Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008! - Floggers' Meet at My Elephant, Sec 17 Petaling Jaya

By now you would have read at several blogs of the Floggers' Meet that took place on Dec 28 at My Elephant. But as 2007 is coming to an end, I'll like to put up my post on this gathering too to welcome 2008!

Blogging/flogging (food blogging) has allowed me to make a lot of new friends, near or far. I can only say it's a shame I didn't start blogging earlier because had I knew, I would have gotten to know even more friends!
My Elephant


Well, this time round it was apt that we had a gathering to celebrate a belated Christmas and to welcome the new year. About 40 floggers, bloggers and their guests turned up for this event. As the attendees started turning up at early as 7 pm, it was a chance for some of us to meet for the very first time and for the rest, it was a reunion since the last major gathering at Sandias though some of us has kept in constant contact since then. Food was served at around 8.30pm to the hungry crowd which had earlier kept themselves busy taking photos of the place and chatting with each other. My apologies as some food shots are missing while some were blur as I sat in a dark corner, relying on prolonged shutter speed. The food tasted okay that night but I suppose My Elephant could do better if it was not for the fact that they had to tend to 40 hungry people all at the same time!
Choo Chee Goong (Thai Yellow Curry with River Prawns)
Choo Chee Goong (Rivers Prawn in Thai Yellow Curry)
Green Curry Sea Crabs with Gingko & Tofu
Green Curry Sea Crabs with Gingko & Tofu
Kom's Chicken Wings with Mango-Kiwi Dressing
Kom's Chicken Wings with Mango & Kiwi Dressing
Pak Choop Pang Tod (Thai style vegetable tempura)
Pak Choop Pang Tod (Thai Style Vegetable Tempura)
Tom Klong - Northern Thai Tom Yum with Fish Cutlets
Tom Klong (Northern Thai Tom Yum with Fish Cutlets)
Chillied Lamb
Chillied Lamb - This I really liked! I simply love lamb!
Steamed Fish ala Thai Style
Steamed Fish Thai Style

After dessert was served, we handed out mini awards to the bloggers/floggers in attendance to add some fun to the night. Awards/Prizes given are in brackets.

Most Kissable Lips - Jason (Lip Balm)
Best Earned Nick - "Nipple" Joe (Pacifier)
Activist Food Blogger - Tankiasu (Rocket Logo)
Sweetest Blogger - Christine, Aiwei, Jun, Yin (Sweets)
Handsomest Blogger - Ekeng, Riz, CatsnDogs (Sweets)
Sweetest Blogging Couple - KampungBoyCityGal (a pack of sugar)
Most Poetic Blogger - Nic (writing set)
Almost a Vietnamese Blogger - SC (coffee)
Best Male Cook Blogger - KusahiKeat(wooden spatula)
Most Idolised Blogger - Boolicious (Kiddy plastic cooking set)
Most Enlightened Blogger - Lianne (lightbulb)
Most Flirtatious Blogger - Kenny Mah (condom)
Blogger with a Gender Crisis - Teckiee (boxer shorts)
Hungriest Blogger - Paprika (Carrots)
Spiciest Foodsite - Adly (Cilipadi - Bird's Eyes Chillies)
One of the Best Bakers in Town - BBO (Gardenia buns)
Former (to-be) M'sian Blogger - XLB (Malaysia Flag poster)

Most Recognised Blogger (in KL, PJ, Klang, Shah Alam and even Bangkok!)
- Jackson (Funny specs)

Most Royal Blogger, Queen to King Crab
- Precious Pea (Pepper crab instant noodles)

Celebrity Blogger Of The Year
- Lyrical Lemongrass (Own article with her photos all over)

As for myself, I was awarded the Human Tripod award, thanks to my famous or some would say infamous style of taking photos, resting my camera on my hand! Hahaha...I got a Teddy Box with three sticks of chewing gum inside which I can assemble into a mini tripod they say... and the box itself can be used as an arm rest! :oP

And now, I would like to wish you all a very....

Young Floggers
featuring the young, bold and beautiful bloggers!

It was indeed a fun filled night on top of all that food! Here's to friendship and all good things in the years to come...

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you .. my dear..!! i've enjoyed reading all your write ups.. and pictures.. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dear me, why is everyone so quick?? i still havent got the menu from meena!!

only the human tripod can allow prolonged shutter speed on a digi cam..hahaha..thank goodness i got the spot light above me..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I like your award and your unique style of photographing. ;-)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy New Year!!!! Too bad I wasn't there.... :(

yammylicious said...

so happies.. hahax!! Best Earned Nick - "Nipple" Joe (Pacifier) << its funnies!! jhahax

Kenny Mah said...

Wah, wmw, your photos very der-rama lah. Me likes, me likes! :D

And I think, looking back now, it was an emotional nite for some of us, to have everyone around after a long year filled with so many adventures and discoveries, new faces and old... I can't wait for the next one! :)

(And will everyone stop listing what I receive for my award on their blogs? I'm getting people asking me all sorts of questions like what flavour they are... LOL)

24HrMom said...

You're definately a great photographer. Wish You a Happy & Prosperous New Year ahead !

HairyBerry said...

i love your supa dupa psychedelic electro fantastico flower power t-shirt! too bad u dun wanna "pinjam" me as i was going clubbing after the gathering..haha! what a wonderful night. thanks for co-organising the party! see ya in the next one!

Jason said...

It's a really fun night, thanks for the efforts to gather the bloggers together. Happy New Year!

ekeng said...

nice to meeting you on that day..Didn't talk much with you but i can feel that you're a funny and friendly person..BTW,i like your's very cute with da neon light..Happy New Year to you :)

food makes me happy said...

Wow, how nice is that!
I wish we have a food blogger gathering here too!
By the way,
I can totally imagine you guys with cameras flashing the whole time there,
That's what we food bloggers do.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Happy New Year, MW. The Yellow Curry in bread basket is soooo intriguing...I will have to try to make it. Yum!

wmw said...

Mama Bok : Same to you...thanks!

joe : I used the glass to help out too! Hahaha...

Lyrical L : And I shall say...thank you for giving me such an award??? Hahaha!

NKOTB : Yes, too bad! Wished you could have join in.

yammylicious : So that's your fave award? I think mine has to be the Gender Crisis, Teckiee with her pair of boxer shorts! LOL!

kenny mah : Der-rama??? How? Yes, a lovely year it has been, another year of wonderful memories created.

24hrmom : Thanks for the compliment. Happy Happy 2008 to you too!

Nic : I pinjam you then I how??? Hahaha...I could have gone clubbing with you together with some of the floggers too. At least if you can't wear it, you're beside the person wearing it? :o) See you, not only at the next one...but whenever!

Jason : Glad you enjoyed yourself. I could tell you did as you were talking quite loudly in Pirates after that and you hardly talk loud, my little bro! Hehehe...

ekeng : Nice meeting you too, see you around. Here's to a great new year ahead! And hopefully more "weekday" makan??? :o)

cindy.lo : Maybe you can organise for a food blogger gathering yourself? I hardly use the camera flash for food photography, I always jokingly give the term "flashers" to the rest who do :o)

RM : Hey there! Happy New Year to you too. Yeah, try making it...wah, my blog entry inspiring you to make it! So honoured, hahaha....

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy New Year! It was really fun that night. Meeting you finally in person and other floggers as well... the "wow-ness"...! More to come! :)

catsndogs said...

it was really a great night for me... get to know more floggers there , too bad left early .. will not to next time :P
well... although this year didnt manage get nominated for awards , i will work hard for next year ...
but yet.. i still wanna thanks my parents ,... my friends that never let me down.. i lOVe u all.... world peace.. most of all ,MWW.. who invited me over to this aupicious events...
LOVE U ...

Tummythoz said...

Great idea for the awards. ROFL. Awshucks, Jackson didn't get d handsome award? *gasps*
So the winners flashed abs, no?

wmw said...

christine : A pleasure meeting you too! Yes...definitely more to come.

catsndogs : Sorry, couldn't really chat with you. Aiyah, got award la you, you not there to receive only. If you were there, you can make your speech in person, not here...hahaha....

tummythoz : No wor, should have made the guys flash their abs...but sekali they demand the girls to flash their ... err..? How? LOL!

Jackson said...

once again thx for organising that!! we all enjoyed it so much!