Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Media Preview : Cyril's Family Vacation on AXN

When I received an invitation to a media preview of Cyril's Family Vacation series, I was delighted. Firstly, Cyril is one of my favourite illusionist.  I remember watching the YouTube video of Cyril's illusion with the Lacoste crocodile logo.

Take a look at the video that first made me a fan of Cyril.

So it was a rather sweet moment for me to be able to meet him in person.  Well, sort of in person :o).  Cyril is back in a new 6 half hour episode edition of Cyril's Family Vacation with has a magical storytelling approach showcasing not only Cyril's magic but also his "family members"; Grandma Magi, Uncle Richard and Cousin Tiny.  These characters are in fact Cyril himself (he has donned disguises before in his previous acts).  The show will be using hidden cameras to catch the unsuspecting "magic" assistants' reactions.  Candid reactions are always best and are sure to make us laugh like I did when I saw the sneak preview.

Serena C
Serena C, looking as Hawaiian as she can be. Cute!

Serena C was the emcee for that day and after a short intro, she introduced Gregory Ho (Vice President, Marketing & Head of Communications Network, Asia) from Sony Pictures Television.  We then anticipated the arrival of Cyril when Gregory's mobile rang.  It was Cyril saying that he was extremely sorry that he couldn't be there in person as he had to fly back to Japan immediately to tend to an urgent matter.

Mr Gregory Ho - Sony Pictures Television
Mr Gregory Ho putting Cyril on speaker as he apologised to us for not turning up (or so it seems...)

However, Grandma Magi will be there instead to tend to the media.  Shortly after, Cyril, disguised as Grandma Magi appeared and amused us as she made her way into the room and flirted with a few young men sitting in the crowd.

"Grandma Magi" Cyril

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fave order @ La Yosh, Plaza Damas

I just had a thought about La Yosh and felt that I need to go back to eat my fave set lunch pasta order there (it comes with soup and salad).  I've been there in the past and had ordered the same pasta dish and the dish has been consistently good or shall I say great!  What's my fave order in this Japanese Western restaurant?

The Chicken Teriyaki Pasta!  I just love the full flavour of the whole dish, a generous portion of it too.  The pasta seems to be tossed lightly in the pan together with herbs and garlic.  The chicken itself has been well marinated and together with the teriyaki sauce, it really hits the spot.  Such a succulent piece of meat.  I should find my way there soon sometime this week!  Can't wait!


La Yosh Japanese Western
F-0-2 Plaza Damas (across from Starbucks in Hartamas Shopping Center)
No. 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603 6201 8648

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nostalgia at Yiu Wah Restaurant, Toronto

It's the last post on my Canada trip.  This time round, we're back in Toronto before we take the flight back to San Francisco after having spent 2 weeks on a Canadian road trip.  It's on a dim sum place we stopped at while scouting for food in Dundas Street West.  We saw an easel and the price was reasonable and decided to venture into Yiu Wah Restaurant which is located on the 3rd floor.  The restaurant has since been taken over and is now known as Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant.  However, I would still like to blog about it as the place gave me a warm feeling when I ate there.

Yuu Wah Restaurant

The moment we stepped in, I felt like I had taken a step back in time.  It is a very "old school" looking Chinese restaurant, (almost Hong Kong like) and evoked a nostalgic feeling.  I recalled when I was a kid and dining in the famous "Ming Court" dim sum restaurant back then in small hotel next to where I used to live; it was the Town House Hotel in Jalan Tong Shin.  Ming Court used to be crowded most of the time as they served rather good dim sum at reasonable prices.  Sadly, it's no longer around; long gone after Town House Hotel was taken over - the same hotel is now known at Corona Inn.

Dim Sum Cart
The all Chinese staff went around pushing a dim sum cart, offering some familiar and some less familiar dim sum to patrons.

Monday, May 07, 2012

The Mysterious Avengers @ De' Champion Duck, Bandar Menjalara


Long before "The Avengers" came to town, there was another superhero team; helping to save the world from cholesterol by eating up as much fatty food as possible.  We called ourselves "The Mysterious Avengers" (TMA)... We have since gone under the radar as the authorities were on to us and tried to curb our activities. I now blog on one of TMA's cholesterol conquest with fondness ... Yes, TMA were last seen at De' Champion Duck in Bandar Menjalara ... and this is our story.

Claypot Pickled Vegetables with assorted meat
Claypot "Shuin Choy" - it was spicy enough but was not as sour as I would like it to be.  I enjoyed the bits and pieces of meat; especially roast duck skin together with the pickled vegetables.

Drunken Roast Duck
The Drunken Roast Duck was great - the meat was tender and juicy and the herbal gravy with a tad of Chinese wine added lovely flavours to it.  It's a different kind of roast duck...this is good but my fave is still the two stalls in Klang, HERE and a similar herbal style roast duck HERE. Of course, De' Champion Duck is a much nearer alternative :o)