Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maximise Lunch @ Max! Kitchen & Wines

I still remember having this lunch with Nic and Xiu Long Bao (it's been a year! Hahaha...) and that's how long I've not been to Max! The floggers have had several different gatherings here, always enjoying the food and the hospitality of Max himself. Looking at these photos, I'm reminded to drop by Max! especially for the great lunch deals if I ever have the luxury of time to go downtown during lunch hour and also the extra time needed so that I can slowly savour Max's food! I would also like to check out what's new on the menu after a year. Not sure if these dishes are still available :p

Anyway, the three of us checked out Max! for lunch and had the set meals - A choice of a starter, main & ice lemon tea for just RM22! I have always enjoyed eating at Max! as I not only find the food very satisfying but a great visual treat too (and with lovely aroma! If only there were Scratch n' Sniff stickers of Max's food! Hahahah...). Not much words are needed....enjoy the pics! :o)

Yummy Bread

The usual bread that we totally ate up, dipping
into the olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon served with mesclun greens,
capsicum salsa and balsamic reduction.

Seared Tuna Loin with Baby Octopus
Nic opted for something out of the set menu -
the Seared Tuna Loin with Baby Octopus, a beauty!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Music Videos - Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack

I'm so in love with this song at the moment...what a ballad!

From "Slumdog Millionaire" - Dreams On Fire

And the other song also on repeat play from the same movie,

Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls
Nicole can totally pass off as an Indian starlet!

Have A Great Sunday!

P.S. By the way, Susan Boyle has gone for a HERE to see the latest look of this Scottish sensation!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cha-Cha Pan Mee Original @ Aman Suria Petaling Jaya

It used to be just a stall in Taman Mayang dishing out tasty Pan Mee (Flat Flour Noodles) and as Euro was telling me, she was sad when she went to the usual coffeeshop and found that they were no longer there.

However, I brought a smile back to Euro's face when I brought her to Cha-Cha Pan Mee Restaurant in Aman Suria as it turned out that she can still get to eat her favourite Pan Mee. As for myself, I have to thank my ex VHC aka Tiger for bringing me here.

Cha Cha Pan Mee

They have just shifted to the new and bigger location about 3 months ago and looks like the news has already gotten round to their regulars. You see the staff greeting the customers in a way you know that they are regular patrons :o). This place is usually packed during peak hours but the wait for your order is bearable...I think 15 minutes at most. Pan Mee here is available is several varieties - Dry, Soup, Curry to name some of them but my favourite has got to be the Original Cha-Cha Pan Mee Soup (I've been ordering that without fail each time I'm here!).

Smooth Pan Mee
At RM4.50 for a small bowl (which is rather large actually), there's an increase of RM0.50 which is reasonable I find since the place is air-conditioned as compared to the previous operation. Now, what I find good about Cha-Cha Original Pan Mee is that the noodles are smooth and thin (would have prefer it to be a tad thicker for even more oomph) but what I love the most is the soup! The soup is super yummy - not as in MSG yummy but the sweetness from the sweet beans that is used for the soup base, so good that I will normally drink it up to the very last drop! As for the other ingredients, there are some minced pork, pork ball, mushrooms, foo chuk (beancurd sheet), sweet potato leaves and my fave of all the toppings - bits of crispy lard!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sure Pizza's Desserts @ Hartamas Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur

I just came back from dinner and had a lovely dessert. Sitting here and thinking where else would I go to if I wanted desserts (notice the plural word here! Hahaha), I thought of Sure Pizza in Hartamas Shopping Centre. While as the name suggests, I never had the pizza here...but however, I have been here for desserts only on three occasions whenever I'm in the mood for something sweet and happen to be in this area. However, the last time I was here was around late last year and these photos were taken on my first trip there a long time ago (yeah, going through my archives again!).

Sure Pizza - Hartamas Shopping Center

Anyway, I can't say much about the pizza as I've not tried it before...but if you ever want some great desserts to end the night (or start the day!), hop in and give yourself a real "pick-me-up" with the Tiramisu here...

Tiramisu with RUM!

With two options...with or without alcohol, the one that we usually order is of course the one WITH! Hehehe....Look at the generous topping of cocoa powder! A sizeable portion is served (I think it's about RM20plus), not those that are served in a tiny sexy glass, so it can be shared. It's really one of those Tiramisu that falls into my category of "things that make you go Mmmmmm......" :P

Creme Brulee
The Creme Brulee is not too bad too, a tad sweet for me ....but it's the Tiramisu that I keep coming back for.

Sure Pizza - Interior
Maybe I should make it a point to try the pizzas here too....but one thing's for sure, whenever I step into Sure Pizza, Tiramisu with the "works" is definitely a must order for me! ..... *hic* :o)

Sure Pizza
Lot P37, Plaza Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6201 6014
(10 am - 10 pm daily)

I love anything Italian, especially the men and desserts! - wmw

Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle - Wake Up Call

By now, if you're not one of the 12 million plus who have viewed Susan Boyle's performance on YouTube, it's still not too late to be part of the ever growing number! I have forwarded the link to my friends and thought that I should put it up here too. Susan Boyle suddenly became an overnight sensation when she auditioned on Britain's Got Talent. Why is that?

Because of the way she looked? Because of the fact that she's 47 years old? Because no one believed in her? Because people didn't take her seriously when she said she wanted to emulate Elaine Page? It makes us all think about how we treat or judge others .... a wake up call indeed.

Well, when Susan Boyle started to sing....Boy! Did she SING!!!!!!!!! I put together some screen capture of her video here...capturing especially the change in the judges' expresssion (only Amanda was not shown being skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised when Susan started singing). The guilty judges were Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell!

To enjoy the actual video (sorry, embedding is disabled by YouTube), click HERE and be part of millions who have gotten the Susan Boyle Experience!

UPDATED! A 1999 recording of Cry Me A River performed by Susan Boyle has been unearthed (apparently discovered by the Scottish newspaper, The Daily Record). Click on it for a listen (AUDIO only).

ENJOY! It's Friday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kokopelli, Sec 14 Petaling Jaya & Just Heavenly


I have been looking forward to visiting the new Kokopelli after they had to relocate the restaurant. It has been about 10 months since they ceased operation back in June 2008 and started scouting for a new place then and I'm glad to say that Kokopelli is NOW BACK with a new address and a different look. They have been operating at the new location (Section 14) for some months now and things are looking good.


I finally got round to taking photos of the new place when The Betts came back for a holiday and the group decided to do a lunch meet up at Kokopelli. Though I've been to the place before prior to this gathering, it was only now that I really took a "tour" of the place through my camera lens.


I had previously blogged on Kokopelli's food (when it was in the old location) and this time round was glad to note that the food quality had improved, well, at least for the ones I tried.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend!

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday - around 6 plus evening Precious Pea called to see if I was at home. Why? 'Cos she bought some Hot Cross Buns from Just Heavenly Pleasures and wanted to pass them to me!

When she gave me the bag, she told me that when she bought the Hot Cross Buns, they were really hot indeed and steamed up the whole plastic bag making the buns slightly damp. Well, damp or not - I appreciated the fact that Precious Pea made sure I kept he tradition of eating some Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday! Thanks sista!

Hot Cross Buns - Just Heavenly Pleasures
Just Heavenly's Hot Cross Buns

What a better way to celebrate Good Friday than with Just Heavenly's Hot Cross Buns? Whether these buns have a religious significance to you or not, they are definitely yummy. Most importantly, it's already a day after Good Friday and tomorrow will be Easter and to us Christians, Easter's a day that we are truly thankful for.

Happy Easter to all my fellow Christians!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur


It has been awhile since I last did dinner with The Flogger Sistas and when I eventually met up with them, it was a night of great company and of course glorious food! Precious Pea picked me up and drove to Robson Heights - thanks for always driving me around at night as you fear for my life (and yours should I be driving you instead!) due to my history of loss vision from the retina detachment episode I had :o).

After taking a wrong turn (sorry, I wasn't of much help since I'm hopeless with road directions and I had only been here once before and that was eons ago!), we manage to find our way after making several calls to Boo_licious and it turns out that it was rather easy to find as Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant is located quite near to the main road. Arriving there, Lyrical Lemongrass , Paprika and Boo were already there. After complimenting one another on how great we look with our recent new hairstyles (hehe...our girlie talk - it's been quite awhile) we proceeded to order. How did we go about that? Simple....just go with whatever is printed on their wet towel packet!

Menu - Wet Towel Packet

Errr....we couldn't have possibly ordered everything that was printed (there were 6 of us - Paprika's cousin arrived shortly after the food was served) and we chose a few. We were hungry and excited, anticipating the arrival of the goodies till we suddenly realised that we didn't order any vege dish and decided to leave it as that as we had definitely ordered enough. Whether we chose well and good or not, read on...I would like to point out that the photos are not too clear or taken at a bad angle as I shot them in a hurry - we were hungry and we didn't want to eat cold food as there were four of us taking pics and I couldn't take my time as usual!

Baked Spare Ribs in Honey Sauce
First to arrive were the Baked Spare Ribs in Honey Sauce. It was a wonderful start - the meat fell off the bones and almost melted in the mouth. Highly recommended - just make sure you ask for not so lean ones as the lean ones will tend to have you chew on it more :o)

Stir Fried Intestines with Dried Prawns & Chilli Padi
The Stir Fried Intestines with Dried Prawns and Chilli Padi came next - I'm not particularly fond of intestines unless it's the really crispy ones (the ones I usually eat with porridge, yumz!) and tried just a bit of this. While the dish wasn't really to my liking, I did like munching on the dried prawns, very flavourful. I even added this to my bowl for more oomph when I ate the next dish.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sweet Weekend - Stroopwafels !

The weekend is here again...Saturday was good, it started with me getting some exercise that started from 9am till 11.30 am and more exercise from 1pm - 2pm. Food came next and the night ended with more food of course. :o). I'm feeling a bit peckish right now and I came across some pics in my archives that didn't help me out one bit but only made me more hungry!

What's this???

Van der Breggen
This tin contains one of my favourite snacks in the whole wide world. I first discovered these when I was in London back in 2000.


Presenting to you....Stroopwafels! Stroopwafels originate from Netherlands and each waffle is made from two thin layers of batter with caramel like syrup filling in the middle.When I first bit into one of these stroopwafels back then, I thought that it was going to be all I ever needed in life. It's really one of those "savouring with closed eyes" moments and they are really addictive. Err...but of course, along came other goodies and I realise woman shall not live by stroopwafels alone, hahaha! Anyhow, they still are one of my all time favourite. I have not come across any places selling this in Malaysia, anybody out there knows?


Best with a cup of coffee....ahhhhh, one of the best discovery I made in the millennium year (many others with a sweet tooth would love these too.). I haven't had the chance to try out fresh ones made on the spot which are sold on the streets. However, popping one of these into the microwave for a few seconds makes them even yummier! So, I would like to thank you, Pat for getting me these Van der Breggen Stroopwafels from Holland - you really know how to make my day, love yah!


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kushi Q, Tropicana City Mall


With the opening of the new Tropicana City Mall that's located just at the back of my home, I made a trip to see what's "cooking" in there. There are still quite a number of lots not opened for business yet, however there was this place that caught my eye, Kushi Q - a little Japanese grill restaurant. Googling for the definition of "Kushi", I found out that it meant skewers used in Japanese cuisine such as yakitori. Yakitori is traditionally grill chicken but nowadays other types of meat are also used. Oh, I also found out that there is a chain of Kushi Q overseas and wonder if this is from the same chain.

Kushi Q

Skewers on display
The yummy food on display - Chicken wings, prawns, lidako (octopus) to name a few.