Sunday, May 15, 2016

Travel Post - Banh Mi Delight in Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 5

While in Hoi An, most of us would look forward to eating the local bread delight, Banh Mi.  Since Anthony Bourdain endorsed Banh Mi Phuong in one of his No Reservations episode, it was definitely on the "must eat" list.  However, the visit was delayed when we came across a particular Banh Mi stall while we were walking around.  Located in front of the Quang Nam Tourism Promotion and Information Centre at 51 Phan Chu Trinh Street, we observed that this stall had a steady stream of customers and it piqued our interest enough to give it a try. For the lack of communication skill, we just ordered two (once for each of us) and didn't ask for a specific variation or what was inside. We promptly sat down on the plastic stools and gleefully waited while relishing the thought of having the satisfaction; eating our first Banh Mi since arriving in Hoi An.

Banh Mi, Hoi An, Vietnam

At just 20,000 VND (RM4 or USD1), the Vietnamese Sandwich really satisfied our palate. It was a myriad of taste with the combination of meat and pate; sauces and condiments, ensembled within the baguette with generous garnishing of greens.

Banh Mi, Hoi An, Vietnam

Ask the friendly folks to add green chili into the sandwich.  It will definitely kick things up a few notches.  WARNING : Approach with caution! SPICY!