Friday, October 30, 2009

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant, San Francisco

If it was not for the blog title I'm sure that New Hollywood Bakery could have passed off as one of the eateries in Klang Valley from the photo below, right?

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant
Lots of old timers gather at this place which is quite pack throughout the day

Well, it isn't. It's in San Francisco, looking as Chinese as it could be in Chinatown. And just like my fave item from You's Dim Sum was the lo mai bao (aka glutinous rice pau), I have my fave item from this bakery too.

Presenting to you, the absolutely fantabulous lip smacking Green Onion Bun - a longish and braided bread.

Green Onion Buns
Since coming back here, I'm missing these yummy Green Onion Bun (spring onion). At USD0.60 each, it's such a steal for something so delicious.

Green Onions Buns
Eaten warm, the bread is soft and is just bursting with flavours of spring onions & salted butter. It's rich but yet not overwhelming. This is a must try (and try to eat one fresh from the oven, it's heavenly!) if you're ever in this area and is a fan of spring onions!

Now, I only wished that I had bought a dozen, froze them and brought them back! Sigh... If you find a favourite food of yours or fallen in love with a new food item while you were overseas, would you buy them in bulk (freeze them if you have to!) and bring them back?

Enjoy your Friday folks, the weekend's here again :o)

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant
652 Pacific Ave (Between Beckette St & Columbus Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel : (415) 397-9919

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A "Hearty" Meal...

Q : What's better than a friend asking you for dinner?
A : When a friend cooks dinner for you and you alone!

That's what ML did for me recently when she insisted on cooking dinner though I told her that it would be easier to eat out since it was just the two of us. After getting home from work, she had dinner ready on the table by 8.30 when I arrived at her place. Well, sort of ready :o). You see, she timed it well to put the finishing touches to the dishes, serving the food piping hot - straight from the stove and onto the table.


I'm not reviewing her dishes here in this post of course. It was a meal cooked from the heart and that was what made dinner wonderful ;o). This is a post to thank you, ML!

First up ... Asparagus Soup

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wishing You Clear Skies!

A photo I recently took in Petaling Jaya one fine day....

Streaked Sky

Have a Great Sunday everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things & Places Seen In San Francisco - Part 4

Here are more sightseeing pics ...

Floating books?
What are those ahead? What's floating up there?

Books in the sky @ Broadway Street
Books flying in the sky? Oh...they are wired together! But this is not what makes this display at the corner of Columbus and Broadway Street unique...

If you look down right below those "books", you'll find yourself smiling when you see these on the floor...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Eating on Mondays!

The weekend has gone and we are faced with another Monday. Though my days as tourist are over and I have to face reality since coming back home, I have my photos to thank as I look back at them with really fond memories. Back in San Francisco...I was excited seeing new products on the shelves like those that I blogged on earlier, check them out HERE. So, to face this Monday head on I need to remind myself of this :o), well either that or head out for a roti canai/nasi lemak breakfast!

Land of Chips!
While roaming in the land of chips, I found these on the shelves...

100 Calorie Packs
Now, surely this is good stuff! Cookies and candies in 100 calorie packs! :o) I fell for them hook, line and sinker!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things & Places Seen In San Francisco - Part 3

Well, it's back to sightseeing time this post around...Some pics I took when I was downtown around Market Street and Union Square. Time flies and it's already Thursday, the weekend's round the corner!

Sunny Day
Sunny day downtown

Green Relief ...

Coffee Breat at Union Square
Coffee Break at Union Square

Monday, October 12, 2009

King Of Thai Noodle House 2, Clement St San Francisco

I'm bringing you all back to my San Francisco trip (intersperse with Malaysian food posts) as I have still lots to blog about (apart from food, there are also the travel pics - not only from San Francisco but Vegas, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec & Montreal!).

This time - Thai food. Some say that King of Thai Noodles House is a fast food joint but I won't categorise it as that. Arriving here on a cold windy evening, we waited for a table as the place was packed. A table near the door was available next but the staff told us to wait just a little longer for another table if we were okay with it as it would be cold sitting near the door. The cold wind would hit us whenever the door open/close, you see. Rather nice of the staff to point that out to us.

King Of Thai Noodle House

Looking very much like our local Sar Kok Liew (Fried Stuffed Turnip), this appetizer is Hoi Jor (USD6.95). I was calling this Jai Ho in the beginning by mistake - too much of Slumdog Millionaire's famous song and singing it during karaoke, hahaha..... It's deep fried bean curd paper stuffed with ground pork, crab meat, ground shrimps, ground water chestnuts and served with sweet plum sauce on the side. Absolutely delicious, fried till a nice golden shade - the mixed filling is very fragrant and these weren't oily and went well with the plum sauce.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Ipoh Food Frenzy In 4.5 Hours, Hong Kee & Funny Mountain - Part 5 (Final)

At last, the final part to my Ipoh Food Frenzy trip recently....

After dropping Motormouth off, we drove along Jalan Queen - looking out for a stall under a tree! We looked forward to trying Hong Kee Mua Chee and also their Peanut Paste dessert.

Roadside Stall
We were glad that we managed to spot it and wasted no time in placing our order.

Peanut Paste Dessert
Peanut Paste Dessert - The paste was smooth, light and fragrant. I could taste the real peanut blend and at RM1.50/bowl, this was something we relished. Best was that the sweetness was spot on! We were really quite full by now but we could not leave here without trying the Mua Chee (doughy glutinous rice flour).

Hand Made Mua Chee
At Hong Kee, the Mua Chee is literally "hand made"! Using only his right hand, the stall owner pinches the dough from a clay pot ...
Hand made Mua Chee
He then coats the Mua Chee, piece by piece in a tray of groundnut mixture of pounded peanuts, sesame seeds & sugar.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ipoh Food Frenzy In 4.5 Hours, Foh San & Seng Kee - Part 4

After Hua Nam, we walked back to the car - passing Foh San again. Since we were already there, we decided to grab some mooncakes. Well, we also figured since no dim sum, we might as well go back with some goodies from Foh San.

Foh San

Foh San Moon Cakes & Biscuits
Foh San Mooncakes and the Heong Far Biscuits on the right.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ipoh Food Frenzy In 4.5 Hours, Hua Nam - Part 3

It's Friday and the weekend's almost here! Yay! That means sleeping in late for some of us but if one is usually an early bird, today's post might make you wanna have these for breakfast! Well, the original plan was to eat a bit of dim sum at Foh San but they put up the "CLOSED" sign while there were still loads of people eating inside and waiting outside. So, what else could we eat when we wanted something light? How about these...?

Half Boiled Egg On Toast
Half Boiled Eggs/Soft Boiled Eggs on sliced toast. These were the most near perfect half boiled eggs I ever had and as Spare Change says "A work of art"!

Half Boiled Egg On Toast

Add in a few dashes of pepper and some soy sauce...I watched with glee, never taking my eyes off the yolk as I slowly pierced it with the tip of the fork, anticipating it to flow off the edge of the also near perfect toast. Even with the extra time taken for Spare Change and I to capture some shots of this, the toast still retained its crisp when I bit into it. The toast, slathered with the mix of white and yellow delicious goo of an egg, was one of those "close eyes and savour" moments! I haven't found half boiled eggs like these in Klang Valley that can measure up to Hua Nam's. Oh! I forgot the name but it seems there is another place in Ipoh also serves a great version of Half Boiled Eggs on Toast.

Where did I get this good old fashion heartwarming food? From good old fashion Hua Nam of course! By the way, I had the Cham Ice (mix of coffee & tea) and it was great too!

Hua Nam

Sigh, I can't seem to get it right whenever I attempt to make half boiled eggs. And after tasting these here in Hua Nam, those in Klang Valley just doesn't do it for me anymore. Aih...when am I going to Ipoh next? :p

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Hua Nam (opp. Wah Pan)
Jalan Leong Sin Nam
(nearby Ming Court & Foh San Dim Sum)
Ipoh, Perak