Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Quick Bite Series - Vary Pasta


Hmmm....met up with the  A-Girls at Vary Pasta sometime back. This place has been around for quite awhile now.  Parking can be quite a hassle, so it you are heading here, you can park around RHB Bank and walked through the lane and you'll find Vary Pasta right at the back of RHB Bank on your left.

While most of you all would have read the other reviews about this place especially on the pastas, I thought I would just highlight on one item.  While the girls ordered the pasta which comes in a generous portion, I opted for a lighter meal; the Pork Bacon Sandwich.  I had a couple of bites of the pasta and it was flavourful, standard stuff. However, I found more enjoyment and satisfaction from the Pork Bacon Sandwich  which turned out pretty good.  At just RM5.50, the Pork Bacon Sandwich consisted of generous mesclun salad and bacon, thousand island dressing...all sandwiched between two toasted white bread.  Something simple you can prepare on your own at home but then if you're looking for something apart from pasta and light...try this!

Hmmm, I guess it's time for another visit soon.

21G, Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

11am -3 pm, 5.30pm - 10 pm daily

Tel : 603-7710 6100


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rojak & Cendol, Jalan Dato' Pathmanaban, Port Dickson

Rojak and Cendol goes hand in horse and carriage, love and marriage.  It was no different when Moo took me to this stall located at an open area (together with several other stalls), located along Jalan Dato Pathmanaban (Jalan Lama) for tea time!

I recalled it was puasa time and I wasn't sure whether we were too early or it was simply the fact that some proprietors took time off and didn't set up stall as usual. Although our eyes wanted us to feast on the several delights there, our stomach told us that we could only take in a plate of rojak and .... cendol, of course.

Teatime in Port Dickson

Teatime in Port Dickson
At such prices, we were wondering at this point in time whether we should also try the ABC! Hahaha...

Teatime in Port Dickson
We put in our order of rojak first. The stall looked tidy and clean, well organized indeed.  Our order came promptly and was served with a smile :o)

Teatime in Port Dickson
The rojak was quite good.  Obviously it's all about the sauce!  The sweetness was just right and so was the consistency of it. Well, the fritters were fresh; together with the julienned vegetables of turnips, cucumber and tofu, it was a nice tea time snack.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Famous and Tasty Chicken Rice @ Restoran Yit Hin, Port Dickson

Life has been great and after having spent about 7 weeks in US, I have been busy catching up on Malaysian life.  Monkey Jr had just asked me the other day, to update my blog which prompted me to well, put up a post indeed; a food post.

Yit Hin Chicken Rice

I had taken a few short trips to Port Dickson with Moo on errand runs, simply to accompany Moo and Moo's promise to bring me around for food! Hahahaha...  Our first stop in Port Dickson town usually is Restoran Yit Hin.  It is a little stall located at a hawker center which used to be the Old Pasar, a wet market. Why is this usually our first stop? That's because demand exceeds supply daily and the chicken rice is usually sold out sometimes at lunch time itself.  I remember there was once the four of us had to share two plates of chicken rice as they were running out and this was around 1 plus pm.  So, what makes it so good?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Is it the way they lovingly and happily prepare the food?

Yit Hin Chicken Rice
Is it the secret sauce drizzled onto the chicken?
Is is the fragrant rice that is done just right?
Is it the corn fed chicken that makes the meat so tender?