Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Off The Beaten Track, Gerai Makan & Minum Kampung - Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

The month of June was a time of mini trips for me; I had the opportunity to go on a day trip to Bentong.  I tagged along with some friends (thanks to RB! xxx) and had a wonderful time albeit it was a short trip.

Packed into a van, we started our journey towards a place that I have long not visited.  Having absolutely no sense of direction, I asked no questions as to where our first stop would be but to let our distinguish host take us to where ever he wanted as he has been travelling through this route countless times.... I was relieved to know that we would be stopping for lunch first as I was famished at that time as we had started our journey pass noon and only arrived for late lunch.


Let me digress a bit here ... Take a walk around the vicinity and you'll find a fenced up area with a guard dog on duty.  Guarding what? Organic avocados! I've not seen one as green and big as the ones here.  Okay...back to the food...

I had done a quick search on the internet and the other flogger who has been to this place is PerutBesi.  Click HERE to read her post which also has directions to this simple and delightful Gerai Makan & Minum Kampung in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong.  As it was already quite late, we practically had the whole place to ourselves ... I just loved the place, it's full of character; the small town simplicity, the aged decoration/memorabilia adorning the walls and the feel of warm hospitality from the family who runs the restaurant.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Penang - Photo Series Part Four

For Part Four of Remembering Penang Series, I manage to take some photos of my friends' primary school, Island Girls' Primary School (just a couple from the outside as the gates were locked) and secondary school, St George's Girls School.  I was fortunate to have been able to take a quick walk around the school, hence more photos of it.  I only wished that I have had the same opportunity to take photos of my old school, Bukit Bintang Girls School before it was demolished to make way for Pavilion.  I had some really great memories of my old school.  Well, at least my friends will have these photos of their old school to look at ....




Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dad, How Are You?

For the first time in 14 years, I didn't manage to put up a post on July 5 as I normally do every year since you first left us 14 years ago. I kept myself busy during this period.  I only know that each time July approaches, I begin to get melancholy as usual.  It's almost as if I didn't want July to come as each time it does, I always get hit with an ebb and flow of emotions.  I can't imagine that I can still sit here in front of the computer, 14 years later and still get all teary eye thinking of you, Dad.  I may be laughing around my friends, but when I get home, I think about you.

I know you are out there looking down on me; shocked at some of the things your "once" a little girl is doing now or have done (LOL!), smile approvingly when I do good, frown when I'm bad, hahaha... and happy with what I have done so far with my life.  Dad, how are you? I often think about you.  You know that I found your cassette tape a while back, the one of you singing "Love Me Tender".  I manage to get it recorded into my mobile and when I really miss you, I listen to you sing.  It's almost like you were still here, I feel the warmth surrounding me and my eyes starts welling up each and every time without fail.  I'm such a big softy ... life is such, which is why I cherish and am thankful for each and every day the good Lord has given to me.  I can still remember watching you singing/recording the song into the JVC cassette recorder like it was just yesterday ... but now, now you are gone.  I hope you are still singing up there in heaven and sometimes I close my eyes  and try to listen out for you, silly me.  A case of watching "August Rush" too many times and believing that there's music all around us, that includes your singing.

I hope you haven't been playing pranks on the other folks up there and been behaving yourself :o), you were such a joker during the time you were on earth and use to either crack me up or scare the living daylights out of me.  Hahaha..., you have brought us so much laughter while you were here...till you were unwell.  You gave up on life and I watch you slowly fade away in time.  Letting you go was so painful, but it was also what was best for you.  Yes, Dad, I guess you are indeed singing (and whistling away, yup, I still sing and whistle now and then - thanks for the lessons) up there and entertaining your friends.  I'll see you one day soon and I'll be sure that we will have our duet numbers just like old times when we are together once again.  The way we were, the way the family were ... back when we were young.

Love You So Much Dad ...on this 14th year.  Miss You Much ....
Far more abundantly beyond all,

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Worthwhile Worthy Book 2012-2013 F&B Special Edition

Known for being a food lover, a friend gave me a book as she was sure that I'll be thrilled to bits by it. Worthy Book F&B Special Edition 2012-2013 is a book full of deal vouchers.  You can find it at major bookstores like MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular,  Borders, Times  and even at selected myNEWS.com outlets.  Retailed at RM29.90, this book sure gives back much more than its worth.

There are more than 270 Food and Beverage vouchers in this book! I carry the book around with me and utilise the vouchers where ever and whenever I can as the book has an easy merchant index.  I usually flip to the first two pages which has a list of the merchants located in the respective malls (it was upon seeing this that I found out that there are actually 30 over malls in Klang Valley! Now that's a challenge for me on Foursquare...checking into all these malls! Hahaha...).  I was glad to see some voucher deals for a few of my fave food haunts. Let me list down just 3 here (there's too many to choose from!) that caught my eye the first time I looked through the Worthy Book (there're 5 deal vouchers given for each F&B outlet!)

There's Ko Hyang ... I usually go to the one in One Mont Kiara.  There's a voucher for a free Pa Jeon (worth RM11.90) when we order two main meals on Thursdays or Fridays.  Yay!  The other 4 vouchers are  - free Kimchi Jeon with two main meals order, free Red Bean Ice drink with one main meal order, free Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab and free Bi Bim Bab with any 3 main meal orders. My food post on Ko Hyang HERE, take a look.

Pa Jeon (Seafood Pancake)
Ko Hyang's Pa Jeon