Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fisherman's Cove, Starhill - Midsummer Set Menu

Hello there! It's mid week already...and I have to do my taxes (hahah...every year I tell myself to do it in the month of February at least and every year, I end up submitting it on the last day!).  Well, doing taxes won't dampen my spirit...not when there's good food around :o).

Continuing the Midsummer Nights Feast series, here is Fisherman's Cove 4-Course Midsummer Set Menu at RM148++ per person.

Momotaro Tomato
Momotaro Tomato stuffed with Flower Crab Mousse,
flavoured with Basil Pesto

Celeriac Cream Soup with Pumpkin Tempura
Celeriac Cream Soup served with Pumpkin Tempura

Monday, June 27, 2011

Opening Soon - Royale Vietnam, Starhill

Here's the first of several  highlights on the other participating restaurants from the Press Conference of Starhill's Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 - Master Chefs of Elements.

Royale Vietnam is due to open its doors soon come this end June and folks will be pleased to know that there will be yet another place for some great tasting Vietnamese food.  Check out the pics ... and then check out the restaurant itself! Happy Monday everyone :o)

Pho Bowl Of Goodness
I like the pho that was served, tender beef slices and beef balls in clear tasty broth.

Rolling Goi Cuon
The Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls) were rolled and served on the spot for us to sample.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 - Master Chefs Of The Five Elements, Starhill Gallery

Yes, it's that time of the year again! Starhill Gallery's annual Midsummer Nights Feast in Feast Village will be on from 1-8 July 2011, presenting the Master Chefs of the Five Elements, namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

EARTH -“Tribute to Mother Earth” by 3-Star Michelin Chef Benoit Vidal from France

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Dad, Happy Father's Day!  Thanks for all that you have done ... we love you dad-for the times you comforted us; for the times you protected us; for the times you spent being there for us; for the times you loved us, for the times when you were mischievous, not just as a child but even as as a dad ;p

It's funny, but I guess sometimes we forget that you were a kid too before we came along, hehehe...


This goes out to all Dads, have a great celebration.  Celebrate this special day with all dads and remember...tell your Dad that you love him.  I wish I could...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fish Ball Noodles @ Penggaram Mee, Batu Pahat

I remember the time I had my first taste of Penggaram Mee, it was about 18 years ago.  I recall loving it and during my short stay of 3 nights in Batu Pahat that time, I ate a bowl of Penggaram Mee every night! Thanks to my bro-in-law and family, they took us for the noodles every night and even packed a few packets for us to take back to Kuala Lumpur.  They called it Penggaram Mee because the stall was located in Jalan Penggaram - also known as Hakka Street (for the Hakka folks were aplenty in that area).  From that time till now, there were only two other occasions that I got to eat the noodles again - once more a decade ago and the latest, in  2011! Yay! Bro had to travel to Batu Pahat for work and he got his local friends/colleagues to track down the stall (he had tasted it too in the past and was looking forward to eating the fish ball noodles again).

Apparently, the stall is no longer located there and had shifted.  Now, my bro followed his friends around and they told him there were two stalls selling Penggaram Mee; operated by different vendors who were related to each other.  Are there Batu Pahat folks out there who can fill me in as to where these two stalls are located currently?  Well, while this still remains a "mystery" to me ... what's more important is that bro accomplished his mission and came back with a few packets of Penggaram Mee for me!

Penggaram Mee - Fish Ball Noodles

Of course, it would have tasted so much better if I had the chance to eat the noodles at the stall itself but this was the next best thing! The handmade noodles had a light airy texture to it and was still as delicious as I recalled.  One can opt for normal or for a spicy version where some grainy chilli sauce is added - I love the spiciness of it. 

 Penggaram Mee - Fish Ball Noodles
Now, aren't those the tiniest fish balls you've ever seen?  These home made fish balls were springy despite its tiny size and were nice.  I found their home made fish cakes a tad salty though (don't seem to recall them being that way back then) - maybe it's because it's Penggaram (Salt?) Mee? Hahaha....

Well, despite that ... I absolutely enjoyed my Penggaram Mee.  I hope I don't have to wait another decade to eat this fish ball noodles again.  Batu Pahat anyone? :o)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dim Sum @ Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Centre


This must be the fastest post I've ever done after an outing..I figured since I was gonna post the pics for my girlfriends up on Facebook, I might as well post it on my blog too.  This was an lunch outing that we had today! Carol and I had just decided to meet up yesterday itself and managed to get a few of us out too.So, yes... for those who usually run out and buy 4D numbers/lottery at the slightest oddity - this could be one of those times :o).

I've been to Grand Imperial in Bangsar Shopping Centre before but never did take photos till today.  I usually have dim sum here.  So, when the girls met up today and were deciding where to go in Bangsar Shopping Centre, I threw in my vote for Grand Imperial and there we were shortly after.  As in all gatherings, we talked more than we ate. We covered everything within the short two hour lunch - business, beauty, legal matters and LIFE of course but I must say that we did quite good on the orders. .  While the slim one lamented that we ordered too much, the few of us looked at each other with raised eyebrows as we didn't feel the same. Hahaha...

Assorted Dim Sum

Melting Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun

Our favourite, which warrants two orders was the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ... delightful little buns :o)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Charismatic Canada! Part Five - Ottawa

This time, we drove off from Toronto and headed towards Ottawa.  Have I mentioned that Canada is a lovely place? Hahaha...Here are some pics of Ottawa, enjoy!  Have a great week :o)

Marriott Hotel
I fell in love immediately with the Marriott Hotel ... count them, count all 7 of my pillows and bolster.

Coffee! Marriott Hotel
and of course...the coffee machine in the room.  All hotels that I went to in Canada have a coffee machine in the room.  God bless them!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Moo Cow @ Hartamas Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur

Another "cool" entry ... after Vivo's Blueberry Pizza, what's next? Here's yet another way to stay cool during our Malaysian heatwave ... Moo Cow located on the 2nd Floor of Hartamas Shopping Center at Sri Hartamas.

(Pics taken with W995 Sony Ericsson)

Moo Cow in mall

Moo Cow

Moo Cow's song??? All Rights Reserved! Sung to the tune of "Home On The Range"...