Friday, March 27, 2009

Izakaya Ichiban, Hartamas Shopping Centre

was first introduced to Izakaya Ichiban when Precious Pea and Masak-Masak brought me here and tried to induct me into the Japanese Food Kawan Association (as far as I know at present, number of members is still in the one digit range and has not grown since 3rd Quarter of 2007! Hahaha....errr, we are a rather exclusive club).

They failed to get me to try sashimi but still accorded me the membership after getting the greenlight from Lyrical Lemongrass, the President - letting me handle the Cooked Food Division (CFD). Since then, I've been back here quite a number of times and yes still only eating cooked food.


Deep fried long beans
Spiced deep fried long beans - a rather tasty snack. I forgot the name of this dish.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunch In My Neighbourhood

When I want a quick lunch near my neighbourhood, there's a place I go to now and then. Not only is it pretty quick but the prices are great too. Where am I referring to? Take a guess...

My Elephant

Us floggers are quite familiar with this place, most having reviewed it when it first opened its doors back in 4th quarter 2007. There was the planning with maps strewn all over one of the tables here when four of us took part in The Star "Drive For Food". was a trip that we really enjoyed, click HERE to read about it all. Then there was also the memorable floggers' Christmas/New Year party, "A Very Retro Christmas" held here in December 2007 where the floggers also contributed towards Pick n' Brew charity cause (not only to gather at My Elephant to eat but came bearing Christmas gifts for orphans).

My Elephant catapulted to fame, having to turn customers away during lunch and dinner as customers throng the place having read all the favourable blog reviews. Google "My Elephant Section 17" and it yields an impressive 413,000 results! Its main selling point is its reasonable price and its bare minimum design but yet classy dark interior while food quality has been consistently pretty good too. Business is still going strong for My Elephant today with no sign of slowing down - not especially when they run RM8.90 set lunch promo which consists of a main meal and a drink (Mmm...I wonder if the prices have been revised since I last went?). Here are some of the items from the lunch menu.

 Pan Fried Rice with Pineapple and Assorted Seafood
Pan Fried Rice with Pineapple and Assorted Seafood. I can't get my home fried rice to look half as good as this. Nice to look at and yummy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From One To Another...

From having a happy weekend...memories from the past lingered in my mind today, sweet sorrow.

It's now been 3 years since you left us...seems like not too long ago. I remember the times we hung out together and partied away. I guess it is really hard to say, I shall not. Instead, I will say "See you one day"!

Photo taken from Jennifer Forever

For all those who knew her...we shall continue to remember...forever.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Video Engrish Humour

Another weekend has arrived and ... is going! I was talking to Mrs Pitt early morning around 3 a.m here yesterday (almost midnight over there on a Friday night) and told her to check out this video. It's guaranteed to chase the blues away and get us laughing! Check out this Korean guy singing Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" and you'll know what I mean!

Have A Great Laugh This Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Day I Baked ... Dutch Apple Cake

Sometime back when I had a bit more time on my hands, I would be at Ash's or Glorious Jade's place watching them bake cakes and I would also join in the fun. After assisting Glorious Jade with the Dutch Apple Cake, I went ahead and baked one all by myself at her house and it was a success. I really like this cake and it has become one of my favourites. Thanks Glorious Jade for the recipe (and thanks to Ingrid too for teaching and passing her this recipe).


As per Glorious Jade's email to me : -

DUTCH APPLE CAKE (as taught to me by Ingrid, a true blue Dutch lady)

The What :

4oz butter
4oz castor sugar
1 egg
8oz flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 green apples
Handful of raisins
Sprinkling of cinnamon powder and castor sugar

The How :

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy
In the meantime peel, core and slice apples evenly

Dutch Apple Cake - In The Making

Add in egg to creamed butter and sugar and beat well
Sieve flour and baking powder together and fold into cake mixture
Add in vanilla essence
Pour cake mixture into lined cake pan (about 9" x9")
Spread mixture evenly and arrange apple slices on top, lightly pressing into mixture

Dutch Apple Cake - In The Making

Monday, March 09, 2009

Restoran Mei Jing in Lukut, Port Dickson


With the busy schedule I've been having, I look forward to the "little" getaways now and then. Having a break even if it's one that doesn't entail getting on board a plane is considered quite a luxury for me nowadays!

So on one of these little "breaks" I had, I found myself in the town of Lukut, Port Dickson with the "Crazies" gang, having lunch in Restaurant Mei Jing (which I jokingly said that we should be cautious that the food will have a generous amount of MSG, since that's what Mei Jing means in Cantonese!). The five of us were famished but most of us had no idea what was good here and so decided to leave the ordering to Crazy ML as she's a regular here.

Butter Milk Sotong
This was ordered on my request, Lai Yau Sotong (Butter Milk Deep Fried Squid) which tasted average though it was crispy.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Interlude - Lavender in Hokkaido

I'm having a crazy schedule this week and decided to post this "interlude" for now. My life should be back to normal next week. Phew! I'm really looking forward to having a break. Korean Princess went to Hokkaido last year in time for Lavender season and had sent me these photos which I'm sharing with you all. Makes me wanna go Hokkaido.....isn't this lovely?

Lavender in Hokkaido
Lavender Field in Hokkaido

Here's some info on Lavender season in case you folks are thinking of going to Hokkaido at this point in time.

Season/major sites
Late June – mid-August Farm Tomita (Nakafurano), Kitanishiyama Lavender Garden (Nakafurano)
Early July – late July Higashiyama Lavender Farm (Niseko), Miyama Toge Lavender Garden (Niseko)
Early July – mid-August Zerubu-no-Oka (Biei), Kanno Farm (Kamifurano), Hinode Lavender Garden (Kamifurano), Saika-no-Sato (Nakafurano)
Mid-July – mid-September Potpourri-no-Sato (Furano)
Major events
Mid-July Nakafurano Lavender Festival (Nakafurano), Kamifurano Lavender Festival (Kamifurano)

Now, if you asked me what sort of lavender products am I familiar with, I'll probably answer - potpourri, aromatherapy oil, shampoo, soap and perfume to name a few (do you know any other lavender items?). However, it was a pleasant surprise to find this available on a commercial scale in Hokkaido ...








Hokkaido - Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender soft serve ice=cream!

I know of home made lavender ice-cream but hmmm....lavender soft serve ice-cream??? This stall is cute looking too; what a lovely sight indeed, hahaha! So, Hokkaido....when, oh, when? ;o)

Thanks again, Korean Princess for the photos!