Monday, June 03, 2013

The Joy Of HTC One ... HTC Zoe, Sense 5, BlinkFeed, Battery and more ...

I received my HTC One phone while I am on vacation in San Francisco and have been taking it out with me on my daily walks.  There is so much to love about the HTC One...apart from what I have written about it from my earlier post of the HTC One launch.

For one, the battery life of HTC One is really good.  I use it often to take photos (lots of it) and editing, for Facebook and surfing...Using it heavily between the hours of 10am till 4pm (cos that's when I am out and taking photographs!), after a total usage for about 15 hours (from the time I switched it on at 9am till the time I took the screen shot of the battery level) I am left with a 24% battery juice.  I am extremely happy with the performance.  I do not use the Power Save feature and control the brightness and the timing of the phone manually.

Battery Level

I have also become more up-to-date with news around the world.  Well, the World news is kinda depressing at, I keep myself happier with news from the Entertainment world instead.  With BlinkFeed, I can do just that without having the dig for the information via search engines.  Once I choose my options from categories like Food, Music, Movie, Politics, Gadgets etc about these are just a fingertip away.  You can choose from a "pull-down" tab of which category you would like to see on the BlinkFeed page ... and presto, you are now updated with the latest news and trends! Check out this screenshot I took of my Movie news :o)  Read more about BlinkFeed HERE ...

Screenshot BlinkFeed
WooHoo ... coincidentally, news about my favourite couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on my BlinkFeed!

As most of you would know, I love photography and HTC One's camera app with added features has made it one of the most used feature of the phone.  I have it daily on me as I go for my walkabout around San Francisco .... and so far I'm pleased with it.  The Ultrapixels allow me to take great low light pics (regardless of some complaining of the low 4 Megapixel's not like I will be making extra large prints of my pics.  I think it's great enough for a fullscreen laptop viewing!).  I am not a technical person, not so critical on specs...I just like what I see and get with the HTC One and that makes me one happy camper!

Night Shot (No editing)
I took this pic in a dark room with the TV as the ONLY light source....though grainy, I am still impressed that it was able to capture the texture and the shadow of the blanket on the bed. I have not done any further editing to this photo.

Well, of course the HTC Sense with the added Zoe feature which takes a 3 second moving shot allowed for a nifty feature - a Zoe Sequence Shot.  This means that I can choose several frames from the moving shot and combine them together for a sequence shot.  Read more about HTC Sense 5 HERE ...

Zoe Sequence Shot
Cool right? Shot at Embarcadero.  Once again, no further editing was done to this photo.