all one life to live, so live it well (no matter what!). So now....let's get back to my post, Canada continues ...

Heading on the the 2nd day in Toronto, BIL (that's Bro-in-law) having done his homework prior to the trip, drove us to Rol San in Chinatown for breakfast.  They served all-day dim sum and apparently Rol-San is one the of better dim sum places in Toronto.  Arriving there early...the shop has a little front door which opens up to a rather large area inside, surprisingly. 
Rol San

Rol San
The staff led us pass the front area which was already filled and into a second area, a hidden back room which began to fill up shortly after we sat down.  The decor is should I put it? Simply Chinese Chinese? hahah....

I must say that the dim sum was quite good, hot and fresh (ordering ala carte). Apart from the usual dim sum fare that we normally have in a dim sum restaurant, I took some pics of those that one doesn't usually find in one.

I enjoyed the chewy crunch of tripe (the only innards I will ever eat)...tasted like it was very briefly sauteed, not just blanched and mix with sesame seed oil and some seasoning-(MSG or no MSG- Great stuff!).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sitiawan's Hock Chiew Peah, Kong Peah, Gong Pian ?


Call it however you want.  According to Andrine, I have to try them when I'm in's a must!  So what do we do? Try to get our hands on some during our short trip there.  Asking around, our host manage to get his friend to take me to a biscuit shop that he usually goes to...but as usual for most places in Sitiawan, no address! - except that the name of the place is Cheng Li Biscuit Shop (tried Googling and couldn't find any info!)

Kong Peah waiting to be baked
Kong Peah dough with filling - flattened and waiting to be baked

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Wine Mee Suah ! Wishing You Prosperity - Sitiawan Style

Chinese New Year will be over in another 4 days' time, too soon but I guess we all gotta get back to work (and for some who have been at work earlier after the short holidays - to REALLY get back to work, hahaha...).  I thought that since it's still Chinese New Year, it's the best time to show a photo of this house that we came across while we were driving around in Sitiawan.  So, this is it...

Prosperity - Sitiawan Style.

Prosperity House
Seriously, I had to rub my eyes to make sure that I wasn't imagining things ... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this house in Sitiawan.  Wishing All Prosperity indeed!

It's All Set!
Most folks will be doing family lunches/dinners during this festive period and since we were visiting, this was yet another reason to celebrate all good things - with food again of course, Red Wine Mee Suah!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CNY Waistline Damage ... Thus Far

With all the gatherings with friends ... over food and more food during this Chinese New Year period, our waistlines are increasing at an alarming rate.  Who or what is responsible for such a deed?  So it seems that we have been dining out at restaurants and eating all the "auspicious" food that has indeed brought us such "prosperity". Thankfully, it hasn't always been elaborate meals and in between the onslaught of abundance calories, we had some reprieve in some simple and yet delicious meals.  I shall now end my short post with pictorial evidence of such meals that we had shared with much laughter, love and joy!

Popiah skin
Popiah (Spring Roll) skin

"Lettuce" eat! Can't help myself.... :o)