Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebration @ Foreign Cinema, San Francisco USA

Taking a break from the excessive Chinese food fare for a while, I'm back to USA (yes, still lots to blog about since I was there for 2 months!) and reminiscing the time the group of us celebrated Mrs Pitt birthday (who had an earlier Peruvian fare celebration with the family) at Foreign Cinema.

Foreign Cinema
We sat inside the restaurant as the weather would get colder as night approaches and this area has a more grandeur feel.

Foreign Cinema
For those who chose to sit outside, there were heaters around to keep the patrons warm. More casual feel but sitting here has its benefit (More on the benefit later).

We had arrived at Foreign Cinema early for drinks first and took our time before we ordered our food. Boy! We took a rather long time to decide as we perused the large two sided A3 paper menu. Apart from loving the ambiance, I knew that the dining experience at Foreign Cinema would be different as their menu changes DAILY! The menu (even the smaller drink and wine list) has the specific date printed on it!

Dining @ Foreign Cinema
Fig wrapped in prosciutto - complimentary appetizer; a toast to the birthday girl; the busy kitchen area.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year - A Whole Lot Going On!

Well, it's the 9th day of Chinese New Year and there was just a barrage of firecrackers going off just now at midnight-so much so that I could smell the smoke in the air. Time flies....soon Chinese New Year celebration will come to an end. I have been having so much fun the past 9 days and there's more to come for sure .... What happens during such a festive period????

New addition
  • Get a surprise! Meeting up with relatives and still amazed to see "new" additions to the family tree even though it happens year after year.
  • Get acquainted/re-acquainted and bonding time with new and old friends over more food and activities that mostly involved decks of playing cards and mahjong tiles :o). pics for this one!

  • Get a delight in seeing how cute some kids are and how they are becoming even cuter day by day (year by year)!
  • Get a reality check by being reminded of my "real" age as my once little cousins/nieces/nephews left their childhood days behind and entered adulthood as their over 6 foot frame hover over shorty me.

Yee Sang
  • Get an overdose of "Yee Sang", but it's always a welcome "fix" during this lunar new year period.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's Friday and most people at this time are on their way back to their hometown, in time for the family reunion dinner on Saturday. As the Ox make way for the Tiger, those celebrating have been busy - spring cleaning the house, shopping for waxed meat to prepare the traditional Chinese dishes, buying/making cookies, making sure there's an ample supply of snacks and soft/packet drinks for guests etc. etc. etc. This is also the time for meeting up with relatives, some whom you see now and then and some whom you see only once a year! Knowing how to address your relatives proper is a challenge in itself - e.g. Yee Sum, Sam Sook, Tai Koo, Say Koo Cheong, Sai Koo Ma (meaning - 2nd paternal uncle's wife, third paternal uncle, paternal eldest auntie, fourth paternal auntie's husband, youngest paternal auntie) Phew! And that's just to name a few! :p

I remember when I was a kid, I use to get a kick out of drinking Anglia Shandy, it made me feel like a grown up. But now that I'm all grown up (and sideways too!), I want to be a kid again! Hahaha....And it was also during that time, we use to drink bottled drinks that are no longer available now like Green Spot (remember how the jewellers in Petaling Street would give the customers a bottle of Green Spot whenever we patronize the store?) and my all time favourite - ice cold Magnolia Chocolate Milk (which is now available in carton form, but it just doesn't taste the same). Of course, I'll be holding a bottle of this in one hand and a piece of "long yoke" - BBQ jerky in the other. That was and still is, happiness at its simplest. Best of all, it is a time of family togetherness, I'm recalling right now as I write this post; our family would be visiting other families and friends. It was the longest celebration for me, as I got to stay out with my family (yes, with that bottled drink and BBQ jerky in my hands, hahahha). Those are the moments that I treasure till today :o) What do you remember most about Chinese New Year when you were a kid?

To those traveling back to reunite with their families or just simply enjoying a short break, I wish all a safe journey! To all those celebrating Chinese New Year.....

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Picnic @ The Presidio, San Francisco

Well, now you know that we had bought all the earlier stuff from Whole Foods Market for our picnic at The Presidio. It was a cloudy day but we decided to still go ahead with it despite the drop in temperature.

Well, The Presidio itself is a park within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and within The Presidio itself is home to George Lucas' headquarters of Industrial Light and Magic and LucasArts. It was on George Lucas' 7 acre "Great Lawn" where we had on picnic - yes, it's open to the public! How nice of George! :o) But of course, there are security staff patrolling the grounds, so that things are kept orderly and proper. Nevertheless, mom and I were happy to have had the experience of not only visiting The Presidio but also picnicking in such a lovely area.

I was thrilled to see Yoda in the park! He's my favourite character from Star Wars

Yoda @ the office
This time round though, Yoda was at "the office"! Hahaha....

Industrial Light and Magic & LucasArt
The office was closed, being the weekend and all. We walked right up to the office to take a look inside, through the glass door ...

Looking in...
...and saw Darth Vader and Jango Fett! We fled from the scene, fearing for our lives! :p

Part of the picnic grounds
We then reached the Great Lawn area ....

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Misled - My Very Own Weekend Comic 7

I haven't done my comic strips for a long time ... but stumbled back onto my old posts and was reminded of StripGenerator. Decided to do one after a conversation I had with Jason ...


Misled 7

*Mat Salleh - "male Caucasian"

Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see my older comic strips ...

Hope you all had a good weekend :o)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Picnic Prelude - Shopping @ Whole Foods Market, San Francisco

I was told that we would be going for a picnic (no, not the "picnic" we had in Sonoman County) on one of the weekends while I was vacationing in San Francisco. WHERE were we going? Let's get to that part later. So, what do we usually do to get ready for a picnic? Why, go shopping for food stuff of course....and off we went to Whole Foods Market. Yay! Not that we had a lot of food to get but I've always enjoyed visiting Whole Foods Market as it is always a nice experience.

Somewhere Out There....
Lovely city view from where we parked...can you see the TransAmerica building on the left?

Cheesey Pick Up Line :o)

Cold Cuts
Cold Cuts' Choice

Monday, February 01, 2010

More Alcohol @ Restoran Wei Sun, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong


Gosh! I'm on a roll...yet another alcohol linked post. Hahaha...Anyway, I had tried this place much earlier (like last year!) when bro whisked mom and I off for lunch right after fetching us from KLIA. Since we had spent two months in USA, bro thought that we could do with some Malaysian Chinese food. I had no idea where he was taking us to but he mentioned that he had eaten at Wei Sun before and enjoyed the food.

Arriving at the restaurant, we were given a colorful menu leaflet to order from. All I could do was just look at the pics as I couldn't read the Chinese characters imprinted on it. Since bro has been to the place before, we left the ordering to him. Bro was excited in seeing us try the Drunken Loh Mee (yes...meaning liquor). Seems that the broth has the added secret ingredient of 2 types of chinese wine to it. Hic! Here I go again....hahaha....One type of wine is poured and boiled together with the broth while the other one is poured when it is ready to be served.

Well, judging from the pic of the Drunken Loh Mee from the menu, I was excited too - looking at all the prawns, abalone slices, chicken and other assorted goodies....but then what came to the table looked like this instead....

Errr...nothing like the pic on the menu?
Wah! Looks so different from the menu....This is the Drunken Loh Mee(RM25) after removing its "make up" and "accessories", hahahahaha.....