Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Turns 10!

A short post in the wee hours of a Sunday morning ...

I turned on my PC and my usual Google homepage loaded and was surprised to see the normal Google logo making way for Google's 10th Birthday. I was surprised not because I saw the special Google logo but for the fact that Google has been around for a decade! Time sure flies...
I always look forward to seeing special Google logos for special occasions/holidays/events. My favourite so far must the the series of Google logos for Beijing Olympics 2008. Starting on 8 August 2008 till 24 August 2008, there were 17 different Google logos altogether; changing everyday. I've compiled this series and loaded it here for those who might have missed a few or weren't even aware.

Well, the holidays are here and some will be enjoying a week off from work, Happy Holidays!

To my fellow Muslim friends and readers, Selamat Hari Raya and for those who are travelling, safe journey!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Xenri, Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur

Sugar Bean's post on Xenri made it to The Sunday Star, congrats! It also reminded me that I have yet to blog on this place myself though I went there a few months ago.

Now, it's was a bit confusing when I turned up with KA to meet an old friend, JT and she suggested that we do lunch at Xenri. When we walked up to the restaurant, we found that they were doing some renovation work and thought that we had to find another lunch venue. Before we could even turn around, we were ushered towards another direction about 2 lots away to another entrance which was also Xenri! Xenri at two places with different deco within the same block? Hmmm....that reminds me that I didn't find out the reason why there were two Xenri/s. Stepping in with confusion, our minds were quickly cleared as we were were wowed by the "Zen-ness" of the restaurant.

Private area
Private rooms and more secluded areas were linked by a small path with a gentle stream of water running through beneath.

Private room
Inside one of the private rooms

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 12

Came evening time, we were all psyched up for a carriage ride into town. Mohamad, our guide had us all walked into a lane where 10 horse carriages were waiting for the 20 of us. It was quite a blast riding convoy into town!

Riding into Town
It was hard trying to take a photo while I was riding along. I purposely took the last carriage so that I could take shots from the back.

Riding Through The Market
We actually rode through a night market which had a narrow path. You can see how close the shops are to us on our right and left. The stalls selling clothes and fabric hang their goods above and across; creating an interesting "tunnel". This is one of my fave shots.

Trying out Shisha
After the ride was over, the group of us decided to have a go at Shisha (Hookah). Most of us failed miserably at it as no matter how we sucked and sucked the hose and inhaled, we couldn't get any smoke out from us when we exhaled. So, I guess one could say that we truly sucked at it in the truest sense! Hahaha....Mohamad must have been laughing at us fools at that time and decided to show us how the Egyptians do it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Belated Mooncake Post

Just a quick post today. Ethan forwarded an email to me about some mooncakes being sold in Hong Kong. I laughed when I saw it! I guess sooner or later, someone would come out with such mooncakes.....And now, presenting the mooncakes.....


By the way, I did check if there was such a website. Turns out there is, G.O.D means Goods Of Desire but I couldn't find the link for the mooncakes! Maybe I missed it, here's the link if you would like to see if you can :o).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama, Ramadhan Buffet

Last Friday, a bunch of us met up at Pick n' Brew at 1 Utama for Ramadhan Buffet dinner. Present were of course Jackson himself (see his photos HERE), Precious Pea, FBB, Jason (who arrived an hour later!) and we had fun eating and catching up with each other. We heard a bit of food tales from Jackson, travel tales from Precious Pea who had just return from a short holiday in Australia. We also heard some flowery tales from FBB (hahahaha....), whilst we just heard a few words from Jason as he was the usual quiet self :p.

As Precious Pea and I were the first two to arrive, we went around taking photos of the food. Seeing that there were too many food items to cover, she and I agreed to cover different items and link our post to each other. Well, her post is already up and I realise that she took photos of most of the items and I covered a lot lesser! Oops! Anyway, check out her post HERE with a whole lot more photos! I have linked FBB's and Jason's post here since they got their post out by now.

Part of the buffet spread; the area for salads, soup and desserts (local kuih, cakes and cookies)

Apple & Barley Salad
There were several varieties of salad but the one that caught my eye was the Apple & Barley salad. Nice and different, found it rather refreshing.

Hot Dishes
Hot Dishes (clockwise from 12 o'clock) : Lamb Rendang, Seafood Rice, Beef Cutlets, Chicken Rotisserie, Sotong with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Roast Vegetables

To accompany the feast, they also have side dishes like salted eggs, salted fish, tempeh and more...

Beef Kerabu
Beef Kerabu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bread & Olives Cafe, Ampang

A few month's back, Jason organised a small floggers' gathering in Ampang. Why so? Cos some of us have heard about the view at this place and wanted to go there and see it for ourselves.

Going there was rather complicated as most of us weren't to sure where to start! Hahaha....with directions printed out, KampungBoy CityGal, Jason, Simon, Cookies Cream and myself set out on journey in two cars to the top of the hill. Since we didn't know the way, we made sure we started early so that we won't get lost in the dark! Hahaha...anyway, going up earlier is also better as we were told that the area up there can get rather congested and one might end up having to park their car at the foot of the hill and walked up. Talk about working up an appetite!

After taking many lefts, many rights and going straight...we arrived at the top of the hill. We stood there for quite awhile, just taking in the wonderful sight before us. Now, there are several restaurants on top of this hill and we have heard and read that the food served at most of the establishments have not been having favourable reviews. However, we were told that Bread & Olives Cafe served the best food up here as compared to the rest and so, we chose to dine at Bread & Olives Cafe that night.
Dining with a view

The al fresco area
The al fresco dining area (one can also choose to dine indoors)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 11

It was our last night on the cruise ship and most of the crew came out after dinner and did a performance for us at the lobby area. Towards the end, they got some of the passengers to join in the singing and dancing and we went to bed feeling a bit sad that the cruise was soon coming to an end.
Entertainment by cruise ship crew

The next morning after we disembark, we were taken to the Valley Of The Kings, located amongst the desert mountain at the West Bank of the Nile.
Valley Of The Kings
Unless you're a tomb raider, this is one mountain you won't want to climb.

Valley Of The Kings

ALL My Blog Pics!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brussels Beer Cafe, Jaya One Petaling Jaya

(Non-Halal )
(For Those Above 21 Years Of Age)
Don't Drink and Drive

I know I was suppose to continue with a post on the picnic I had over the weekend but instead I'm posting on the other weekend discovery; Brussels Beer Cafe again.

What happened was that I was supposed to have dinner with JC and E in Jaya One, venue yet to be decided. However, JC and E decided to hit Brussels again since Happy Hours were calling them. When I reached there around 7pm, they were still drinking and Mr Jägermeister (more about that name later!) was there too.

Inside Brussels Beer Cafe

Hoegaarden, Leffe, Carlsberg Xtra Cold
Soon, we were ALL drinking ourselves to a "happy" state though Happy Hours were long over. Hahaha...and we still haven't decided where to eat.
Here's an assortment of beer on the table; Hoegaarden, Leffe and Carlsberg Extra Cold

At this time, Danny came over and asked us girls whether we would like to try Girl Liquer. We haven't heard of it and and wondered how it would taste like and Danny promptly served us a glass of Girl each. Mr Jägermeister was perplexed that he didn't get a shot but Danny told him Girl was for girls only. Guys should try a shot of Jägermeister (and Mr Jägermeister became him name henceforth).
Girl Liquer
Girls with a glass of Girl (RM15) - a clear drink of a mix of Lychee, Raspberry, Premium Vodka and Cognac. Don't be fooled by the sweet thing, this Girl isn't as easy as one thinks ;o), Girl has 25% alcohol flowing through!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Over The Weekend ...

... I drove JC's dog around and had fun playing games with him.

Buddy's so cute...resting his head against the side of the floor console and looking at me!

Buddy's a really good boy! Such a joy to take him around. He can do all sorts of tricks - High 5, Gimme a Ten, Roll Over, Play Dead, How Do You Do, Balance, Lay Down etc. etc. (Photos taken with camera phone while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I don't click and drive!)

...had a picnic with LOTS of great food at one of my favourite place with one of my favourite group of people.