Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chee Cheong Fun @ Bee Connection - Not Just Honey!

I was shopping for my computer stuff in Plaza Low Yat a while back and decided to have lunch there with Lyn and Sis Mah who has come along with me to get something for her son too. Circling the Lower Ground Floor where most of the eateries were located, I was surprised to see this stall selling my all time favourite food, Chee Cheong Fun (CCF)! Why was I surprised in the first place? Well, it was Bee Connection (a place that sells honey!) that was selling this CCF.
Apparently, Bee Connection was about the only outlet on the Lower Ground that was not selling any food and was encouraged to do so by the management. They then decided on selling CCF as it was simple and only needed minimal space for the setup of the stall. We were then recommended to try the curry, original and sambal belacan version of their CCF.
We loved the original version that came with a bit of soy sauce and pickled green chillies. The CCF texture was nice and smooth too. The two sauces were for the crispies that we ordered.
The curry variety was normal but the gravy from the curry chicken drumstick that we had also ordered tasted good and we were told to add that for more oomph.
Aaahhh... The sambal belacan variety. Simple and the nicest of the three (original in 2nd spot!). The spicy topping went very well with the smooth CCF.
Do order their deep fried tofu (beancurd). This was tasty; not oily,crispy on the outside and a lovely chili sauce to go with. It has a funny texture like a cross between fishcake and bread. Try it and you'll know what I mean.
The rest of the crispies like fried wanton and beancurd skin were just okay. They were a bit on the oily side though.
Oh, since it's primarily a honey shop, they have all sort of honey drinks (apart from selling the honey itself) and I choose the kei chi (wolfberries) honey hot drink. Well, it's suppose to be good for the eyes and I thought my eyes could do with a bit of a boost ;o). There are lots of kei chi in the drink, at the bottom and some floating on the surface. I enjoyed biting into the kei chi and having the honey oozed out from it as the kei chi seeds are soaked in thick honey for quite some time! Just take a spoonful of it and mix it with hot water (not boiling hot though, as the honey will lose its nutrients) and you'll get this delicious drink.

Well, I don't go down to Plaza Low Yat that often but when I do, it's gonna be CCF at Bee Connection for me; simple and nice! It's the same for Lyn and Sis Mah too ;o). They have outlets in Berjaya Times Square, Lot 03-43, 3rd Floor (Tel : 03-2143 1636) and also at Lot K4, Pasar Rakyat, No. 8, Jalan Melati off Jalan Imbi (Tel :03-2141 5570) but I forgot to ask if they sold CCF in these two other outlets too.

Bee Connection
Lot LG 4 & 5, LG Floor
Plaza Low Yat
No 7, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2143 2636

Chee Cheong Fun is such a wonderful food. So simple and yet so delightful!
- wmw


backStreetGluttons said...

funny , we were just at da same place and were pretty surprised & much tempted by the no of interesting food outlets, including this strangely named bee connection ( something beautiful and sweet have attracted them here )! Even outside were 2 or 3 Chinese restaurants/stalls with extra xcited/aggressive foreign workers promoting xpensive looking economy rice, multi-noodles etc. Now that u have pointed out this place suppose u have opened another dangerous foodgate ! Floggers beware !

wonda said...

Never knew there are some diversified version of CCF. The rice noodle is not as broad as the CCF I get from hawker stalls in Pg. The ones on your photos look like koay teow to me. I'll soak mine in honey to try, thanks to you.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm...CCF?? Shiok Shiok.. i havent had breakfast..where to get CCF for breakfast? haha

Babe_KL said...

i got intro to this place last month and i'm hooked!!! had the cold honey passion fruit and its very very refreshing.

joe, try the CCF stall opposite air mata kuching stall at petaling st in the morning

Kenny Mah said...

Was at Low Yat a couple of weekends back to help my Honeymooner pals shop for electronics... we ended eating at nearby Crystal Jade though. For the "la mien" performance mostly. This CCF place looks too kewl to be missed. Will remember to hit it the next time I'm @ Low Yat. :)

wmw said...

team bsg : Were you swayed by the aggressive and excited foreign workers to try out the food?

wonda : Well, the CCF comes in a big flat broad layer. It's only cut up when there is an order. So the broadness can vary from stall to stall. Mmm..., you can even eat the kei chi as snack on its own after that! :o)

joe : Taman Cheras! Nearest to you...at night got, but not sure about morning. Why don't you check it out and let me know?

babe_kl : High five! Isn't it wonderful? ha ha ha ....

kenny : Hey there! Good to see you around (well, around leaving comments, haha) Are you a CCF fan?

Lee Ping said...

Is the topping Bah Sung (Pork Sung) on the first photo of CCF?

boo_licious said...

Thanks for the tip! Something to eat when I visit this place. I quite like the kaya toast within the food court area vs the Hainan place upstairs.

Anonymous said...

The Cheras one and this are somehow different ah... I still love the traditional ones :)

Unknown said...

never try any food at low yat..would usually adjourn to sg wang or lot 10..we prefer to get our electronic / pc stuff at digital mall seksyen 14..nearer and the stuff there is cheaper

Hengster said...

wow...the CCF looked so salivatating (got such word ah?)

Kok said...

I didn't know there are so many kinds of chee cheong fun. I only thought there's one.

Anonymous said...

It looks like kueh teow to me. I still prefer the original chee cheong fun with just chillie sauce, hey kor and tee chiu and lots of sesame seed. :)) Simple is sometimes best.
I miss the yong tau foo man! :(
Can blog and show photos of that to make me drool ah?

Anonymous said...

I really love CCF.. !! it's such a great snack.. and great breakfast..! i wished they would give us a spoon instead of a tooth pick or a fork.. so one can scoop up all the gravy.. kekekkee!!

wmw said...

Lee Ping : You mean Pork Floss? Eh, I forgot, hahaha...just wanted to take my photos quickly and tuck into my fave CCF! Will make a point to take note...But I think the CCF is halal, so it shouldn't be Pork Floss.

boo : Since I don't go to Low Yat that often, I guess I'll wind up eating at Bee Connection each time!

jason : The traditional one should be the "original" variety here lo, got the pickled green chili and all.

kampungboycitygal:I got my connections at Low Yat for "special" prices too ;o)

hengster : Hey there...yah woh, you starting on some food post soon to join the world of floggers? :o)

kok : Oh, there's another one with the har ko (prawn paste)...plenty. In San Francisco, the sweet sauce they use is like some peanut butter gravy! It's nice too!

judy : You might find what you need here...not so much on YTF though.

mamabok:Carry a disposable spoon with you wherever you go...Don't leave home without it ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh they sliced up the CCF thin, it's a first time for me. I was thinking there should be some dessert CCF eg CCF drenched with honey, or something else, since it's connected to bees :p
But I always prefer savor CCF. Oh, you make me miss CCF!

cookies_cream said...

I've been to Low Yat many times and how can I not notice about this outlet one? @_@ The fried bean curd really don't looked like 1 to me.. :P

Babe_KL - The CCF you mentioned at petaling street there...nice hor~! slurpps

Rarebeet said...

That deepfried bean curd looks interesting! I thought it was ma lai kow. Then I thought it was fried bread. Tofu huh? Never would've thought from that picture! haha

Anonymous said...

WMW: Yeah, miss the CCF with pickled green chillies. KL got the one with prawn paste is it? I never try that yet.

backStreetGluttons said...

we were not coz not so pretty ( man lah !)

WokandSpoon said...

CCF and sambal!! 2 of my favourite foods!

MeiyeN said...

wow......yummy! must go down and try ady..... :D

wmw said...

tigerfish : How about Bovril with CCF???

Cookies : Hey there, great to see you around. Okay, now that you know, go try yah?

paprika : Yeah, like I said, its texture is kinda different too but it's nice!

jason : Got, they have it at certain places and even at the Mont Kiara pasar malam too. Delectables at Tesco Mutiara also has that but not that pungent which is fine by me.

team bsg : LOL....you didn't say earlier mah, how i know???

wokandspoon : Mine too...(eh, looks like I have got LOTs of favourite food!)

meiyen : Purposely go down and try is it???

catsndogs said...

yeaaa... i like the fried wantan :P

teckiee said...

Ohh I have tried the vegetarian shop beside Bee only. Must try Bee out too next time.

Kok said...

Prawn paste flavour must be nice. Yummy~! Peanut butter? That's mean it's something like satay sauce?

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, nice CCF leh..... am hungry, ... didnt have b'fast this morning!! can courier to Penang for me or not?? I pay for the courier charges... :p

Anonymous said...

Less-pungent is fine with me too.

Babe_KL said...

Hi wmw, I've come out with this year's Merdeka Open House topic, pls check Merdeka Open House 2007. Hope you can join the fun.

wmw said...

catsndogs : You have eaten here before, so maybe the wantan that day only was oily?

teckiee : Got vegetarian shop beside?...hahaha, that I didn't know.

kok : Like non spicy smooth satay sauce!

NKOTB : (One of my fave bands hee hee..) Aiyoh, you come from Penang wor, I should be asking you to courier food to me leh!

jason : Try it and let me know how you find it...but you are a traditional guy leh, most likely still stick to original! :p

babe_kl : Okay, will check the link out.

ilene said...

Aiyoh, WMW, you never fail to drool me with your food & travel pictures! I must try to make that refreshing wolfberries drink. Sounds simple enough!

wmw said...

ilene : The wolfberries were nice and soft, I wonder how long it takes to get it that way.