Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kum Kee Chicken Rice, Kuchai Lama Kuala Lumpur


Glorious Jade has been on a strict diet for about 3 weeks now (due to some herbal medication she's taking) and I've been missing the times where we would be hunting for food during lunch hour especially. With photos of some of our meals together sitting in my archives, I shed a tear as I recall the memories....Hahaha! Nowadays, floggers seem to break out often into songs - sung to the tune of "The Way We Were"

"Memories...of the food we use to eat
Driving round to all the places
That's what miss"

We found this place back in June when PL brought us there (must thank Glorious Jade for introducing us a new makan kaki, PL). Picking up PL from the Bukit Jalil Sports School (our dear PL is a national sportswoman!), we headed off to Salak South in two cars; Glorious Jade, Candy, PL and I in one with Ash and TJ following in the other. PL had been telling us for weeks before that about the place where we could find some nasty (in a good way!) char siew (BBQ Pork). However on arrival, the shop was closed much to our dismay...Big Sobs! I mean after the heightened anticipation, it felt like all the energy was zapped out of us. After driving around in circles wondering what to eat then, PL decided to take us to another place for a meaty lunch in Kuchai Lama. This time round, telling us that the siew yoke (roast pork) is the crowd puller.
Mooi Mooi
Kum Kee Chicken Rice Stall is actually located in a corner coffee shop, Kedai Kopi & Makanan Mooi Mooi (Little Sister).

With PL's navigation, I really had no idea how I ended up here after all the circling and turning but here's the map from Kum Kee's name card. I hope you'll be able to find the place with lesser help as I still would have to ask PL to take me there again as I can't remember the way! Best landmark is that it's right next to a rather big Buddhist temple.
Kum Kee's Location

Kum Kee Chicken Rice
Arriving there during office lunch hour, the stall owner was extremely busy cutting and slicing the roast meats.

Roast Pork
We all agreed that the Siew Yoke (Roast Pork) was good. With bit of fats (not too much), its skin was crispy while the meat was tender and moist. It was still warm when it was served to us. PL sighed with relief to know that our drive to this place was not wasted. The siew yoke was polished off in record time and we ordered another plate to really ensure that our trip here was worthwhile! Great lip smacking stuff!

Roast Chicken
The Roast Chicken was quite good too. Again, the meat was tenderly moist and was quite aromatic. This takes second spot.

BBQ Pork
The BBQ Pork here though was just average to me. They put in an order for lean meat despite my pleas for some fat! Hahaha...The meat was slightly tough and I felt that the taste was mild. Definitely third placing for this dish.

Kum Kee Chicken Rice Stall
While Pudu's fame siew yoke still reigns, the stall owner here is definitely more amiable and the prices cheaper. Anyway, the real star of this place - the siew yoke (roast pork) shines and shine brightly it does. With the bad attitude I encountered in Pudu, I'll pick Kum Kee anytime (now, if only I can memorize the directions to Kum Kee!).

Kum Kee Chicken Rice
No. 94 Jalan Rukun 2
Taman Gembira
Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 7982 4902 or call Kit (the son) at 012-6338614

Remember, if you’re headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns!
~Allison Gappa Bottke


J2Kfm said...

gee, probably they're being nice by cutting off the fat in the char siew. too much meat in one sitting also quite taxing one .... =P

Anonymous said...

I ate at this place while I was on vacation back in May. The coffee shop offers stir fried vegetables. We ordered kang kong. The chicken rice, siew yoke and char siew were good. I have been away for over 20 years and Happy Garden brought back a lot of memories. My dad's best friend lived there. When my dad visited his friend for their "yam chah" session, he would bring fried noodles home.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you --- I'll go for decent food and warm service over great food but sucky/arrogant faces anytime. If it puts one in a lousy mood, how to enjoy the makan, right? :P

sc said...

the siew yoke does look yummy, but seems like the one in pudu looks more 'melt in mouth'.. :)

HairyBerry said...

haha! i slated my kum kee post for next month together with wong kee and all....i agree lar! the skin's absolutely crispy. can hear the sound of crispiness as the boss cut the siew yoke with that chopper..hehe...

wmw said...

j2kfm : We need some fats in our life :o)

meng : Oh, didn't know they did stir fried stuff. Ah, I know what you mean. I feel the same each time I venture back to my old place before I shifted.

LFB : Oh yes, the bunch of us definitely didn't enjoy the meal in Pudu. We ate in Pudu only once and never went back.

sc : Yes, as mention that it reigns...but because Kum Kee's folks are friendlier, Kum Kee's is my pick.

nic : Oh, looking forward to reading that...and how was your encounter at Wong Kee, briefly?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo write until like so chaaam! who asked you not to eat fish or else we can still be going around looking for great fish dishes!

Big Boys Oven said...

looks good to me.... a place to kill my hunger!

Anonymous said...

LOL at Glorious Jade's comment! ^^
Scott been ranting about a particular place in Kuchai Lama that serves great char siew too... I wonder would it be the same place as the one you're supposed to visit?

Precious Pea said...

Porkeelicious!!!! I looked at the location map..still blur lah!

wonda said...

Take a bucket quick! My saliva is drooling!! Haha! Really good shots! Aiyo, you always tempt me lah.

tigerfish said...

Short of the Lee...then it will be Lee Kum Kee! Ho hohohoh!

Ethan W. said...

The taukeh looks a little similar to my grand uncle down at KL, no?

Hazza said...

When you mentioned your friend being a national sportswoman .. it just clicked! The reason why Malaysians never do well at the Olympics must be the temptation of great food all over the country. Cant see how you can live in Malaysia and live on a diet of pasta steamed meat and veg.

HairyBerry said...

my encounter at wong kee? lusciously sinful! the amount of fat was incredible. which means yummy, of course..hehe

imagine wong kee's fat and kum kee's skin combo. *pengsan*

wmw said...

Jackson : faster faster make some time for me to bring you around ler...

Glorious J : I dun like fish and chips can lah!

BBO : Looks more than good, the siew yoke is crunchylicious!

Jason : No, the char siew place is not in Kuchai Lama leh.

Precious P : Yalor, that's why I would still need people to navigate!

Wonda : Hahaha...still drooling ah?

Anonymous said...

Over over from Singapore....I will make my way there when I visit KL again.
Certainly lookings taxing not having them.. kekeke

wmw said...

Tigerfish : Hmmm...could there be a link??? :O

Ethan : Now that you mentioned it...why, yes!

Hazza : Hahaha...Anyway, PL's game is not included in Olympics :o) and she's trim and fit!!!

Nic : Yes, we know that about the was the "hospitality"?

Jencooks : I believe you would have a list-that's usual ;o)

Camille said...

wow your pictures look nice! they're mouth-watering! im getting more hungry.. lol..

Anonymous said...

You always find the best stuff to eat. :) i so enjoy looking at the great food pictures you have here.

~Christine~Leng said...

ahhh,,,, siew yoke and char siew are driving me nuts @_@
I'm so tempted and it's torturing not having these for 3 months ;P

wmw said...

camille : Hi there! Thanks for dropping by...see you around :o)

C-rex : We have food around us but good food is kinda hard to find ;o)

Christine : How long more will you go through such torture? Nevermind, returning to such food will be a heavenly experience. Hehehe...

Unknown said...

This uncle cutting the meat seems a bit familiar. I wonder if I have been there. LOL

wmw said...

keropok man : Referring to Ethan's comment, it's either you have eaten here or you know my uncle! ;o)