Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tim Pun Gor Gor, Kepong

Food Adventure Series - Kepong, Part Three (Final)

After the long wait for our noodles at Seng Yuen, we needed to end our night in Kepong on a sweet note. During our 1 hour 15 minutes wait, Simon and CityGal mentioned a few places where we go head onto for some desserts. Since Jason and I weren't familiar with this territory, we just kinda went along - and we ended up at Tim Pun Gor Gor (Tim Pun - "desserts" and Gor Gor - brother).

Tim Pun Gor Gor, Kepong - Dessert Shop

We reached there near to closing time and sat outdoors as they were preparing to clean the indoor area. The dessert menu is rather extensive and we had a tough time trying to decide what to order, Simon especially, hehe...

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The time we took to put in our orders were further delayed slightly as we took some time to take photos of ourselves too (me excluded in this pic, since I was the one taking the photo).

Food Bloggers in Kepong

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seng Yuen Fried Noodles, Kepong

Food Adventure Series - Kepong, Part Two

Sorry, been dropping an updated line to wish all readers and friends...


See you folks next week...

Having fed ourselves with duck satay earlier, Simon suggested we try out this place for fried noodles called Kou Lo Chow Fun (Cantonese for Tall Man's Fried Noodles) that he goes to once in awhile but not before he warned us that we might have to wait quite awhile before we get served as there's usually quite a crowd. I told him of my experience with Man Shook ("Slow Uncle")'s Fried Noodles in Jalan Tong Shin and about my 45 minutes wait for the order to arrive, so, I was prepared!

When we arrived at the coffeeshop lot, we were slightly taken aback to see the long line of tables on the shop pavement and five foot way - ALL TAKEN and with most still waiting for their order.

Seng Yuen

So, we made our way into the shop...I felt like I was transported back into time or had made my way to a little place out of town. There were only two empty tables left.
Seng Yuen

Old Style Seng Yuen
Even the work station (located right next to the cashier's counter!) where the "tea" guy prepares the drinks order looks so nostalgic that it made me think of my childhood days when I followed my parents to the old Bukit Bintang market(which had to make way for KL Plaza/Lot 10!) and would go for our usual kopi ping (iced coffee with milk) or cham (tea mixed with coffee) after buying vegetables, fish, chicken and sundries. Ahh....I miss those days, I miss my dear ol' Dad :o(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Discovery

I discovered this cool video when I stumbled onto a blog called Split Screen. This video is done by Francois Macre singing Thriller acapella style using 64 frames (with 64 tracks produced) - each frame delivering a different track of the song. His singing voice is quite weak but I give him 110% for his ingenuity and hard work recording this video. Check it out - see how much work Francois Macre did! He spent 350 hours singing this song and 2 1/2 months putting this video together! It's amazing!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sen Kee Duck Satay, Kepong

Food Adventure Series - Kepong, Part One

When Saturday arrived again and Jason mentioned about meeting up for dinner, I had in mind to trek into some unfamiliar territory for some good food hunting. With the recent post on Lim Kee, KampungBoyCityGal had left a comment to "remind" me that they stay nearby to us too. So, at around 7.40pm, the three of us (CityGal sans KampungBoy) headed off to "unknown" coordinates. Why unknown? Cos even at that very moment, we still had not decided where to eat! After Jason and I had our usual brotherly and sisterly "argument" in the car with CityGal sitting at the back thinking where to go to, I suggested that we go in search of Sen Kee's Duck Satay in Kepong and take it from there. Problem was, none of us knew where it was or how to get there. Reading road maps and making calls to friends (to the extent of not only asking them for help with directions but to also those who were at home to go online and get us the address from VKeong's post on Sen Kee!) yielded no answers.

We decided to throw caution to the wind and just started heading towards Kepong. Quarter way through, we suddenly remembered that Simon stays in Kepong and we called him to see if he knew where Sen Kee is and whether he wanted to join us. He couldn't really figure out the directions over the phone but decided to join us. We pulled over at Carrefour in Kepong and waited for the time he got into my car, it was already 9.30pm!!! But nothing can faze us and with Simon leading us towards Taman Desa Jaya, we arrived ... Aaahhh! I don't know about the rest of them, but for me it was like "Eureka!" - felt like doing a little dance there and then! Hahaha...

It's actually just a little stall located outside a Legend Garden Restaurant and since we had no intention of eating Chinese dishes, the four of us decided to sit on the lone table outside and eat duck satay and nothing but the satay...all forty sticks of it!

Sen Kee Satay
At 60 sen (USD0.15!)a stick, one has a choice of chicken, duck or lamb.

Food Blogger At Work
CityGal at "work" with her new DSLR!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can All My Future Weekends Be Like This One?

I had an enjoyable weekend, starting with a food crawl with some floggers in Kepong on Saturday night- the first food crawl for 2009 ...

Food Bloggers in Kepong

and ending my Sunday here...

Sepang Gold Coast

Sepang Gold Coast

Stay tuned....

Here's To A Great Week Ahead!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lim Kee, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL


Sometime in 2008, both Precious Pea and Teckiee who stayed near me initially moved further away. I felt a tinge of sadness (cue music from the violin! Hahaha...) as my days for "sudden" (read : ad hoc) food adventures came to an end. But of late, my grey clouds have been lifted and such adventures are back with Jason moving up to Petaling Jaya and staying a stone's throw away from me!

So, it was one weekend when we decided to take a drive to an unfamiliar territory and try out this place that Jason had read about. He told me that the place didn't have a signboard but is known as Lim Kee. I forgot to ask how that name came about! It was rather ad hoc and I didn't bring my camera and had to borrow Jason's (we actually took turns to take photos with the same camera-I think this is something only food bloggers would understand!) to take these set of pics.

Lim Kee
Located at a shack behind Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) building, I didn't really know what to expect but was briefed by Jason they were well known for dishing out yummy stuff. When I saw the crowd and saw what they were eating, I knew we were going to have a good meal.

Lim Kee
We arrived there during peak dinner time. Our orders were promptly taken though and we just followed whatever Penny, the lady boss/staff (we never ascertain who she was) recommended. We wanted to try this and that and that and this and I think we ended up ordering more than enough for the two of us :p

High Flames
The cook busy at work - a very busy kitchen area. Check out the cook's Japanese slippers ;o)

Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year Ahead...

What a night .... first there was dinner in Subang, then to a pub in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for countdown which we "technically" missed by the last 9 seconds as we were sitting outside! Then it was supper for each of us to sober up a bit before we drove back home. Hahaha....I got home at 4 a.m, ending my outing on a brand new day of 2009!

Here's me, signing off WMW (with the neon green torchlight) for 2008! Here's to 2009...

May 2009 fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring you promises of brighter tomorrows!