Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Social Ostracism?

Czar and hubby loves wine and whenever we have a gathering at their place or elsewhere, we usually get treated to some lovely cask wine, an Australian invention - courtesy of Czar's hubby and his airborne career ;o) .

Well, reading THIS article gave me more insight to the introduction of such a product - due to economic conditions but the last line of the article about enjoying such products made me smile...

For those who are not worried about social ostracism, jump in.

Yalumba Cask Wine - Spatlese Fruity White Vintage 2007

Yalumba Cask Wine - Spatlese Fruity White Vintage 2007

Yalumba's Spatlese Fruity White - Vintage 2007 was lovely, light and fruity! We enjoyed the whole 2 litre of it! If the bunch of us were to be ostracised for that, so be it! Hahaha....

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.
~ Richard Rorty

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sepang Gold Coast

A friend of mine is interested in taking up one of the villas in Sepang Gold Coast and a bunch of us went on a 50 minute journey to take a first hand look at some of the show units there. Sepang Gold Coast is a stretch of 22km of sandy beach, under development to be an international tourism destination and its Golden Palm Tree Villas are currently 90% sold (completion by end 2009) whilst the Sea Tropics Village (low-rise villas, with built up ranging from studio 500 sq. ft till penthouse 2,050 sq. ft which includes a private swimming pool and an open lanai) will be launched in April 2009. A massive club and retail shops are also in the pipeline.

It has been selling well locally and also overseas as the management has included free handling & processing fees for Malaysia My Second Home programme (MM2H) for foreigners who are interested to take up the villas in Sepang Gold Coast. It is sold with an option to lease back to the developers where owners get a guaranteed return of 8% per annum for the first two years and a projected return of 7%-12% for subsequent years. This villa resort will be managed by Swiss-Belhotel International and owners who lease out their units are given 14 days of free stay at the resort per year.

A personal friend of ours (from the senior management team) arranged for a guided tour of the area. So, off we went on a buggy ride, right into the show units which were located about 1km away from the reception/club area.

Travelers Palm Villa
These are the Travelers Palm Villa, studio unit 520 sq. ft

Ivory Palm Villa
Ivory Palm Villa - 1,192 sq ft (with three rooms)

Ivory Palm Villa
Another room in the Ivory Palm Villa - note the Balinese style Alang-alang thatched roof!

Canary Palm Villa
One of the rooms from Canary Palm Villa (816 sq. ft - two rooms)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yay! Weekend's Here!

The weekend is here again, Yay!!! And what a better way for me to "celebrate" than to give my desktop a new look. Went about it after reading Spare Change's makeover for his desktop. So, I decided to clear all my Windows Vista icons, install RocketDock and have 3 photos of my lovely gorgeous Daniel Henney staring at me! My Windows' desktop looks so clean and absolutely breathtaking now! Hahaha....

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will ;o)

My desktop

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Florence's Nyonya Delights - Section 17, Petaling Jaya

A while back, I made a valiant attempt to wake up early when Ash told me about her relative's stall in Section 17 that sells Nyonya goodies. Since it's only open early in the morning (and I was told that usually all the goodies are sold out within the first couple of hours or so), I found myself standing in front of the busy stall one early Saturday morning at around 7 plus am (unbelievably so that I managed to wake up!).

Florence's Stall in Sec 17

I was amazed at the variety this little stall had. Florence, the owner, and her family runs this stall selling all sorts of Nyonya delights (with recipes passed down from one generation to the next!).

Nyonya Delights
The Savoury Pumpkin Angku (glutinous rice flour cake with different type of fillings, in this case - Pumpkin) caught my eye but in my haste to snaps photos (as I was holding back customers!), I forgot about it till much later and it was gone...sold out! Sob!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cooking House - New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Dessert Workshop, Part 2

After Part 1 of Chef Lee's lessons on biscuits and cake, he moved on to my favourite part - Desserts! It would seemed that ice-cream cakes are relatively easy to make! Best thing is that we can make one with our own favourite flavour and whatever brand we like. For this lesson, Chef Lee used New Zealand Natural's Ice Cream. Made me felt like whipping one up the moment I left that place...however, the key word here is "felt",, I guess I will just be "feeling" for a while longer!

Mango Heaven & Walnut Butterscotch Surprise
You'll need a ring for this one....Walnut Butterscotch Surprise / Mango Heaven.
Flavours used Walnut Butterscotch / Mango Sorbet and Mango Passion.

Recipe for Mango Heaven

Create first layer with Japonaise biscuit disc
Then 70g New Zealand Natural's Mango Passion
Then another Japonaise biscuit disc
and lastly 25g of New Zealand Natural's Mango Sorbet

Mango Heaven
I love Mango Heaven the most amongst the rest as it wasn't as sweet as the others (offset by the sourness of the Sorbet.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Video - Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

I found out about this music video when Sandra posted this on her Facebook. I found the video so fascinating and love the way the video was shot with all that stop motion. And the song is pretty cool too. It was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 19 and has already been viewed over 2 million times! If you haven't seen it, go ahead, click the Play button...

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Cooking House - New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Dessert Workshop, Part 1

A group of us had responded to an invitation extended to us by Babe_KL - to attend a baking class sponsored by New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. It was an invitation that I could not decline - Baking & Ice Cream plus with other floggers??? Sign me up quick! I look forward to the fun us floggers will have like we always do whenever we gather. Teckiee gave me a ride that Saturday and we were the first few to arrive after meeting up with Simon to lead him to The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas.

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Dessert Workshop

Taking Notes?
Not only do we take notes, but we take photos too! Not being in a strategic place for photo taking, I could only take photos from the side. For more pics, do remember to check out the rest of the floggers.

Though we were there primarily for New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Dessert Workshop, The Cooking House got Chef Lee to take us through two simple recipes : - Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Butterscotch Cookies. After that, we were told to group ourselves and head on to our workstation and try our baking skills. Along with Precious Pea & Babe_KL, we had FBB in our group and we went about our tasks confidently. Errr....but later realised that we had put salt instead of sugar in our Chocolate Chiffon Cake! Horrors!!!!!!! But I must say that our Butterscotch cookies turned out yummy!