Thursday, May 07, 2015

Malaysia's New HTC Flagship Device, Launch of HTC One M9+

HTC M9+ Launch

There are many things I look forward as each new year begins.  One of them will be the annual unveiling of HTC's flagship device and this year; Malaysia launched the HTC One M9+ .  The event took place recently at ROOTZ Club KL on 28 April, 2015.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Magnum Presents : The Best Of Belgian Indulgence, Celebrate Pleasure!

A word of thanks to Salina & Associates PR Sdn Bhd for the invite to the delightful Magnum event, "Magnum Presents : The Best Of Belgian Indulgence" at Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall.  Arriving at venue slightly early, I kept myself busy with my camera; taking photos of the place.

Magnum Cafe
The upper area of Magnum Cafe was specially closed off for the event.  

Magnum Cafe - Topping Bar
The Topping Bar with a wide variety for one to customized their own Magnum ice cream.

There has been a constant line of people, queuing up to have a taste of the Magnum ice cream varieties but more so for the opportunity to customize their own Magnum ice cream.  We were given the chance to customize our own Magnum after the lunch event. One can choose from a Vanilla or Chocolate Brownie Magnum with a coating and drizzle of either Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate and 3 toppings from the many varieties to choose from (there are some non standard toppings to choose from like chilli flakes, rock salt, goji berries!), 

Customize Your Own Magnum