Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Elephant, Sec 17 Petaling Jaya

I have passed by the restaurant, My Elephant several times (when I went for my usual beef noodles nearby) and told myself that I have to have dinner there one of these days. Eventually, I did end up going there on a Friday night where a group of us met to go over our tactics & strategies for our trip in the finals of The Star's Drive For Food. Yes, we had a serious discussion (though some folks digressed, like yours truly), hehe...I think some of you beg to differ! Hahaha...Anyway, before I move on, do remember to vote for us here at http://star-motoring.com/mystar/driveforfood/finalvideos.asp. We are the first two videos on top, Fantastic Four and Apple Crumble Team. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts again! Okay, now onwards with the food!

My Elephant 2
The owners of this place had previously run another Thai restaurant by the name of Doodee down in KL at Jalan Mesui. They then decided to move their business up to PJ; giving the restaurant a new name. It's a cute name, My Elephant; I wonder if I were to ever open my own restaurant, would I call it My Monkey? Of course, not to be missed on the dessert menu would be My Monkey's Banana Split! :o) Lame but very possible!

I managed to take two pics that night and when JC asked what's new in town the week after, I suggested My Elephant and joined in by another makan kaki, I had my second meal here (this time without the maps/guidebooks and time planner strewed on the table! hahaha) at leisure pace.
Rice with bits of Red Thai Rice
I think the rice served here are the normal Jasmine rice mixed with a bit of Thai Red Rice (I could be wrong), which I really like - RM2.00/USD0.60 per head, unlimited.
Seafood Tom Som
I absolutely love this tangy Seafood Tom Som Talay. Somewhat like a clear version of the usually fiery red Tom Yam, this soup has herbs, lime and lemongrass. A small order of it costs RM12/USD3.60 which gave the three of us a bowl each.
Green Curry Chicken
I loved the Green Curry chicken too (RM12/USD3.60). The chicken meat was sliced nicely and the gravy was simply delicious. Not too rich but definitely yummy, made me eat more rice than I should! "Greta Garbo has no fear of carbo!"...LOL!
Papaya Salad
On the other hand, I found the Papaya Salad RM8/USD2.40 (Som Tum) - way too raw for my liking, so much so, it was hard to chew.
Tempura squid
The Tempura Squid - RM15/USD4.50 (I forgot what it's called in Thai !) was tasty too. Deep fried with some curry leaves, the fragrant batter was crispy and not oily. However I would have preferred if they served a slightly smaller bite size, it would have been even tastier!
otak-otak omelette
This otak-otak omelette pic was taken from my first visit. It's a tasty dish but I didn't know there's otak-otak in it till I was told! Where's the otak-otak? Or did I miss it???
Sago with Mango, Jackfruit & Corn
Desserts from the 1st dinner was Sago Pudding with corn, mango and jackfruit. It came drizzled with light coconut milk. I enjoyed this dessert as it wasn't too sweet and the portion was just nice. Not sure of the price but I think it's about RM4 plus/USD1.40.
Glutinous Rice with Yam and Fresh Mango
My dessert during my 2nd visit was Glutinous Rice with Yam and Fresh Mango (Mango Pulut). This was another hit; the three of us shared a plate (RM6.50/USD2). Served slightly warm, we enjoyed the mixed of little soft yam cubes buried within the mount of well cooked glutinous rice.
My Elephant
With a bare minimum design but yet one that exudes a certain class with a dark interior, food here is pretty tasty and with prices that are reasonable to boot. In time, I'm sure My Elephant would do quite well. Happy Mansion is definitely getting more interesting. Let's drink to that! (FYI, corkage charge of RM10/USD3 per bottle).
Drinking Wine

Precious Pea has also posted on My Elephant HERE.

My Elephant
Block C-G4 Happy Mansion
Section 17/13
46400 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours:
Lunch : 12 pm - 2.30 pm
Dinner : 6 pm - 10 pm
(Tuesday-Sunday) Except Sunday - only dinner available
Do note that ala carte is only available during dinnertime while they serve only set meals for lunch.

Call 012-3285028 or 019-3608911 for reservations.

Turn left after the Shell station, with the brown flats being on your right (going towards Happy Mansion). Then as you past the first block of flats on your left, slow down - it's the third block (the block opposite Food Foundry and same as Choong Yien, the chicken rice shop).

Salesman : You got time for lunch?
Homer : Yeah, I do...
Salesman : You like Thai?
Homer : Yeah, you like shirt?


boo_licious said...

Yum! Food looks good. Wouldn't mind hanging out here again as I discovered more yummy items the last time I ate here.

New Kid on the Blog said...

This is another food that I won't ask you to courier to me!! :D

Cynthia said...

My votes are in and I wish you all, all the best.

The food here is outstanding. You know what makes me sad when I see this kind of food? That a lot of ingredients are not available here so I can't even attempt to replicate some of these :(

wonda said...

For the glutinous ricedessert, was it some green sauce I see or was it the design of the plate? If it's the sauce, what kind is it? I see that the glutinous rice has a mixture of white and black pulut rice, right?

UnkaLeong said...

I was looking for this yesterday. Do they open in the AM? Ended up at food foundry instead. Where is it har in relation to food Foundry?

Oh... I voted di.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i find it kinda funny when u say "precious pea has blogged about my elephant here"..so where is "your elephant?" haha

i like the last pic of the red wine..

MeiyeN said...

will try this place soon... food looks good and yummy!!! :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

i'll go there for the desserts. looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Prices is definitely great..! i wouldn't mind eating there .. myself.. ;)

teckiee said...

ohhhh the Glutinous Rice with Yam and Fresh Mango look good lehhhh. must have that next time.

Anonymous said...

I'll pass on this one. Still prefer Malaysian. Maybe I'll wait till you open 'My Monkey' then perhaps I can eat free. :P

wmw said...

Boo : Yeah, this place will probably be one of my latest hang out as it's nearby.

nkotb : Hahaha....not even the dessert?

cynthia : Thanks for the support. Don't be sad. That's what will make our travel fun...discovering new places and food! How about a visit to Malaysia??? :o)

wonda : Oh yes, the greenish thingy is like pandan flavoured coconut milk with a bit of condensed milk to me (eh, I could be wrong...). Yes, the pulut is mixed, just like their normal rice.

unkaleong : Only from noon and closed on Mondays (check business hours in the post). It's the block opposite Food Foundry, the one where Choong Yien chicken rice shop is at. Thanks for the support.

joe : Yes, it's funny. Then you will find the menu funny too. Thanks for the compliment about the pic.

meiyen : Yes, do go...hope you won't be dissapointed!

lyrical L : Only desserts? You don't like Thai dishes???

mama bok : Yes, dirt cheap for you! Hahaha...

teckiee : Uh huh, don't forget to call us along. When? :o)

judy : My Monkey...that would be serving what sort of food ah??? ;O)

Precious Pea said...

Yumz!!! Am going again!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Definitely will drop by elephant when I am back from Terengganu!

Anonymous said...

By hook or crook, I'm gonna get some Thai food by this week. You tempted me...now got craving!

~Christine~Leng said...

I wanna feed myself with the elephant too! haha..I mean the scrumptious looking food!

Kak Teh said...

wmw, this is not fair!! I was okay scrolling down the entry until I came to the mango and pulut!!!! NOT FAIR AT ALL!

wmw said...

Precious P : Haha...so excited!

BBO : Yah, do drop by. How long will you be in the east coast?

tigerfish : Get some Thai food or cook 'em??? ;o)

christine : hahaha...check out the menu...it's got My Elephant Noodles, My Elephant Desserts, etc. etc....cute!

kak teh : For you to take some time off to leave me this comment, you must be serious! Hehe....Kak Teh, when you are back, I'll take you here, okay??? :o)

L'abeille said...

Woot! Nice food...

backStreetGluttons said...

reminds a bit of melaka street ss2 style, but possibly cheaper here
then surely less crowd

Rasa Malaysia said...

I knew it's a Thai restaurant just by reading the name of your post...hehe. Anyway, busy busy busy, sorry for being MIA, missing out a lot of posts. :P

Kak Teh said...

yes!!! I am serious...itis 07:14 am..what'd do to get that pulut and mango and then snuggle back under the duvet!
wmw, I might just take up that offer!.

Unknown said...

very reasonably priced! i would definitely drop by..in love with happy mansion dy

wmw said...

l'abeille: Hey, thanks for dropping by.

team bsg : A lot dimmer here, not as bright. haha...

RM : No worries...I know you are busy. Was telling Jaden that I would get your autograph next time I see you and would also like to ask you to help me get an autograph from Jaden when you see her! hahaha...

kak teh : hahaha...under the duvet??? Well, Kak Teh, I'm only an email away, let me know when you are in town next.

kampungboycitygal : Hahaha...wah, can fall in love so easily one ah?

Anonymous said...

Mm mmm~ The pix itself looks absolutely 'yummy'!!

I'm so gonna try this one out.