Saturday, August 12, 2006

One Noodle Restaurant, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Reaching Petaling Jaya from Singapore, we went to look for food to fill our tummies. Wanting to go somewhere nearby, we ended up in One Noodle Restaurant in SS2. I have been there several times since it opened about 2 months back (can't remember exactly when) and found that I prefer the Lai Mien (stretched noodles, translated literally!) here, which is better and cheaper than Dragon-I! However, I did notice that at both places, the soup is usually not hot enough (as in temperature). I wonder if the Lai Mien had been dipped into cold water and then only soup is added, thereby decreasing the temperature. On weekends, be prepared to wait as there is usually lots of people waiting for tables. At the waiting area, they have a LCD TV displaying pictures of their dim sum and noodles, and I figured that is a good marketing ploy. Usually by the time we get the table, we probably order more than we should after looking at all those delicious pictures! They have seats upstairs too but each time I'm there, that section is closed (maybe it's because they do not have enough staff to man upstairs too). Arriving there at around 9pm on a Thursday, the place was still full but we were fortunate that we got a table shortly after we stepped in.

I had been having the Teochew Beef Brisket Lai Mien on the last two occasions and wanted to try a different type and opted for Shredded Duck instead. It came with strips of char choy (pickled chinese radish) which made the soup yummy though I felt the Shredded Duck wasn't enough.
The Shrimp Wantan Lai Mien (RM8.80) came with 5 cute but big round shrimp wantans. Mrs Pitt loved this and said that the wantan was really nice. I'm not really a fan of shrimp but the shrimp wantans did look inviting.
Bro wanted to eat rice and something different and ended up with Hokkien Fried Rice. This version comes covered with gravy. It tasted good though I prefer my fried rice to be dry.
I had tasted some dim sum (didn't taste enough to form a solid opinion) which is okay but I will definitely come here for the Lai Mien again.

I only eat on two occasions, that's night and day! - wmw


boo_licious said...

I went when it first opened so not that many people yet. I like their Lai Mians - dim sums have a tendency to get lost in their kitchen though.

Anonymous said...

Hungry...... i will eat dim sum in China... hehehe... hope they are good

Anonymous said...

Must take my kids for noodles there leave me salivating everytime I visit your blog! Eh, Mrs Pitt very pretty leh! Looks better in person than the photos I've seen at your place. Sure she's your sis arr? No nonooooooo!!! don't kill me!

wmw said...

boo_licious, better than Dragon-I right?

lyn, yes, she is my sis. No, she won't kill you. She looks better in person but we still pity her 'cos my brother and I are the ones with all the good looks. Ha ha ha....

S.S. said...

I think you should be a food critic!!