Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getaway at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

I had been to Sepang Gold Coast several times and had blogged about the place before and it was only on my latest visit that I found it renamed to Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa.  Now, the last time I blogged, I had quite a number of blog readers asking me for directions, making reservations or enquiring about dining facilities there.  I am not associated with Sepang Gold Coast or Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa.  If you have any enquiries, please check out their website here for more details and direct your questions to them.

It was indeed a lovely stay, the surroundings and ambiance were wonderful.  However, there were a lot of flies around during the daytime, seem to disappear at night though... Here are some of the pics I took of the place during my overnight stay there.  It's great for a weekend getaway (or even weekday...).  Will someone hire me to travel? Hahaha... Ah..a working holiday that I would love :o)... Don't mind me, it's January and I'm pretty much still in a holiday mood, I wanna have a getaway soon (all the time actually, hahaha)!

Yah, what a night it was....the moon was out, the wind was blowing.  I want more night views like this! Sob! Sob!...

During the day earlier ....
Sea View
Sea View