Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hong Kee Tim Sum, Damansara Jaya


After hearing about Precious Pea's eating adventure at Hong Kee Tim Sum, I knew that I just had to go there as they have my favourite, Sang Chou Loh Mai (Fried Glutinous Rice) that I have eaten only previously in Chinatown, San Francisco.
So off we went one early morning and reaching there at 8.30am, the restaurant was packed and buzzing with activities. Once we sat down, we were shown a tray of raw dim sum by a staff. Seeing the look on our faces, we were told that they will steam our selection first before serving it to us. Phew! :p
No, those aren't our orders! But it could have been ;o) or did we actually eat more than that?

Our selection was served in a matter of minutes, here's the steamed selection.
Spinach Dim Sum - this had a mixture of pork and shrimp. The mixture of meat was rather chunky (which I shy away from usually) but since it had a certain springy bite to it coupled with the fact that it was tasty, I ended up liking this little greenie!
The filling for the Siew Mai was quite similar to the Spinach one but the meat was more processed, hence, less oomph and was just okay.
When I first saw this before it was steamed, the egg crepe skin dumpling looked "regal", almost like a serving of Peking Duck. I was disappointed when it came back to our table, steamed and "civilian" looking like the usual beancurd roll that we usually have. Took a bite and the filling was like exactly the siew mai we had. We also had an order of Har Kau (prawn dumpling) but it was not that tasty.
Char Siew Bao (no relation to a particular blogger's other half) is a steamed white bun with barbequed pork filling. It looked promising but a bite into it revealed the almost no flavour/smell filling. Did they forget to put something in that morning??? This was the same with the wu kok (yam dumpling)! Looked promising but faltered on "delivery".
Char Siew So - given the Merit award by us as its pastry was nice, peppered with sesame seeds and the BBQ pork filling definitely tasted better.

The MAIN REASON for our visit, the Sang Chau Loh Mai, was ordered through the staff as it's not displayed on a tray (along with orders for the char siew pau and the rest of the fried selection). We unanimously crowned the Sang Chau Loh Mai as the clear winner and were already planning when we would come back again to eat this simply delightful dish (after our first spoon of it. Ha ha ha....). However, it is only available on weekends :o(
Came turned upside down in a clear bowl on the plate, the fried glutinous rice had generous bits of lap cheong (Chinese sausage), mushroom, egg and chives. Each spoon was a delight and if I could have my way (without the consequences! ha ha ha...), I would have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
The fried carrot cake was aromatic and tasted good with bits of eggs, beansprouts and chives. I like that the carrot cake was soft yet firm. Mushy carrot cake for this dish is a no-no for me but this one here passed the test.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) are broad sheets of rice noodles rolled and steamed with usually either prawn or pork filling. Being a fan of CCF, we ordered a plate of CCF with char siu (BBQ Pork) filling. The CCF was smooth in texture and rather thin making this another dish with a Merit Award.

Well, I'm definitely coming back here again for another visit, ordering the nice tasty Dim Sum selection. Glutinous Rice....we shall meet again soon! :o)

"Dim sum - A touch of the heart but the pleasure lingers!" - wmw

Hong Kee Tim Sum
18 & 20, Jalan SS22/25 (at the outer square of Atria, next to RHB Bank)
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
(opens from 7am till 3pm daily)

Tel : 012-6069787

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Anonymous said...

I love..!!! kill me now..!!! ok.. just kidding.. but ya.. you just about kill me..!! i read about this tim sum at Boo's a few days ago..!! i wanna go home.. boo hoooo hooo..!!

Kok said...

I would die for that plate of Sang Chau Loh Mai! haha! It looks so good to me. Drool drool! And that plate of fried carrot cake. Arghhh...when can I have that???:P

teckiee said...

aishehh that san chow loh mai fan... since looking at precious pea's pic... so tempted.. now your pic... droolsss

Anonymous said...

I haven't had breakfast ok?? :(

I love all those dishes except the glutinous rice. Don't quite like lap cheong lei. Also, never been to this place. :)

boo_licious said...

Yum! That Sang Chow Loh Mai Fan is definitely the best ever.

Anonymous said...

have u go for a blood test or medical check up lately? with all these good food... no chalestrol problem or blood sugar problem?? i so envy ler... i'm near cholestrol problem... (without all these good food)

wmw said...

mama bok & kok : hahah...kill lah, die lah...wah, this post of mine brought out such violent reactions! Come back quick! I'll buy you Hong Kee's dim sum.

teckiee : You feeling better now? Yah, come let's go makan!

judy : Ok, confirmed! You haven't been to anywhere! LOL...You must have been eating in when you came back here the last time???

boo : Yes, the main star of Hong Kee!

wow2 : Last done in Nov' 06, no problem. You ah, maybe yours in from work stress. I definitely don't have stress lo.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

nice photo editing. ;-) Wah....we post same time ar?? ROFL.

fatboybakes said...

I SWEAR, i need to go and eat that sang chau loh mai RIGHT NOW. you women are all EVIL. EVIL, tahu!!!!

all three of you. do you share an eye between the three of you???

Precious Pea said...

WMW, maybe you should drop by during weekday to see if they have the Sang Chow Loh Mai Fan. Then can pls tarbau and bring over for my lunch ar?

FBB: We just came out with this new name for us sista...The irreSISTAble 4! LOL!

Kenny Mah said...

Like you, I can probably eat that Sang Chau Loh Mai for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all my snack meals in between! LOL

Looks so GOOOOD... *slurps*

Why only on weekends la... that's a whole week away! :(

Anonymous said... 3rd time reading post on hong kee today...all the sistas are spreading the lo mai fan virus @_@ Targeting this friday, 2 hours lunch time, should be able to make it gua.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh i m sick of ppl reminding me of the sang chow loh mei fan d..hahah did u women gang up on poor souls like me ar???!!..ok need to copy and paste this back to precious pea..

Ethan W. said...

Goodness, the san chow loh mai fan looks wonderful. And I love the B&W style.

backStreetGluttons said...

now that u have mentioned it we shall only tapau this glutinous rice for u for all future occassions ( hehehe) but it looks really good ( da pix and the real thing )

wmw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wmw said...

Lyrical L : Thanks....Yes, same time. We are the synchro sistas! IrreSISTAble 4 as Precious P. coined!

Jackson : You don't know what you have till it's gone....Hahaha....

FBB : Hey, I believe that's the second time you're calling me evil! Why...thank you ;o)

Precious P : Can call and ask, unless I'm going there for dim sum breakfast on weekdays. If got I think I will be getting lots of request for me to tah pau this dish.

Kenny : Think it takes a lot of work to cook this lo mai fan. All good things come to those who wait ;P

xlb : The lo mai fan's only available on weekdays wor. Try calling to ask, maybe they have started serving it on weekdays?

joe : Comments also copy and paste, ee yer....LOL...

Ethan : Hey there! that stuff really does taste good...LMF...LMF! :o)

team bsg : Definitely welcomed! Won't turn you away, hehe.....

k.t.x said...

would take the good pics as license to indulge in these "heartful delights"....soon.

btw, u listen to nik kershaw??? coool. i almost forgotten of such a guy until u post a youtube on yr sidebar. lol.if u h the whole cd, i wana burn yeah?

U Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me would u? lol.

Kok said...

I will go back..I WILLLL!!! :P

Precious Pea said...

wmw: there is an error on your comment to xlb. Loh Mai Fan available on weekends not weekdays.

New Kid on the Blog said...

The sang chau loh mai looks tempting, as well as other pictures....

UnkaLeong said...

Synchronized is it all your watches? Hahahah...

wmw said...

k.t.x : I'm afraid not...I have CD compilations though but Wide Boy was never in know, it was the usual The Riddle or Wouldn't It Be Good. Sorry to let the sun go down on you.... :o( "If Only I Could.....". "Dolce Vita"....:o)

Take the pics as guide? Wouldn't you want to have a real guide like me? LOL...

kok : Yes! That's it...such determination. Ha ha ha....


NKOTB : There are hits and misses here....but that Lo Mai Fan is lovely (that is, if you love lo mai).

unka : Not only our watches, our pc's too :o)

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that the Loh Mai looks so temptingly tasty...yummy!

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh my, you really know how to capture a good piece of photo/art. I really love the piece on stacking of bamboo steamers. It is gorgeous also the food too.

MeiyeN said...

boy oh boy, 3rd time reading hong kee "dimsum" review.. all good, can't wait to try them :D

Anonymous said...

Yor... next time review somewhere nearer to my place la :P

teckiee said...

yes yes Sang Chou Loh Mai yes yes Sang Chou Loh Mai ..sat sat yes yes .. ok enuff of men'jampi here

wonda said...

Your glistening Sang Chau Loh Mai is calling, "Come, come to me!"
Carrot Cake? Is it the name of the dish or made from carrots? I thought it looks like radish cake or Char Kueh Kak in Pg. Hokkien.

wmw said...

tigerfish : Glad us floggers are getting that point across with the synchronized blogging!

bigboysoven: Thanks for the compliment. Check out this place when you can!

meiyen: Read properly, not all good...check out the ones that are good, remember, the Sang Chou Lo Mai Fan only on weekends. Go early.

jason : Cheras also got good food, sure got the opportunity one ;o)

teckiee : Feeling better? Make sure you are well by then...

wonda: It's called Chau Lo Bak Ko, meaning fried Carrot cake...I would say it's radish...not carrot as in carrot lo...:) You got hypnotized ah? Hee hee...

Sze said...